The Day

Do not give up on the day
even when it is time for sleep
do not give up on the day
though the light dims
and your eyes close in pauses
let a man be ready
to shake back the night
do not give up on the day
if the sun sinks behind the hedgerow
and your plight makes you weary
still, still, do not give up on the day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2023
About this poem:
some inspiration

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Comments (6)

loved those words and yes i agree
I hear music in these lines .. or am I mistaken, ocean? Lily wave
Inspiring poem about perseverance. At times life seems like such enduring challenge, only to change somewhat like the weather or in this versus night.
Thanks team, no music there Lily but yeah could be a little guitar accompaniment peace
yes, ocean.. that's what i did meanwave make a song out of it head banger
Nice poem.

I think give up on a day bring a new day, new adventure.
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