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Temptations to Sin

Being diabetic and craving a cupcake Makes you feel to be tempted? Despite knowing it is not good...
622Nov 27


We hide among the bushes To not be taken We feather up together Even our welcome gobbler Fears...
885Nov 27

My Daily Walk

Glittering waters on the bay Sun shifts its shadows Some birds grab the still rocks Feeding on so...
18711Nov 3

What will time tell us, do you have the answer?

The moon just went behind the clouds To hide its face and cry The sun's pain splashes beautiful a...
1032Nov 5


Countless are the pebbles In the shoreline As stars are in the sky Where to end the count? Our...
700Nov 3

Joke or not

There was this woman that had committed treason in her country and was condemned to die by a firing...
1234Oct 23

A Leap of Faith

Many may not relate to this and its ok, this is my testimony....
1365Sep 15

A Dear Friend

Your joking entries will always be remembered Deep inside you were a kid at heart Exploring possib...
2017Sep 5

Have you ever been in love?

Someone can get into your heart It beats faster than ever before Goose bumps flatter your skin Yo...
1644Sep 30

A New Song To Sing

My chosen King is on the throne Coming back to rule Kings,rulers of the earth, act wisely! The F...
750Sep 30


Another anniversary of Cafe's passing Its a coincidence that two Dear friends of mine Passed away...
983Sep 5

Butterfly Journey

My life starts with an egg Colorful pins Mama deposited In small clusters U...
1282Aug 30

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