'The Supreme Sensations'

Spaghetti: "I'm the one that wiggles into the salads. When they
eat me, they really feel full.

Tomato " Spaghetti, I may be chubby, but I do shine here with
my friend lettuce, giving a lot of coloring to a delicious

Carrot "I really catch up on the orange color, but celery
adds some extra flavors when we join together".

Lettuce " My designed leaves add beauty to salads with all the

Onions " I'm not favored in many salads, but along with a red
pepper we can really spice them up."

Celery "Many like to chop me up and dip me in a creamy sauce."

Pasta "My body has so many forms, curls, cylinders, oval faces in
between. When I enter the beauty salon, they soften me up
and then I can fill up a banquet..."

Potatoes "Well I make a match with most anything, yet when I
get mashed, I can really comfort hard eggs all together"

Eggs "After they boil me they can cut me into slices or ground
me down to fill in several salads".

Strawberry "I am usually the top of the iceberg, giving that
ultimate finishing".
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 4
About this poem:
Who does not like a good made salad? Hope this humors up your day!

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Ah SM thank you for your funny poetic recipes. Do you remember few year ago i guess Haarbal started a challenge here -poetic funny recipes ? There were a lot of interesting ones too..pity almost all poets from those times left..but I enjoyed yours one . Lily bouquet
southmiami4321online today!
Don't recall those, but glad you enjoyed. Always appreciate the comments. SMwave
FargoFanonline now!
Said the mushroom to the capsicum
'Aren't you feeling a little left out?'
'Yes' said red pepper, 'but the salad is pretty dicey'
southmiami4321online today!
Thanks for the add-on, Fargo....the list goes on and on. SMwave
A nice merge of culinary and writing experience SM. The humble salad is a very healthy option.

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