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Real Lifefeeling a bit lost:-) hugs...

ladyjewel89810May 20142 hrs ago

A BachanaleThis poem is based on a dream I had a while ago....

weemick196019223 hrs ago5 hrs ago
Little songbird Poem

Little songbirdOh little song bird thanks for stopping by You flew in with golden wings you had a tear in your eye You sang me your song for just a spell For...

Ninurta342May 287 hrs ago

LoveWrote this for my better half....

colwest754May 2011 hrs ago
The Rose Poem

The RoseWithin the blood-red nature of this rose, Runs sap of life - without impediment, A scarlet ruffle, in the sunshine grows, Amidst the thorns of our...

lovecanbereal615May 2612 hrs ago

Jungle talesJust felt like writing some prose, not really a poem...

Oceanzest354May 2712 hrs ago

Game and gamerJust a message .....

salamuna9012 hrs ago
Door Knob Turns Poem

~Door Knob Turns~a step out into another dimension, horizontal breath a frost clings to the air lost in sight. Snow's yet to lay is a finger tip cold night. Perfect ni...

Bentlee5317Nov 200922 hrs ago

A DoveWatching the garden outside, eating ice-cream and wondering why I am back. But kind of happy to be back....

ladyjewel251May 2822 hrs ago

Before The Gates Of Alahsar.This fantasy is taken from a dream I have been having since I was a child....

weemick196011023 hrs ago

Twilight.Remembering so much....

ladyjewel273May 2823 hrs ago

For Martina - (The Starlight Glade.)I hope this write does not offend. I do wish I had done It better, not one of my best days mentally I guess. May your light always shine Martina. Your...

weemick196096111Nov 201423 hrs ago

Can you see colours?A poem I just read about colours reminded me of this time, was so special to see....

ladyjewel373May 2823 hrs ago

Everlasting.Do we Love for a moment or can our Love be everlasting? Each of us has our own answer to this question....

weemick196047016Jul 201424 hrs ago
Into Eternity Poem

Into EternityWalk into eternity adorned with imortality Stripped of flesh and bone, this primitive reality Mind dimensions unknown Spirit transcending...

cafetwo20101,50225Nov 2010May 29

Scream Beneath the NightJust a metaphorical scheme of the words about darkened viciousness and benevolence entwined into one's continuing lot....

AutumnChild942May 27May 28

THE DRAGONFLYOff take of the legend of the Dragonfly. Transformation of a larvae that starts out in the water and then changes into a Dragonfly....

godsprincess1,36514Jul 2015May 28
Did you let her go Poem

~Did you let her go~Did you ever have the feeling That was the best you ever had Did you help it feel good Or did it get there All By itself. It's said life's n...

Bentlee1,4137Dec 2015May 28
The Land Where The Cowgirl Grows Poem

The Land Where The Cowgirl GrowsLife can only be best described in rhyme spoken by a woman who lives in the West....

ReaderOfSouls8965Aug 2012May 28
Jacaranda trees at night Poem

Jacaranda trees at nightThe purple petals darken in the gloaming;- In their flowered elegance, belles' dresses, Fall in a slowly darkling Summer night;- To the fecund loam...

lovecanbereal2776Sep 2022May 28

THE OYSTER AND THE PEARLGod's wondrous gifts to us. Easter is in a week celebrating the greatest gift of all....

godsprincess28520Mar 28May 27
On the small of her back Soulgoddess Challenge Poem

~On the small of her back~ (Soulgoddess Challenge)Tip toed in spin stopping in breath Hand hold's the mask, floor stands in still I promptly recall your scent from a time A market from years, a lon...

Bentlee98715Mar 2014May 27

Mother.My mother wrote it. I can imagine how it was at the time when we were children and had moved far away. Letters were once the main source of communica...

Jocky581955Apr 14May 27

FireflyI love those brief early summer nights when fireflies so delight my childlike curiosity....

Yankee4you472May 24May 26

Petals in the WindDespite the rife darkness of the outside world surreal things may happen. Some kind of magic inexplicable to our earthly minds....

AutumnChild1284May 24May 26
Oceanzest2457Jun 2021May 25

JesusCreator of heaven and earth Do they hear you? Do they believe in you? Do they consider your blessings? Loving you is a choice What other love fro...

southmiami432111610May 12May 25

Silent SerenadeJust a bit of listening and writing....

Angeldancer200May 25
The Little House That Grew Into A Home Poem

The Little House That Grew Into A HomeWhat fills a home. Mary asked me to post this for her....

ReaderOfSouls75018Feb 2011May 25

BookAnd so be it...

trurorob73019May 2020May 25
Online Daters Dilemma Poem

Online Dater's DilemmaWritten 22-05-2023 ..the quiet frustration some men feel genuinely looking for a life partner that end up choosing women who see them only as a sou...

StoicRock1285May 22May 23
Transitions Poem

TransitionsWritten by me in the early 2000s...when I finally had the words to describe my thoughts from 1991 when my father passed away.. up to the funeral and b...

StoicRock381May 22May 23
When Love Fails Poem

When Love FailsFollow up to "How Love Should Feel".. guessing all divorced & separated folks can relate to this phase leading up to a break-up....

StoicRock140May 22
The Way Love Should Feel Poem

The Way Love Should FeelWritten by me before 2008 while working on cruise ships if I'm not mistaken I write about myself but am strangely envious of this person that was m...

StoicRock160May 22
Patience Poem

Patience..written by me more than a decade ago....

StoicRock200May 22
Awake Poem

Awake..someone challenged me to write this a few days after I did one called "Sleep". This was the result...

StoicRock240May 22
Possession Poem

PossessionWritten by me in the early 2000s ..based on an actual event I witnessed as a teenager but embellished for Story telling effect. I like horror movi...

StoicRock130May 22
Sleep Poem

SleepWritten by me in 2007 or 2008 (I don't remember exactly when to be honest). ..I could only manage one verse because I fell asleep!...

StoicRock130May 22
My Dog Scoobie Poem

My Dog ScoobieAnother oldie written by me from 2009 or 2010 ...or thereabouts. retrospect, I had a lot patience back then....good times....

StoicRock230May 22
Feline Poem

FelineWritten more than 10 years ago. Working on the open seas has an effect on some people. For me, it was creativity..attempts at poetry and so on.....

StoicRock160May 22
Cycle of Love Poem

Cycle of LoveWritten by me more than a decade ago when I lived and worked aboard cruise ships and was madly in love with my fiance. ..was a different time befor...

StoicRock180May 22
Hey There Poem

Hey There!Written May 22, 2023 ..a lighthearted guess on why our profiles (and not us as persons) are interesting....

StoicRock170May 22

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