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May flowers grow in your footprints
May birds sing outside your window
May your smile warm a sunbeam
May the leaves sigh to you as they fall
May the wind caress your face as it blows
May the raindrops glitter to your touch
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2013

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Comments (6)

This is exquisite socrates,

it seems we often think of nature as internally (and/or emotionally/spiritually) impacting us ('may the leaves sigh to you as they fall'), yet not necessarily the other way around such that flowers would grow at our very footprints, or that a sunbeam could possibly be warmed by our very smile

The synergistic relationship you show us here is gorgeous. Ty teddybear
Goodness Socrates ,
this is so beautiful !
the message contained in this poetry is so gentle and romantic !
I will be re-reading this several times thumbs up
warm regards --Fiona handshake
hug as always trully beautifulteddybear
socrates44online now!

Yes, you are right. It is a circular relationship. We are a part of Nature and Nature is a part of us. I think that when one has a 'Nature' experience such as being so engrossed by the beauty of a sunset that one loses one's sense of identity and merges in with Nature, any feeling of separation from Nature disappears and this synergy or harmony is more fully manifested. I tried to examine this in my "Beauty and Truth".

Thanks for your comment.
socrates44online now!

Thank you for your comment.
I have viewed some of your poems. I know that you are a Nature lover and a caring person. I think you can create similar wishes yourself and I encourage you to do so.
socrates44online now!

Thanks for your wonderful comments as usual.
I truly appreciate them.
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