Don't be ashamed of me

With me, don't be shy, don't cover yourself... I love you as you are... Don't be shy with me, show yourself completely, just as you are, without inhibitions. It's all varnish, it's all temporary. You're a fickle woman from time to time. I accept you as a mature woman. I accept you sometimes. Don't be ashamed of me. I want to be your partner, your friend, your lover, your twin... not your judge. Do you have flaws? any ? I have thousands... who doesn't? Stretch marks, cellulite? I will accept them all. With me, don't cover yourself, wear the clothes you like, or don't wear anything, I don't care... I love the candy, not the packaging. I admire you, your spirit! Don't be ashamed of me... I dance in slippers, smile I dance in slippers, smile in the face with soap Walk around the house with my shirt on and your hair is tidy, or not tidy What's the problem? Cry when you feel like it because I'll be there to hug you, or fall to the ground laughing because I'll throw myself on the ground laughing with you without knowing why. Be with me and don't hold back anything. Don't feel sorry for me, because I'm very clear that whoever saw you and allowed you to pass... didn't understand anything.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 15

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Very nice words
southmiami4321online today!
Not many men here open their hearts as you do. Nice words, hope you find your precious other...SM
Clearly written words.
The person who this poem is written for should be comforted to know that you accept him/her as he/she is. thumbs up
12qw34er56tyonline today!

Thank you, my dear, for these words. I wrote this poem based on mistakes in the past, when I was thirty and forty years old, based on my personal experience, and I knew the mistakes I made, and most men make them. I got married young, at the age of twenty, and my wife’s body shape changed due to pregnancy and childbirth, and it fell on her shoulders. Matters of the house, the children, and I and the whole family. I was young and did not understand anything. I was one of those who made this mistake. Now I understand that life passes and nothing continues as it is, and that the gain of life is the beautiful soul. It does not age. On the contrary, the more it advances, the sweeter and more precious it becomes, like a valuable piece of diamond.

Thanks to everyone who commented and cared
To 12qw34er56ty

Your response was like a breath of fresh air.
It is great to read that some people learn from their mistakes and make an effort to do the right thing.

Although, our society prefer "BARBIE" like features, 99% of the population is not that.
Kudos to you for acknowledge the inward beauty of an individual. cheers
12qw34er56tyonline today!
carlamee :I thank you very much, my dear for these words You are a pure and kind-hearted person I am really proud to be speaking with you Thank you my dear princess. hug cheers sad flower
Hi 12qw34er56ty wave

Wow. Nice prose.
What all women seek for. But most don't get .
But .yes I saw in another comment you posted. You made the mistake of not being like this earlier.

So, I pray that you will definitely get back the love and the life you want ...

I do help people with ideas.. though I'm single myself.its a gift from God and works.
I'm here to help u with any ideas if you need

12qw34er56tyonline today!
angel99999handshake hug cheers

Thank you very much my dear Yes
sometimes we need help We need a sincere friend to think with us We can communicate and exchange ideas and opinions. sad flower
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