True Christians

All of us, would love to preach and preach
All of us, we call ourselves Christians
Most of us, would go to church frequently
But, do we live up to what God wants us to do?

Do we speak the words of kindness to a hurting soul?
Do we find the lost, and make them welcome?
Do we care if there is sorrow or grief?
Do we live upto what God wants us to do?

Or can you remember the day, you laughed at someone?
Or can you remember the day, you ignored your brother/sister?
Or can you remember, the day, you never bothered to smile?
So, do we live upto what God wants us to do?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2019
About this poem:
The end times are drawing nigh. Let us have true humility, so that we are caught up when Jesus come.

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If we talk the talk - Let us walk the walk. It is indeed end times and I pray for myself and my loved ones that we will be Blessed with eternity with our Lord and Savior. Thank you Angel.

Kathy angel
Hi godsprincess,

Thank you so much... For your time n appreciation.
Yes... I am trying to instil in people I come across The true meaning of what /who we should be.
applause angel
Hello candykid,

I would like to call you Christian. Yes, I have written earlier, long time ago.

Thank you for you long write. N appreciation.
God has His own purpose of everything even our names.
No matter what troubles we go through. We need to be strong in what God wants us to be in the end. His strong soldiers. Fighting*(i.e.) Helping His people n saving*(I.e.)consoling them (as brothers/sisters)

thumbs up handshake
angel :) Vashni
You do not need to be nice to be a Christian. John the Baptist was rude in the eyes of her who ordered his head on a platter.
Angel Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ
heart wings
Yes I am also his servant and have his guide
I am now in a full transformation
Changing my body,mind and soul
To his teaching and the God of Israel
Welcome back to the Sanctuary
Welcome my sister

To my esteem friend ,Christian hug
You are in Jesus eyes very important
Thats why your birth name is special just as mine
You are the guide and example to those souls that come your way
As I am to those who meet me too
We are the guides... We are his testimonies of
his Salvation and mercy
We have all failed by our works and deeds
So be happy you are given a 2nd chance like me
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