Driving Down The Highway

Driving down the highway
Double yellow tracks, neither ends
The deserted landfill's flatness
Makes vegetation no mends
Faraway the mountain madness
Reaches hands to sadness
Loneliness takes over my thoughts
Lost behind were all friends
No dreams to conquer lots
No love to hug nightspots
Driving down the highway
Scenery of gray-bluish sky
The air flows evenly
Its aroma of an air-dry
Memories come peacefully
An atmosphere so wheezily
Deep inside, my heart beats
Yet it has no musical frequency
Life reveals its cheats
Those that stab you bleats
Driving down the highway
Speeding at times non-stop
To relentless brain fogs
No fragrance to smell crop
In this outpouring travelogs
Stretching at times your backlogs
To accommodate your seat
Can't heal the pain of the monologues
Triggers profound deceit
To an outpouring tear defeat
Driving down the highway
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 17

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Hey this is a bit different than your usual style SM. Could sing to that..
Hi SM. Glad you are back. Lovely poem.I can feel your feelings while Driving down the highway. ocean is right there sounds a music also.wish you a happy 2024! Lilybouquet purple heart
southmiami4321online today!
Thanks, Ocean and Salamuna for your comments. Needed a short break. I love poetry, to be far away from it too long. Ocean, trying more with rhyming, makes words more musical. I have written sonnets before, but not as much as free verse. FV comes out naturally as the thoughts and inspirations come out. Same as Haiku, but counting the syllables. I am experimenting with short story writing, since I have a granddaughter who loves them. It is challenging because settings, characters, motivating the reader, and keeping up with the momentum requires creativity and imagination. My writing is not for $, only to share and perhaps change someone's steps in life.
Salamuna hope you had a blessed New Year's as well as Ocean. I had a good one and wish to see brighter tomorrows.wave kiss SM
I like the imagery in this one SM,
You also gave us a sneak peek inside your thoughts while on the highway.
Nicely written.

Great poem SM, you took us on the journey with you,
I found it to be quite emotive too

“Faraway the mountain madness
Reaches hands to sadness
Loneliness takes over my thoughts
Lost behind were all friends
No dreams to conquer lots
No love to hug nightspots”

Belated happy new year to you and yours wave hug
southmiami4321online today!
Belated Happy New Year's Happy, thanks for the comment. SMwave
Nice poem.

"driving down the highway" the loneliness, the lack of vegetation, the lost of scenery, and memories of yesteryears are results of "CAPITALIZISM." wave
southmiami4321online today!
Carlamee thanks for your comment, but this poem is not about Capitalism. SM
Hi, SM, sometimes when we drive alone, for long distances, the car travels in the desired direction, whilst the mind is off on a road trip of its own! Anyway, that was different, I enjoyed the read.

southmiami4321online today!
Thanks for the comment LCBR, always appreciated. SM bouquet
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