Cracked Pepper

Cracked pepper, just a memory
your reflection in stainless steel
all may yield few clues
birth of a test pilot's angst
in radiation blue
this lime lime resonance
is a song to fully appease
stirring the crowds at 45 rpm
load and reload boys
a witching in the switchgrass
cocaine copters
out on the delta
sky black, hijack
gone like DB Cooper
who would have guessed it
who could have breathed it
message for 2024
sleep with your boots on
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 6
About this poem:
starting 2024 with a little craziness

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Comments (5)

that DB Copper case really was crazy, a real mystery..
nice one
yeah love the DB Cooper mystery, hope he lived on well :)
Hi ocean, sometimes starting a New Year with a little craziness is not so bad, isn't it? I ve read this your poem on another site. You ve changed the endlaugh wave
This throws out interesting images Ocean,
Definitely a brain teaser.

Hi Lily, yes I usually post on AllPoetry and then copy over here, glad you saw it both times! wave
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