Orange and bouyant

There is no wind here
a thousand lit candles
perfume and wax from far shores
all have blown in
above the door a cherub
adorns the headspace
the columns are carved
from the darkest ebony
Can you hear the whispers?
I can too, between the eternal
and the now there is something
we reach for, its deep in the midst
perhaps its a little life raft
that is how we would want it
orange and bouyant
on a calm sea
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 27
About this poem:
toying around

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Comments (5)

lovecanberealonline today!

Not a bad one, but before I opened your poem, I must confess, that I thought you were talking about Trump, here...

Hi ocean.. you cant imagine how much does your poem resonate with my mood..yes, hear the whispers,
thank you for sharing your poem . Lily wave
southmiami4321online today!
Ocean, your mystical poem, really gives me a tender ease. Enjoyed it. My Buoyant experience is with apples in my sink full of water...SM wave
You stir the senses with this one Ocean,
Very imaginative.

haha LCBR, yes Trump isn't so bouyant these days, have to say he's mired....

thanks for the comments my poetry friends..
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