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Inspirational Poems (4,913)

Here is a list of Inspirational Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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NEVER ENDING ROADS.....Was it for work or personal growth I moved on so often....or searching for something I finally found?...

niah9494Sep 1420 hrs ago

A Leap of FaithMany may not relate to this and its ok, this is my testimony....

southmiami4321171Sep 15Sep 15
Words Poem

WordsA message inspired by how God speaks more than man could ever if we just stop to hear Him....

angel999991286Aug 6Sep 15
I got back my wings Poem

I got back my wings...Luni 13 septembrie 2021...

mariamarcela965Sep 12Sep 13

CHOICES......All have a story to share, but time outcome can change, leaving signs Of path taken, the ups and downs causing smiles, sometimes frowns Marking...

niah925610Sep 2020Sep 13
Time After Time Poem

Time After TimeJust my sudden thinking about magnificent autumn and her diverse charming beauty. About all littlest but helpful marbles of delicacy in the universe w...

AutumnChild1764Sep 6Sep 9
A Smile Poem

~A Smile~a smile is good for you - when days seem rough and long - a smile will give you joy - replacing all the wrong and make your life anew.

NCliner611Sep 5Sep 6

Butterfly JourneyMy life starts with an egg Colorful pins Mama deposited In small clusters Underside of the leaves I gestate f...

southmiami4321912Aug 30Sep 4
I travel with no ship nor sail Poem

I travel with no ship nor sailDefines aspects of my perspective within life, limiting the scale of it all down to a single moment in time where I can view it all from up close whil...

ZenVeritas4004Apr 2017Aug 30
Inner beauty Poem

Inner beautyI hope one day humanity will be able to reach an understanding of true beauty ........

salamuna25415Jul 26Aug 27
marvelous lady Poem

marvelous ladyTo all our wonderful poet s corner ladies...

salamuna2619Mar 8Aug 27

Light WithinJust some introspection...

Angeldancer772Aug 22Aug 24

WOMANdedicated to women, particularly those who are facing gender inequality in the workplace and society in general...

socrates4440616Jul 11Aug 20
Time Or Time Immortal Poem

Time Or Time ImmortalLike an ancient tapestry of unique images creates more than just an illustration, but a story; so does poetry of interwoven words and images that deli...

Yankee4you1312Aug 18Aug 20
Teach me to part Poem

Teach me to partlife events are often like trains .. one arrived, the other left .. you just need to learn to say goodbye...

salamuna1647Aug 14Aug 15
Light From the Darkest Star Palomas Challenge Poem

Light From the Darkest Star (Paloma's Challenge)metaphor for truth,,,,, (originally posted in 2012)...

Yankee4you1242Aug 14Aug 14
Salute to Harry Poem

Salute to Harryah the years of Dirty Harry......

Oceanzest1084Aug 10Aug 13
My beloved Poem

My belovedI walked blindly in the night with no hope of seeing spiritual light Until my beloved appeared with her insight She called unto me so lovingly...

Unknown1623Aug 5Aug 9
Herald Amid Bricks Poem

Herald Amid BricksPoem depicts my effervescent thoughts about possibility that pray of my lovely mantis may work. Blessed be, little one. I will never forget your as...

AutumnChild1544Aug 4Aug 6

Journey of Lifepoem tells the whole journey of life...

Mr_Amor942Jul 30Jul 30
waves of light Poem

waves of lightlion heart...

realdeal890902Jul 29Jul 29
Mr_Amor913Jul 27Jul 29
Moments Poem

MomentsIts just a moment we are here make your moments count...

Unknown1224Jul 28Jul 29
Knock Knock Poem

Knock,KnockPoem is interaction with my own self. With that nub in the center of being that desperately wants to be exempted....

AutumnChild1504Jul 24Jul 26
wings Poem


realdeal890650Jul 26
Tango Poem

TangoGo tango with guts...

Oceanzest972Jul 22Jul 24
Backcountry Poem

Backcountryslice of country...

Oceanzest1176Jul 15Jul 21

Of Animals and Humans .....As I often watch videos of animals rescued and finding love .. after so much hardship and abuse , sometimes too late , and sadly had to...

Islandgirl612221Aug 2019Jul 19
A bottle of life Poem

A bottle of lifeOur life is much more prosaic than our desires .............................

salamuna1575Jul 17Jul 18

Fuji2017 summer visit to Hakone and Fuji - it is rare to get a clear view....

FargoFan550Jul 12
Encouragement Poem

EncouragementExperiences in life always demonstrate the right answers found with a helping hand. Grace!!...

Yankee4you1025Jul 11Jul 11
Oceanzest 5 7 5 Haiku Challenge Poem

Oceanzest 5.7.5. Haiku Challengethe best i could write. I never was goed in haiku...

salamuna2098Jun 15Jul 3
Music Haiku Poem

Music HaikuMusic Haiku...

Oceanzest1387Jul 1Jul 3
Through your eyes Poem

Through your eyesThrough your eyes I see the beauty of the sunrise Through your mind you teach me to be kind Through your ears I take the time to listen to th...

Unknown1775Jun 14Jun 27
Circle Poem

CircleCircle is apparently my favourite figure that possesses versatile facets of its at first sight simple form. Especially when formation needs to be pu...

AutumnChild24611Jun 18Jun 25
Pigeon hearted Poem

Pigeon-heartedloss of youth...

Oceanzest1026Jun 23Jun 23
OZ Haiku Challenge Poem

OZ …..Haiku ChallengeJust having a crack ……...

Nuwahri611386Jun 19Jun 21
Haiku 3 Poem

Haiku 3toying with some more, think we are progressing.....

Oceanzest761Jun 20Jun 20
Deep water poetry Poem

Deep water poetryCan you write on the edge, no swimming home now :)...

Oceanzest985Jun 17Jun 19
Haiku 2 Poem

Haiku 2575 syllables again, seems limiting but creates discipline grasshopper...

Oceanzest2667Jun 15Jun 18
An Angel from afar Poem

An Angel from afarAn angel from afar who shines like a star I ponder who you are I see your beauty that shines like the sun Your wisdom is spoken with your te...

Unknown1303Jun 3Jun 9
Janet Jackson Poem

Janet JacksonSome songs are just a joy to listen to, this is one of them. The song is The Best Things In Life Are Free by Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross....

mcradloff1241Jun 4Jun 5

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