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How to start a relationship

dont just jump in with both feet - take your time and you will win your prize

Get to know the person first

Only fools rush in getting to know someone is the start of any bond

look out for clues

dont just listen to what they say see if their actions match

do different things together

dont just do one thing do a variety of things - that is the spice of life

dont be ashamed / afraid to let them meet your friends

At the friend level nothing is lost when you introduce a friend to your other friends its a great way to know if they interact well.

dont take every word they say as gospel

sometimes people just say things they think you want to hear /or because they are being kind/ or want you off their back

Keep your promises

If you say what you mean and mean what you say then that is a great quality

answer those texts

everyone hates it when they send a message and have to wait for hours or days for a simple response. If you are busy say you are busy just dont be silent

be honest with yourself

actions speak louder than words if you say you like someone and your actions say the opposite they will either really hate you or try harder to make you like them. Sometimes people get scared they say one thing but the opposite is true but in any case words and actions should match. Guys if you say you are not interested dont do things to cause her to think you are. (Opposite is true as well)

Be open.

Dont hide anything that could backfire on you. Be truthful if you have a disagreement or you dont like something say so ... A sign of maturity is that you can talk about things without it destroying you a true friend will understand you

If you cant be friends you should call it quits

You should be looking for a best friend not a beauty pageant queen or king if the person you are pursuing is not best friend material (someone you can depend on who is reliable honest you enjoy being with even at their lowest point etc) then things are doomed and you are hoping for something that is never going to work/happen.

this is for both men and women

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love is not heart of life it's a part of life
thanks Tepid ... its open for anyone to do so...I just hope some do :)
Excellent advice for anyone to follow.
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