Sugar time sweet

your curls wrap down
in the season of the sun
oh I been waiting, waiting
so long, so long baby
angel dance for me
slow movement in the dark
feel you drawin' a breath
come ride with me, ride with me
been a long time, long time
sugar time sweet
come shut the door
for the night
now you feel its right
I know the rain come down
it come pouring down
washed my blues away
washed my blues away
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 11

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Comments (6)

With some bluesy steel guitar and some husky vocals this could sound great in a downtown bar Ocean. Good stuff !

Me too can hear guitar here, ocean. Lily head banger
It sounds like the words of a song.
so true folks, I was listening to some blues at the time, maybe I should write a little jingle cool
why not, ocean? head banger
daradloffonline today!
Sounds like a good time with a lot warmer there than here, that's for sure!happy place
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