where are the good women looking for a good man Group

where are the good women looking for a good man Group

this a place for singles to meet.

no bad mouthing others no cursing or swearing. just peace and you might get lucky and find your better half.

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RE: What defines GOOD to you ?

I define goodness as caring for others and mankind. A person who does that will usually have those other traits. Kindness, for example. Many people will be kind to the one they are dating, but it is more pretending for them. They are mean to others, and eventually will be mean to whoever they are dating.

Also, you mentioned independence. Sometimes people think I don't have that, 'cause I allowed my exwife so much, but the reality is I'm extremely strong willed. I just don't fight for the small meaningless crap. If you try to fight your kids all all the small crap, you will find them uncontrollable. If you pick your fights, they are easy to control.

Being non-judgmental is an extremely important trait.

Probably most important of all, as far as finding a spouse, is being willing to commit and stick to that commitment for life. When two people get married, they are supposed to consider their mate the last and only person on Earth, for romatic and s*xual purposes. Not even thinking of others.

A good mate will put the other person first in all things. This is not a one sided thing. Not a man pampering a woman, she should do the same for him.

If you think a guy should be "independent", you may confused his putting you first for a lack of persona or lack of independence.

Also, I think trying to control the other person is the wrong thing to do. If you want to reward good behavior, fine, but bitching is bad.


RE: Online dating is very challenging mmmmh

Worst still you can meet this men and all they think all women here are looking for online sex, and the best they can do is remove their pants.... Horrible! Coz of their age..

RE: What Motivates A Women To Date

From this webpage I already met women in real life.
My experience.
She goes on a date, to have a reason to leave her comfort zone and make a new experience.
In one case she traveled almost 100 miles for some coffee, cold drinks and light dinner.
Often you see each other a few times until the relationship comes to a mutual end.
Women don't like going out alone.
If you mark an interest in her, she may go with you to zoo, cinema, theater, galleries, musicals, weekend travel.
Sure, she could do that with a female friend. But meeting a new guy, creates a distraction from the life before she met you.
Often there is no queue of guys approaching her. It's the fakes and scammers who knock on her profile.
So she is happy if she can meet a real person.
That is what the women are telling me.

RE: What defines GOOD to you ?

You listed some of the attributes I would expect from a Good Woman.
There are few more.
In case she has hobbies like collecting Shoes, Handbags, Scarfs, Jewellery - I would expect her to have a source of income for that. Like her parents, employer, business, brothers and sisters.

Not everyone is a Chef and Queen of the Household.
Despite two left hands, she could practice becoming more proficient in it - quarter by quarter.

Some self-assurance would not cause any harm when being a Good Woman.

A drivers license for a Yacht or Boat or the ability to ride a horse is a nice to have extra and not expected from a Good Woman.

Any other comments / views are welcome.

RE: Online dating is very challenging mmmmh

In my humble opinion online dating did not change between 2019 and 2020/2021.

RE: How to avoid to be atack by scammers, and the worse, to be considered one ?

Stop writing about relatives who live in another continent.
Stop writing about relatives who have cancer.
Do not indicate that you need money to travel to the first date.
Do not ask the people to visit strange web pages.
That should reduce the risk of getting accused of being Scammer.

RE: Online dating is very challenging mmmmh

no doubt, honesty humans womans and man exist. If someone not asked for money or help, me thinks better to prolong conversation. hope someone will read this opinion, thanks

RE: Online dating is very challenging mmmmh

You are right but I believe not all are scammers. Most are fake and only a few are genuine. So don't give up ...keep the search swry you never know if your luck is on the way.
lonelytiger68online today!

RE: Online dating is very challenging mmmmh

we are out there in droves. but thanks to women looking at men thru stereotypes its hard to find anyone. gals just see the bad guys and group us all together

Online dating is very challenging mmmmh

Who feels the same way as I am; despite being a good person and committing yourself to a relationship, you only end up meeting scammers and time wasters. Its so discouraging. Am tempted to give up on this search.

If real good and humble men still exist, where on earth are they found????? Could the man of my dreams be in this forum?????

Please talk to me members

hello people just looking for someone to take my loneliness away

Hi friends

I wanted to be single till recently.But for the past year just felt like to have someone who cares and shares the life.I hope to find one soon

Hello everyone i'm new in the group searching for real genuine man...

Hi all i'm searching for true genuine love no time wasters or players please..

Australia Only

Looking for a loyal man in Queensland Australia please
Over 45 and a non smoker
No drugs either
Contact me ??wave

RE: my name is jennifer im looking for a tall guy sixfoot and over

Dear Madam.......
If we could exchange few words, I will help us to understand each other.heart wings

Looking in Ohio only no long distance romances

Hi, I am Kara which my name is pronounced Care Ra. I am 47 divorced plus sized woman living in Canton, Ohio and looking for a man who knows how to treat a lady. I am honest and blunt, romantic, kind, considerate, I am a loyal personality, I don't cheat or lie, opened minded, I think outside the box, I have tattoos and ears are pieced and also my nose.

Communication is the key to any relationship. I am disabled and on SSDI and I can't drive due to my med make me dizzy and light headed. I am able to go bowling, play pool, camping, bonfires, walking at the park or lake, goto the movies, dinner, festival, fairs, concerts, pretty much do anything just with a little bit of limitation.

What I am looking for is a Man between the ages of 35-65 who is single, kind, considerate, knows how to communicate, honest, no games, no lying, someone who is loyal, out of the box thinker, open minded, romantic, funny, witty, someone who knows how to have fun but can be serious when needs to be. A man who can accept me for who I am, when I am and how I am.

Someone who don't judge on the outside of a person and to understand I have health concerns but I manage and keep going.

: santa:

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