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Tectonic plates shift on the ocean's floor
thrusting upwards an enormous quantity of water
generating a wave that keeps increasing in size
as it moves on the ocean's surface

Attaining a massive height over a hundred feet
it races across the ocean at jet speed
tossing huge ships and boats like little toys
as it rushes towards the shore

It reaches the land with unstoppable force
journeying inland for many miles
changing streets and roads into raging rivers
sweeping away almost every thing in its path

Houses, trees, cars are tossed around and smashed
by the sheer momentum of the moving water
leaving a trail of debris on the land
and death and destruction in its wake
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2013

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Comments (3)

So true your poem Socrates. Mother Nature is angry all over the world just now. I think she tells mankind to shake itself up and start looking after her.
Have you noticed the animals sensed this danger first and flew and ran to higher ground?
I can feel her sometimes in the rain and wind it seems to me anyway, a type of blending dare I say.
Loved your poem by the way.teddybear
socrates44online today!
Hi Redex

Thank you for your comment. This poem shows the other side of Mother Nature. She is not only beautiful and gentle but she can also be awesome and powerful. Maybe she is angry as you say. I agree with you in regards to the animals. As you know, their senses are able to pick up things that human senses are unable to detect. Dogs can hear sounds outside the range of human hearing. They also have an acute sense of smell beyond our sense of smell. I would not be surprised if the animals could detect the rumbling of the waves or the smell of the sea or could feel some extraordinary signal and took evasive action from the Tsunami quite early.
You must have a special connection with Mother Nature to feel her in the rain and wind. You are indeed blessed.
Best Wishes to you and have a good day!
I read somewhere that we, the human species, could detect shifts in the weather ourselves. Perhaps this could go along with your concept in your technology poem. We have become accustomed to having the weather predicted for us, we no longer use our own instincts.Perhaps our overindulgence of technology has us becoming more disconnected from the world around us.
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