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Inspirational Poems (4,813)

Here is a list of Inspirational Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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SunsetThis is so beautiful Walking by the sea Dancing with the waves Singing to the wind Feeling the cool water on my feet I pause to sit freely To gl...

southmiami4321572Aug 5Aug 7

Covid-19As the planet battles Covid-19 New Zealand dug in quick and it payed off enormously. So peaceful in the streets, hope all is well with you......

Oceanzest916Jul 31Aug 7

Crossword puzzleRolling and rolling Catching words so calling To guess ups and downs Seems evenly confusing Love to guess meanings Unless they are so teasing En...

southmiami4321392Aug 6Aug 7

PoetryMetaphor or tone Meter or rhyme Poet corner has it all Multipurpose thoughts and feelings Deriving with elegance As techniques slowly show Uniqu...

southmiami4321310Aug 6

WrongnessGoodwill conquers animosity Joy balances out hatred Purity blows out indecency Interest has a toll on indifference Fairness drowns intolerance Be...

southmiami4321330Aug 5
Light Poem

LightIt's all about the people who bring Light in ourp lifes....

salamuna1758Jun 9Aug 5
blessed born day Poem

blessed born dayTaking this opportunity to thank you all Thank you very much everbody For the experiences on this journey The lessons that curved swerved n turned...

Rikco11630Jul 26
Meditation Poem

MeditationPSALM 4:4 Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah...

PassionateArtist972Jul 13Jul 19
Gritante1000Jul 18
I am your soul Poem

I am your soulWhen you know it's real Like a done deal Nobody can tell you how you feel Something like an encryption A conviction You don't need no subscripti...

Rikco11580Jul 17
Work It Baby Poem

Work It BabyCome on everybody Everywhere Take a seat Take a chair Feel this energy flowing through the air This moment of magnificence bound n compelled...

Rikco11440Jul 17
Simples Poem

SimplesI know my worth From birth Felt like I was cursed Different somehow Always thinking in this now They said I was clever, intelligent And now I...

Rikco11852Jun 29Jul 17
Trusting This Journey Part 3 Poem

Trusting This Journey (Part 3)Everything with its purpose n reason Give thanks that your are breathing And able to be reading These words Thank you...

Rikco111202May 3Jul 17
they sing I string Poem

they sing I stringI could of went on n on with this song but just a few artists to help me along, to share this energy, this friend of me with subtle pokes n prods of e...

Rikco11704Jul 11Jul 17
Meditation Poem

MeditationPSALM 4:4 Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah...

PassionateArtist981Jul 13Jul 15
Tip Toe Through Time Poem

Tip Toe Through Time .........this girl dances with the spirit of the land within her .......... returns home to the small country town where her mum lives ..........

Nuwahri611438Jul 9Jul 12
I love my Poet Friends Poem

I love my Poet FriendsTo all my poet friends who've read and incouraged my efforts, and special thanks to the Dream Weaver master Andrew who e-mailed me in my first week tr...

cafetwo201088025Jul 2011Jul 9

ISOLATIONIs but the formula for growth. A bookend of recalibration of the response dynamic. If buried treasure is there to be found then the possibilities are...

DK1001480Jul 8
Love it or leave it Poem

Love it or leave itJust be n let be...

Rikco11980Jun 29
dream in a dream Poem

dream in a dreamGoing into a spiral like curling portal Slow then fast I’m sure I’m not mortal At the other end it’s like The same thing again And every means h...

Rikco117275Apr 30Jun 29

Inner BeautyIt's time to jump out of the shell Wake up so others can see the real you Years pass by and prettiness fades Yet it is bound to sing out our inner...

southmiami43211115Jun 28Jun 29
The Woods Poem

The WoodsWrote this the night after Tiger came back to win a shock fifth green jacket at the Masters Augusta National. They thought he would retire but he c...

DK1001830Jun 28

HopeHope is the birthplace of our dreams; it’s perched in our souls. Hope sings an eternal song avoiding all impossibilities with a returning option. Ho...

Marchmadness035433Aug 2014Jun 28
See the rainbow Poem

See the rainbow-Appreciate the little things and see the brighter side, always!...

angel999991,2058Oct 2014Jun 25
Book of Life Poem

Book of Life .....,,,,,People sometimes overlook the person because of what they see on the outside ...........

Nuwahri6181513Jun 8Jun 25
Contradictions Poem

ContradictionsIt just came to me as I was trying some tunes on the piano. A melody came.... then the words followed....

AI_198481018Jun 17Jun 22
Resistance Poem

ResistanceI was studying electronics at the time I wrote this but lost interest. I hold this piece close to my heart. Where it belongs....

DK10016612Jun 19Jun 20
Something To Ponder Over Poem

Something To Ponder OverThis is the English translation of a Dutch Poem written by Toon Hermans, and which I thought appropriate to share at this time....

AI_19841146Jun 14Jun 15
Sugarcane sows Poem

Sugarcane sows.......Pig hunting is very popular up here in the north but this is the only fella I know who makes the most of his hunts .......For Steve...

Nuwahri611184Jun 11Jun 13
Happy Friday Poem

Happy FridayI am taking this opportunity to promote among us some unity for that we can be the best we can be, I mean all wanna smile with that joy happy glee you...

Rikco11590Jun 12
The Rose Part 1 Poem

The Rose (Part 1)This happened in May 2000, shortly after coming to live in Spain....

AI_1984912Jun 8Jun 8
Dancing With The Four Winds Poem

Dancing With The Four WindsThis was my own personal journey, many moons ago, during my Shamanic training where we learn to create our own destiny with conscious dreaming, and wh...

AI_19841369Jun 5Jun 6
Leaving The Merry Go Round Poem

Leaving The Merry-Go-RoundThis just came to mind as I woke up this morning, contemplating life in general. I don´t know much about poetry, but it came out more or less as a li...

AI_198423511Mar 15May 29

IF IT'S OUR TIME, WE HAVE TO GOThere's a certain fear with an invisible enemy in our midst. But I believe, if it's our time to go, we have to go wherever we are....

JoyCrest23413May 5May 29

REALITY CAN STRIKE ONE FALLINGOne can have delusion or a mirage, but reality can strike us and it hurts?...

JoyCrest104-May 25
The King in me Poem

The King in me..........A surfers view ..........,...

Nuwahri6116911May 23May 24
On the cross Poem

On the crossOn the cross he suffered But we never feel bothered We only think about how to get comfortable life as rainbow But never care with what is going t...

Unknown810May 19

APPRECIATE THE STRUGGLEJust lockdown thoughts again....

JoyCrest1271May 18May 19
Snowy mountain Poem

Snowy mountainI like scenery...

Unknown860May 18
I Am Poem

I AmAbout this poem:This poem was written after I was laying face down in my pillow sobbing  I felt a warm hand on my shoulder  Yet nobody was there in...

LADYCOUNTESS1061May 16May 16

Shape of the HeartI seek consistently peculiar features in sights that surround my senses. That little fragment of natural gimmick was noticed unexpectedly. Tiny bra...

AutumnChild1020May 16

ConnectednessThings happen for a connectedness reason upon the whole of earth in every season individually, on our own judgements and free will we are but nonet...

rashidgechs1302May 10May 14

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