When the pixies dance

A phalanx of worshippers
all on the salty brine
ten shores from Mecca
the stains are always deeper than you think
fathom it forward in time
when Picasso had made it oblique
but we surround it as an orb
tiny turning of the screw
did release the pressure
knowing this the art of timing
is however inconsequential my friend
when the pixies dance of an evening
all know the show must go on
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2023
About this poem:
you won't work this one out, neither will I!

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Hi ocean, your poem very accurately reflects the strange and often incomprehensible images of Picasso's works. But what did his crazy mind want to show is hard to say.... Lily wave
Something's are not meant to be worked out, just felt wine hug
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