Worst 5 First-Date Dinner Choices

Worst 5 First Date Dinner Choices
When eating food in front of someone you don’t know well but want to, it’s usually best to stick to the tried and tested. For example, a first date probably isn’t the time to try a new hot and spicy dish that could leave you perspiring and convulsing with hic-cups. Nor will you want to opt for the garlic mushrooms if you think there may just be the chance of a goodnight kiss at the end of the evening. A few other dinner choices that may not be the right move include:

Garlic Anything

Aioli (garlic mayonnaise) is delicious, especially with big, chunky fries. However, opting for this dish, especially if it’s made with a lot of garlic, means you’ll leave quite an impression on anyone who gets close. Not a problem if your date also indulges, but if not, then save this for when you’re home alone. The same applies to anything containing garlic. If you can’t resist, then pop a couple strong mints after, just in case the date goes well.


A really tasty spaghetti dish is almost impossible to eat without making a bit of a mess. Not only do you need a great deal of dexterity – and patience – to wind those strings of pasta around a fork, but there’s also the probability you’ll flick pasta sauce over anything within six inches of your plate. Be especially careful if you, or your date, are wearing white!


Soup shouldn’t pose too many problems for anyone. However, if you’re a guy and you’re wearing a tie then take care, especially if it’s a big, deep bowl containing one or two interesting items that, should they fall from your spoon on their way to your lips, could make quite a splash - everywhere.

Corn on the cob

As delicious as corn is, eating it from the cob is never a good look for anyone wanting to impress. Not only is it difficult to look sexy and sophisticated when eating corn this way, but you could find yourself spending the rest of the evening surreptitiously picking out pieces of corn from your teeth, distracting you from the main event and leaving your date wondering why you’re contorting your face in that strange way.

Anything Too Big to Handle

Regardless of how hungry you are, a huge burger or sandwich may not be the best choice when dining out with a new date. There’s nothing wrong with ordering a good sized meal – someone with a healthy appetite is always a sexier dining companion than someone who picks at food like a bird – but it’s sometimes difficult to handle something of magnitude proportions when concentrating on what your date is saying, and trying to look good at the same time. It does, however, mean that you don’t have to worry about what to do with your hands though!

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don’t eat too much one day before the right day

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