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three amigos Group

three amigos Group

to help each other with work issues and responsibilities

must be friendly
be able to talk about anything anytime
be straight and sincere
respect your fellow persons
love always

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RE: I need this job

Hi there,..if the company doesn't want to help you make a living, then turn them into the Attorney General's Office in your state!head banger

Is this group still active?

Hi all

the last thread was from October,
so I am wondering, are you still reading this?



hi im english 22 and looking for a job in cyprus anyone sugest any helpfull ideas or links or places to email??? thank you x

intimact versus guilt

Do you find that being intimate is a good thing?
A natural feeling of love and respect
Is it a put on?
Do we act it out because of the guilt?
Anways blessings always


Sometimes people have too much time on their hands.
Also they like to be entertained and feel the need to take chances. Therefore they gamble and gamble. Lots of fun at Casinorama. Who is the winner here?

from hockey to soccdr

Sports are amazing
Chicago wins the Stanley cup
Now we have the soccer tournament
What a rush

playoff hockey

The season is winding down
The teams are battling
Who will win
Thrilling fast and furious


Is it about chocolate and candies?
Is it about family get togethers?
Is it about religion?
I think it is all good
A happy positive day to all

politics at work

Do you notice the politics at work?
How does one deal with this nonsense?
Why do these situations occur?
Is it fair and will it stop?
Rise above the situation.
Be Positive and Go Forth

taxes and shelters

It is now time to do your taxes
What are the best shelters?
Will you get money back?
Do you have to pay back?
How did taxes start?
I thought it was created during the war and it was to be temporary.
I guess at the time of Christ there was a taxcollecter.
New kind of taxes for everybody
Blessings and love to allconfused peace wave

RE: I need this job

It is unfair about this happening and I can only hope that the powers of being understand this
wishing you well always
I feel that everything will be fine

wave cheering

I need this job

But the conditions at work are not what they should be. There is no heat or water inthe warehouse and now 3/4 of the building is without power. How can i be expected to do my job under these conditions.frustrated dunno


This is exciting
Colts versus the saints
New Orleans is coming off a record season
Peyton Manning is spectacular
Excitement fills the air
Should be a good one
I pick the New Orleans Saintscheering

RE: when to reply/mind your own business

If you are one of the persons involved by all means tell the truth with love and compassion. If not all you can do is encourage those involved to tell the truth. Lies destroy and kills relationships. The truth may cause upheavels but you can face the truth and deal with it and in time find God's healing power for your mind, emotions, soul and body.

Santa and anxiety

tis the season
the time to give and appreciate
love for everyone
what a rush
merry christmas and happy new year
Elvis Presley was right
everyday should be like Christmascheering wine angel

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