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I Am Your FriendA reflection of true friendship...

Happychatty127315 hrs ago2 hrs ago
welcome Seeking Ginger Poem

welcome Seeking GingerFor you to know we care This is our Sanctuary...

morgen902106812Oct 184 hrs ago

Creation and CremationBurning a pile of leaves....

Yankee4you29319 hrs ago13 hrs ago

Final Passage of FallDescriptive write of nature changing seasons right now....

Yankee4you3656Nov 201718 hrs ago

CONSUMMATE YOUR CURSE!1. In America you have the freedom to destroy yourself or either make something out of yourself. 2. Not all but a lot of U American women are ve...

israelismine18022 hrs ago
lindsyjones25023Oct 723 hrs ago
Its alright for you to laugh Poem

"It's alright for you to laugh "I met these two old ladies in Bundoran who were quite miserable in their pain and mistakenly thought I was laughing at them... Yet God used that oppo...

LADYCOUNTESS1944Nov 201724 hrs ago

Virtual RealityThere is a VR arcade in Dubuque, Iowa. I have also seen one in WI Dells....

mcradloff181Oct 19Oct 19
worth Poem

worth“I'm not worth having anyway” I have to disagree I think you meant that we were not worth it, to you or that something else was worth more don't...

eeejay554Oct 13Oct 19

SMACKDOWN - October -Tuesday 16th, 20181. Becky Lynch, u are dead wrong... Only teenagers act like u act, and u to Charlotte.... Edge is right, he's been there and done that. Edge said,...

israelismine451Oct 17Oct 19

The Really Really Short Version of the BibleI tried to write this as a cliff notes version for someone who had never heard of the bible. I left out one of my favorite stories. The one where th...

mcradloff71741Apr 2013Oct 19

The Last ButterflyWalking in the park dreading the last day of seeing my butterflies....

godsprincess786Oct 16Oct 19
Black Poem

Black PoemLove has no color......

Spartacus2012331Oct 18Oct 19

Occhiper occhi profondi...

Barbara_85807Oct 18Oct 19

TWO SIDES.Long Distance Relationships......never easy......but then, are any relationships with the heart...easy.......

niah91118Oct 11Oct 18

il mio respiro per correre (my breath to run)Ci sono speranze che, come i miti, indugiano nelle storie di coloro che li contemplano, e verità che tolgono il respiro alla speranza. Ieri ho sperato...

Daico240Oct 18
Twinkle Twinkle Evening Star Poem

Twinkle Twinkle Evening StarTwinkle twinkle evening star You look so lonely shinning all alone As I gently strum on my guitar You're in a far away place no one could ever cal...

EyeLook4U402Oct 14Oct 18

scattered thoughts (pensieri sparsi)Only small thoughts... Solo piccoli pensieri......

Omeron3394Oct 2Oct 17
Its Best I Tell Her Lies Poem

It's Best I Tell Her LiesIt's best she doesn't love me It's best she doesn't care Cause I'll never be rich and famous Not even debonair It's best she doesn't talk to me...

EyeLook4U372Oct 17Oct 17

Thank you for being thereA little something to ponder over concerning loyalty of loved ones...

Prometheus1210Oct 16

NO AND'S IF'S OR BUT'SJust saying... 10/18/18...

lookn2share732Oct 15Oct 16

THREE LITTLE LEAVESThere were three little leaves that hung together Until one day there was windy weather They dropped to the ground one by one Drifting down withou...

godsprincess29413Jul 21Oct 16

I'm a DreamerI dream of all kinds of things Of Angels and butterfly wings Shooting stars to make a wish on Blessings from the rays of the sun S...

godsprincess1734Aug 11Oct 16

The human experienceThe human experience of feeling and thought It calls to be heard and understood but often it comes to naught Shadows of pain regrets of the...

Prometheus1300Oct 16
The Battle Poem

The BattleIt would seem that I have been away for a while...

steve12231197Sep 19Oct 16
darkhorse5551476Jul 22Oct 15

In LoveSelf explanatory...

Happychatty11878Oct 7Oct 14
Fire Kids Cafetwo Challenge Poem

Fire Kids (Cafetwo Challenge)Most children touch fire once... Learning to never touch it again... Some children seem to forget the pain... Touching the hot coals again.... A f...

candykid44312Apr 2014Oct 14
The Unknown Poem

The UnknownWhat is that sound beneath my bed Or is it something that’s in my head The sound of claws upon the wall Footsteps that echo down the hall The...

steve1223753Sep 29Oct 14

Love keyAll age are obedient to love, Any villages, cities, She lived the millennia And with us will always live! While we are alive, feelings will be,...

Ummka290Oct 13

Kindred spiritsKindred spirits … It is a lot of them on light? How to pull out happy that ticket, That to meet a kindred spirit in life, Wandering still in a haze...

Ummka2594Nov 2017Oct 13
My Ode To Summer Poem

My Ode To Summer...Summer always seems the shortest season to me....

QuietStormF1,48139Aug 2009Oct 13
King for a minute Poem

King for a minute !It's everywhere !...

virgosign936Oct 12Oct 12
The Silence Poem

The SilenceHaving fun with some dark poetry...

steve1223482Oct 10Oct 12

humanity, we're losing ita poem I just thought of, amidst the heinous acts committed in Paris Thanks all for your read....

lindsyjones1,30325Nov 2015Oct 12

for ObamaI might be wrong but he just claimed this fight is not about Islam, yet he fails to address that when an attack is done, it is claimed to glorify th...

lindsyjones1,54520Nov 2015Oct 11
Squeeze in a Crack Poem

Squeeze in' a Crack- Mouse in the house makes lots of noise, Dancing and singing, with the children's toys, Squeals and squeaks, as he parties along Yelling and...

InstincThis48-Oct 8

my first haikuI hope it works......

lindsyjones69132Mar 2014Oct 8

I dreamMy father always saw me as a useless daydreamer.. last year he commented on a picture on my Facebook by saying "are you still dreaming!" This was my...

Franbee1146Sep 28Oct 8
Sunset blues Poem

Sunset blues.......Looking west after locking up at work .................along the dirt road and further .........very much further ...........

Nuwahri6159214Sep 14Oct 8

Across The MilesReaching beyond the miles In search of something more than smiles To find a connection More than words can express Something unwritten Far from...

Cosmicgirl681858Aug 4Oct 7

THE TAUNTINGAnd night after night; that tauntress, she comes Creeps into your head, and she pulses and moans She treks ‘cross your skin, you can feel her trai...

PlainoldJane8167May 2016Oct 7

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