In your journey down the hall

In your journey down the hall,
Please wish me softly a goodnight call,
And as you close the bedroom door,
Gently, please, don't make it roar.

For as my eyelids slowly close,
I feel myself drift to repose,
And I begin to dream once more,
Of children's laughter I adore.

I miss them dearly as they played,
Their happiness, it never strayed,
They made me smile, they made me see,
The joy that comes from being free.

I loved to care for them each day,
To cherish them in every way,
To watch them grow, it was a sight,
But now they're angels in the night.

Among the stars they softly roam,
Guiding me through life's unknown,
Even through the darkest night,
They're angels now, among the light.

And I hope dearly, for someday,
We'll meet again, in some small way,
And then no one will say goodbye,
For none of us will ever fly
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 26
About this poem:
i originaly wrote it in Romanian word, but translated it in english, hope you will like it

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