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The Way I Love ...

Thank you for your appreciative comments Ladies purple heart ... To hopefully touch other people thru reading my verses is one driving motivation why I publicly share some of what I have written. I think many can identify with when I say that when we were younger, we have been more often willing to bend our rules... our parameters or limits ... But as we have grown older and certainly at this point in our lives now... we know what we need to get back in return and realize that these are not anymore malleable...

Growing old (Buffalo massacre)

Thanks for stopping by folks so sad to see these tragedies happening day after day after day.. good people must do something even if its just to speak out and hold people accountable for what they do and say! Good day to you all!

RE: Long After . . .

Very bitter/sweet Island girl,
Nicely written.


RE: Growing old (Buffalo massacre)

You say it all in your well chosen words Joseph. These sick lunatics are being moulded by hatred on certain social media sites. It's unthinkable and very worrying that any young person could carry out such brutal deeds. Maybe the laws are not harsh enough.

Kind regards,


RE: Answers to Veggies

You certainly know your veg SM,
They are so healthy to consume...
In our modern fast food world I feel veggies and their benefits are largely forgotten.


RE: If I loved the sunrise more

Let your coffee maker be set up when the sun starts shining. The aroma will wake you up to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. coffee happy place SM

RE: me, myself and i

You are not alone my dear poet, God is beside you as he loves you so much. Don't let evil thoughts distract you, God will find you and save you. Reach out to him. SMhug

RE: Growing old (Buffalo massacre)

What is happening to America is so sad. Life, as it is, is precious for every human being. What we can do is start loving each other as we love ourselves. Teach the new generations the cost of our freedom. Hate has no room in this world, it only triggers violence.
Thanks, Joseph for honoring those that lost their lives. I can't imagine the suffering of their families and friends. May they all RIP. SMsad flower

Answers to Veggies

Thanks, Abby and Exred for the comments. Hope you guessed well your veggies, just wanted you all to have some fun. SM

RE: me, myself and i

So so sorry the poem pulled at my heart hug

RE: If I loved the sunrise more

Shame on you fargo grin the silent time to gaze ---then turn over laugh

RE: Long After . . .

After reading i went aahhh in a nice way lovely poem

Dedicated to a Hoarder

I'm glad you heard our plea
No insults no injury
Just a simple request, I'm sure you understand
There's a lot of us playing around

The door is open always have been
For you to leave, t'was never meant
But should you stay have an open mind
This place is shared by everyone

RE: Flooded!

The only thing I can say is obviously you have not read the poetry sites rules regarding flooding. For you have been flooding constantly. Thus, those of us who come to see everyone's poems only see your face down the whole page. I have not been coming on very often because of this. I wish to read others more well written poems.

RE: Flooded!

Yes indeed, freedom it is
But why do you have to be a prick?
Been here for a very long time
Hoarder as you are I've never seen one

You might feel the need to keep writing
Fine and dandy I would say
But if you're not selfish and inconsiderate
The rules I'd say, you should respect

Oh I think you can feel and understand
This place is enjoyed by everyone
So if you keep doing what you want do
There's truly nothing that can stop you

So this comment I've posted for you
Doesn't weigh any merit or value
But if you have a heart and mind to know
Your must refrain from giving us more blow.

God bless you. comfort

RE: No room!

Yes as SM says BUt too many together is the prob. Share is the word

Wishing you well

RE: Lone Wolf

Ninurta, seems your lone wolf is looking for more light to navigate in the darkness. Bittersweet poem. SM sad flower

RE: No room!

Optimistic we do not have to find another place. We are right here as you are. In this cyber world, people find it easier to write and chat than socialize. Fortunately, I keep up with everything my own way. CS poetry corner has plenty of room and space is endless.
Everyone expresses themselves differently. Thoughts come and go, inspirations come and go, meanings, goals, sentiments, there is no end to writing them down.
Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Architecture, Cinema, Music, and theater are endless Arts to express human thoughts, poetry is part of it. SM

RE: The Way I Love ...

Islandgirl, I hope you do find your loving man. There are those men that love with that intensity. Once you find him, cherish him as he will you. Never ask for less you don't deserve. Lovely poem. heart wings SM

Am I dreaming

Goodteeth , it’s nice to see you that you for your Confident words that you left. Greatly appreciate itteddybear teddybear

Am I dreaming

Mizzy , Thank you so much for your nice comment that you left cheers

Am I dreaming

SM , Thank you for your sweet comment hug heart wings

Am I dreaming

Phyllis, Thank you so much for your lovely comment my dear sweet friend teddybear

RE: The Way I Love ...

lovely poem and sentiments applause


applause applause good to see you celtic and thanks for reading. It truly was a sight i will not forget teddybear


I've not been in here for a while but I'm delighted my afternoon walk lead me into poets corner lol
otherwise I would of missed out on reading your delightful poem Red applause bouquet


RE: Lone Wolf

I hear your song, lone wolf, although my song has a different tone.

There's a Cherokee legend about two wolves - a black one and a white one.

There's a battle between them, that lies within us.

Which one wins?
The one we feed.

To all women in the world

I had a very wonderful mother's day.

RE: Absent Minded Poet

the pen found the poet grin i enjoyed reading

RE: My Busy Ladder

ah beautiful and true a nature loving poem

RE: Lone Wolf

wow i felt sad, then hope then a certain beauty in thus poem, enjoyed the read dare i say

RE: Abandoned

I did feel that abandonment


wow robrt thank you so much, glad you could feel what i did, teddybear

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