Love and the night

In the rhythm of the universe, the night unfolds,
A tapestry of stars, a story to be told.
Its celestial ballet, a grand choreography,
Passion's dance of darkness, a divine symphony.

In depths of indigo, secrets are kept,
As Luna's soft glow, our dreams are swept.
Her silver beams, like whispers of desire,
Caress the earth, igniting love's own fire.

The night sky, a canvas, painted with grace,
Galaxies swirl, a cosmic embrace.
In every twinkle, a lover's vow,
With each pulsar's beat, passions avow.

The moon, a luminary, in love's embrace,
An eternal witness, to each heart's chase.
Its crescent smile, a lover's art,
A beacon guiding, from the start.

Beneath the night's veil, emotions bloom,
In the shadows cast, hearts find room.
With gentle sighs, the zephyrs play,
As night unveils its mystique display.

The universe's rhythm, a lover's plea,
In every quasar's flash, a mystery.
The passion of night, an enigmatic spell,
In cosmic silence, hearts compel.

So let us dance, beneath the stars,
In night's sweet serenade, no bars.
Embrace the universe's grace,
And let love's rhythm find its place.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2023
About this poem:
Not me, ChatGPT again filling in a quiet period of poetry, where are our poets, all enjoying summer in the north no doubt

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Comments (7)

thumbs up kudos for not taking credit for Chatgpt's work.
Wow, you must have been sipping on some extra potent brain juice to come up with the brilliant idea of using ChatGPT to compose a magnificent poem! applause
lovecanberealonline today!
C'mon, mate, do something original - you're better than that!

southmiami4321online today!
Don't tell me AI has taken over your heart!! : frustrated doh scold SM
hehe, it was a single post guys!, I'm quite fascinated by AI but its not permanent doh
FargoFanonline today!
please write a haiku poem about lost love
Ephemeral grace,
Love's ember fades without trace,
Heart's echo in space.

please do it without rhyming
Fleeting love's embrace,
Memories now left to trace,
Gone without a trace.

you are still rhyming. don't

Love's echo lingers,
Vanished paths and gentle fingers,
Aching, love now withers.

why don't you understand no rhymes
Love's silent departure,
Aching void, a faded rapture,
Time's cruel, cold architecture.
FargoFanonline today!
that's hopeless. stop rhyming. do it without rhymes. no rhymes. got it???
I apologize for misunderstanding your request earlier. Here's a non-rhyming haiku about lost love:
Love's flame extinguished,
A heart now adrift in echoes,
Tears trace the silence.
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