Raspberries in the lane

Raspberries in the lane
fruiting wildly under the sun
I have my eye on them
but I suspect the children will have them
it makes me happy
that someone had the foresight
to plant out this public space
curing the neighborhood
of drab fences and grass strips

last week we planted hibiscus
their flowers are ephemeral
but so patently joyful
I hope they survive the cool winter
its marginal to grow them here
better somewhere warmer but we will see
winter being far off
cast the blues away!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 8
About this poem:
This week I discovered some guerilla gardening in an alley near my house, quite a joy...

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Comments (2)

Maybe winter will not come, oceanwave
I'm reading this as a poem of hope Ocean,
The local birds will probably rob the fruit.

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