Jubilation of the rose

The jubilation of the rose
that it doth rest upon the heath
its florid courtly promise
Oh it is to a woman shed
by these, the bravest of men
both vigor and rectitude
for in youth apparent
we did look to release
much life from solitaire
return thee to the soil
these the spoils of heaven
such that all may rest again
within this earth
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 7
About this poem:
a little classicalism

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lovecanberealonline today!
But the rose riseth next spring,
A piquant perfume pervades Rosehill,
Horses on their toes,
The two year olds do prance,
To wear that fancy slipper,
For the one who does best dance.

One day housing will cover thee,
And memories will be no more,
Who cares to cheapen history?
And at what price is the score?

Ok, ocean, roses are very poetic. You got me going with your excellent imagery

nicely written ocean
reminded me a poem of William Blake
O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm,
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

wave applause
A very classical romantic write Ocean,
It's good to see you experimenting with new styles. Enjoyed !

lovecanberealonline today!
And the roses of Rosehill
Will be no more,
Gentle petals drowsy
Make to weep

The green common dashed
Like a chalice to the ground
And come a few more Autumn's
No slipper will be found

And as those gentle roses
Make to weep
Suburbia encroaches more and more
But they must have a place to put the sheep
So who care about the history and lore?


Of course the slipper is in Autumn and roses bloom in Spring, so I have an excellent metaphor - the dying of the rose
(In my poetic ecstasies, I got a little confused, so I set the record straight, here)...
lovecanberealonline today!
Typo, who cares about the history and lore?
Wow LCBR we got you going there!, nice lines, yeah I have been to Rosehill and also to Randwick. Yeah the Golden Slipper for 2 yo's, there's a classic.

Enjoyed that Blake poem Lily but I admit I don't fully comprehend it.

Thanks for the comment Mick, yes just trying a different style.

Ocean cool
ocean, this poem by W.Blake was taken as the basis for the libretto for the ballet The Death of the Rose. I see that lovecanbereal felt it that way too, right? any way..all I was going to say, loved your new style , Lily cheering
Poems about roses celebrate the timeless beauty and symbolism of this iconic flower. Excellent poem!! thumbs up
Thank you for commenting Yankee, yes always a nice topic!
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