Lyrical digression....
48413Mar 2011


Written at a moment’s notice as a comment to "Our Marriage ... Our Joy", just posted on this corner...
5219Apr 2011

Nothing Much

Nothing much!...
71213Jan 2012


Composed during A. Pushkin's exile to Georgia, which immediately caught his fancy....
4635Oct 2011

Without title

*** You walk with a childish grin – mere girl, And wherever you go you pose proudly and stalk, An...
1,1626Jun 2013


Something like a whole word acrostic, following my fellow poet's suit!...
65912Nov 2011

A Fairy Tale of Love

Sung by the ensemble “Iveria”
81210Feb 2016


A translation from Murman Lebanidze (November 14, 1922 - August 17, 2002) - Georgian poet, translato...
2285Jan 22


You can watch and sing along. Hope you will enjoy the music!
4906Feb 2012

To Poet

A translation of Alexander Pushkin’s “To Poet”. I can’t agree more with the poet: we are the first j...
4869Aug 2011

Me and My Pain

From the series I named: Me and My Pain - a translation from our Georgian poetess. Oh, please, don't...
4936Dec 2016


My kind friend's message set me thinking about how long this seek and find can last. Call it a dead...
50315Jul 2011


Written by Ilya Chavchavadze – Georgia’s greatest poet. You can listen to the hymn written based on...
5247Mar 2013


"There is the silence of a great hatred, And the silence of a great love, And the silence of an em...
6818Nov 2011


Garold Registan - a famous Russian poet-lyricist, song writer....
6469Feb 2012

On Parting

Life is Good no matter what!...
5656Apr 2011

To Old Friend

This is to you, old friend, good-bye, farewell I say, I know it’s sad, we’ve gone through much...
65015Mar 2011

Twilight of Life

Carrying on with life at whichever age. What's important is living a life, the freshness of air we b...
5449May 2011

It’s Just Autumn

It's just autumn... translated the lyrics for you! Here is a link to the song:
2230Oct 2017


Took out of old chest, blew off some dust and here it is....
72316Nov 2010

Don't fear

Don't be afraid if I just say "I love you", It doesn't mean, far from it, please, believe, That it...
49711Feb 2011

Tricky time

Thinking that it is much wiser to act on one's own advice, which is true for the women as well....
4022Jan 2011


Dedicated to those on the other side of the globe who are looking forward to autumn....
4326Feb 2012

I Dreamed I Was Dying Last Night

People do see dreams, sometimes spooky ones, poets are no exception. Just a little translation from...
5034Jun 2013

World would be freezing, but for men like you

I am not sure who the author of this Russian poem/lyrics is. Must keep on searching....
4995Dec 2016


Bitter-sweet memories of love long gone, but lingering in the heart. Another translation of a Georgi...
7115Oct 2014

Don't even cry!

Translation from a Georgian poet. In remembrance of a friend of mine who several years ago succumb...
6547Apr 2014

To those who venture

Those who know the most venture the least....
4355Jan 2011


It's about things past that cannot be recalled, as the saying goes... but there are memories - you c...
5166Nov 2011


Hoping, someone will enjoy....
57312Jan 2011

Heavenly Madness

I couldn't have described love better than in this poet's few eloquent words (Tamaz Chiladze - a Geo...
69410Oct 2013

Let's Be Friends

To all poets here on this corner, with no exception, with deep gratitude and love....
74416Mar 2011

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd

"God, shine your light down here Shine on the love L...
5515Jun 2013


Just listened to the song in a Russian movie and decided to share with you my translation of the lyr...
3192May 2017

A Bunch of Scarlet Dogberries in Garth

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” — Plato...
3213Apr 2017

* * *

“We are most alive when we’re in love.” ( John Updike)...
51113Oct 2011

I Will Remember

I have always liked this song since times immemorial, so decided to translate the lyrics and share t...
2961Feb 2017


Loneliness is not fatal and can be cured as any other disease, which is not terminal. Perhaps we sho...
62512Aug 2011

We're all the same

Friendship in a broader sense....
4757Jan 2011


An attempt at sonnet and Master Fellsman's valuable advice. I miss the time how it used to be and po...
48510Jan 2011

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