Rail yard

I saw men from back country rail yards
drunk under a moon of silver sovereigns
yelling tales of the rail lines
from north to south, east to west
while the fires burned down in the drum
amongst the weathered men
there is a fevered bliss
known only to the railways
steel machismo
little vanity prevails
rolling with an orange dawn
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 31
About this poem:
haven't posted for a while, been catching up on all the poems..

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Comments (5)

Very visual writing Ocean,
Good to see you back.

Glad you are back, ocean.. we need some ocean breeze herewave
Hey Mick and Lily, yeah I've been moving house, distracted from the old corner :)
Trust you are both well cheers
Text me or xxx me so we can chat more share some pics and get to know each other better... portiaak3@gmail.com
Nice poem Oceanzest. I have enjoyed the reading very much. handshake
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