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Each1 teach1

Each1 teach1Haai everyone,im looking for new friends anywheee in the world,im based in cape town's Unathi...

Best friends foreverNaito190Sep 23Go to Last Post
We have all herb remedies soap and natural soap

We have all herb remedies soap and natural soapHoney soap, Tumeric, king of forest, Tumeric and honey many more email or what's app for details at 18768896054...

Natural face soap for saleJustenkoy100Sep 20Go to Last Post
Contact me on

Contact me on18763161222 or 18768896054...

Natural face soap for saleJustenkoy150Sep 20Go to Last Post

IntroductionMy name is Christopher Foss and I am looking for an honest, caring, respectful, loving, kind, supportive, trustworthy relationship that could turn int...

looking for true loveCFoss1991120Sep 17Go to Last Post
Can a disable person find true love in here

Can a disable person find true love in here?Is there any lady willing to accept a disable guy to be her soul mate.. Looking for some to be part of my life and be guidance and will be with me ti...

I want to get marriedextendededdie1733Jul 2021Sep 10
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fellow lonely person

fellow lonely personI've been reading profiles and happened upon this group and decided to join and see if I can learn from you all. I've been having an increasingly diff...

How loneliness is damaging our healthThisIsntEZ423Sep 5Sep 8
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New to this

New to thisI'm interested to try this out. Is anyone else interested ? lol...

Polyamory GroupGothsonny370Sep 2Go to Last Post

Happy 2023 to you all.The purpose of this group is to talk about single parenting....

Single parentsGabby001583Jan 2Aug 28
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Sled dogs

Sled dogsI am a Musher, looking for the man of my dreams. Wanting to move to a place with lots of trails, and cold winters. My ideal would be The Yukon Terr...

dog lovers communityMushermom63410Aug 24Go to Last Post
New Here Looking For A Long Term Relationship

New Here,Looking For A Long Term Relationship.ABOUT ME I am just me a single lady Relindis is my name and i am 27yrs old i am searching for the right man in my life who will spoil me with love,...

Swedenrelindis012831Sep 2016Aug 6
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HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!!!!Hi everyone! Our God is truly an Awesome God! Stay strong in the Lord and the power of His might! According to the Book of Hebrews " He's the author a...

Christian singlesMiss_Unique24520Jul 2Go to Last Post

Where Have All The Good Men Gone?Hey everyone! I am a very good woman in search of a decent honest guy for a monogamous long-term relationship, but it seems like most men are only int...

where are the good women looking for a good manMiss_Unique24710Jul 2Go to Last Post

A Serious relationship Only!Hey everyone! I'm a single lady living alone in the Caribbean, interested in meeting the right guy for me so we can spend the rest of our lives togeth...

single ladies seeking man groupMiss_Unique24700Jul 2Go to Last Post

Eve, Seeking My Adam!Hey everyone! I'm new to both the group and the site. I joined the site hoping to find the man God has destined for me to spend the rest of my life wi...

people looking for honest love ...Miss_Unique24610Jul 2Go to Last Post

Beautiful And Breathtaking Austria!!Hi everyone! I was very happy to see this group. I lived in Austria for eight years, situated in the Alps, it is one of the most beautiful countries i...

AUSTRIA GroupMiss_Unique24350Jul 2Go to Last Post

??? ??????? ??? ?????????? ?????Greetings from the beautiful country of Belarus! I am looking for a serious relationship. let's get acquainted....

Let's Communicate, How will we know each other?Ljbov1212May 27Jun 18
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How loneliness is damaging our healthcarlamee720Jun 9Go to Last Post
Que hablen espaol

Que hablen españolPara si tener mejor comunicación y entendernos mejor , conversar,...

Se habla españolNiurvis1622Feb 2022Jun 7
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How loneliness is damaging to health.Hello Brendancy and Friendship4ever. Being lonely is the current event in the news today. The surgeon general said it's like smoking for many years....

How loneliness is damaging our healthcarlamee530May 18Go to Last Post

MembersHi to the small family who has joined her seems with the No's..wewill still ve lonely. I just joined . please others that read..if you are alone....

How loneliness is damaging our healthbrendancy580May 15Go to Last Post

How to combat lonelinessThe research suggest that lonely people should join groups to interact with other people. They also suggest going out shopping, walking, taking publi...

How loneliness is damaging our healthcarlamee660May 9Go to Last Post

How loneliness is damaging our health.Hope I'm posting in the group Loneliness affecting health

How loneliness is damaging our healthFriendship4ever650May 6Go to Last Post
Just stating my support

Just stating my support.Just saying that I fully support the LGBT community. I have alot of history within it, with close friends. From bi and trans I have been very close t...

LGBTGothsonny963Apr 11Apr 30
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My spiritual experience

My spiritual experience.So I have great history in this, I am very spiritual, and have a gift within my spirituality. I can read others both physically and spiritually. I ha...

spiritual beingsGothsonny720Apr 11Go to Last Post
Has anyone here actually ever seen a ghost

Has anyone here actually ever seen a ghost ?I heard so many stories from people but, idk some seem laughable at times. I'm very spiritual and have an ability to read others physically and spirit...

Paranormal GroupGothsonny660Apr 11Go to Last Post
Just saying how much I love tattoos

Just saying how much I love tattoos.Just saying that I love tattoos so much. I have seven tattoos, three on my arms, one on my back and one on my stomach. And one on each of my legs, or...

Tattoo Lovers- Looking To Get a New One?Gothsonny770Apr 11Go to Last Post
My overall experience

My overall experience.Well I have been vegetarian since the age of 12, I have noticed that I rarely get sick or have any physical issues at all. I also water fast three day...

Vegetarian & Vegan GroupGothsonny580Apr 11Go to Last Post
single 50 year old lonely women

single 50 year old lonely womenOk, where are all you men hiding? I log on, you all hide under a hockey stick, hehe, but for real......

Canadian Hosersstarrlynn695754Oct 2013Mar 18
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Old lady

Old ladyI m so into old lady's if someone interested that pl write me....

LGBTsanjaaya1030Mar 10Go to Last Post
Glad to meet u all

Glad to meet u allhi i am new,i am straight,here to say hi to u all, so can we all share each other experience,...

LGBTdurant77444911Feb 2015Mar 10
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I see there is not yet any discussion message

I see, there is not yet any discussion message...Interesting, that this group "needs to exist" , in view of.... all people on such a site should be real, isn't it ?...

Real dating people onlineGiwreh1291Jan 23Feb 2
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Dangerous..We have some dangerous outdoor activities in NZ that seem so easy, fun and natural.. But our drowning rate in NZ this year alone is 20, last year we b...

Outdoor ActivitiesButcher559943Jan 22Jan 23
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Blessings from Kenya

Blessings from KenyaNew here . A marriage build on a Godly foundation will withstand the storms . Through prayers and fasting, with thanksgiving, we dedicate our future s...

Christian singlesKenyaBebe850Jan 20Go to Last Post
Monsanto seed banned in Germany

Monsanto seed banned in Germany What are your thoughts about this?...

**Gardeners Delight**GreenTassels4422Apr 2009Jan 17
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What kind of soil do you have

What kind of soil do you have?We are all living in very different parts of the world, (not that this matters, sometimes just short distances apart the soil can be very different) a...

**Gardeners Delight**GreenTassels46610Apr 2009Jan 12
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Any Flower gardners out there

Any Flower gardners out there?I want to grow my own veggies some day but I really enjoy flower gardening....

**Gardeners Delight**lrrh775085Jun 2009Jan 11
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mice or rodent problems

mice or rodent problemsShould you have problems with rodents in fields or gardens or houses, use peppermint. Plant it in the borders around the house, or put fresh peppermi...

**Gardeners Delight**Neenaw6115Aug 2009Jan 11
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moon sign

moon signdo you go by the moon sign to plant or dig root crops?...

**Gardeners Delight**pointhunter4433May 2009Jan 11
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Would you like to visit Italy and get to know each other?Hello everyone, I was thinking of meeting a woman who has her profile on this site, like me, and would like to visit Tuscany in Italy. I would like t...

Traveling partnerhappinesshunter1811Nov 2022Dec 2022
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Old lady

Old ladyI am Sri Lankan. I am from Gampaha I am so in to older ladies. I will keep everything in the trust way.I am a retired Military officer....

LGBTsanjaaya980Dec 2022Go to Last Post

Growers..Any passionfruit and strawberry growers out there. ?...

**Gardeners Delight**Butcher559950Dec 2022Go to Last Post
I never owned a dog It always owned me

I never owned a dog... It always owned me!To all the wonderful creatures, dogs or cats who cared to share their short precious lives with me: *****T...

dog lovers communityNymphe1200Sep 2022Go to Last Post

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