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Elegy Poems (77)

Here is a list of Elegy Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Unknown600Oct 7
Can you live without me Poem

Can you live without meIs it merely a poem that I love writing I love riding poems are at least expressing palms I'm also a philosopher of life I believe in things that may...

James4998991Sep 5Sep 12
Embryo Poem

EmbryoInto this void Off liquid one so small From tiny dot One thus grow Two limbs Four limbs now grow One choirs emotion Motions the head one flo...

wayne341231Sep 4Sep 5
Serenity Poem

SerenityThis poem is about losing someone dear to your heart and finding the strength in the little that is salvaged,,, and the light that shines way after yo...

Sweetnlovely732105Mar 10Mar 12
Unknown800Dec 2020
Unknown1121Dec 2020Dec 2020
Alone Poem

AloneFrom childhood´s hour I have not been As others were I have not seen As others saw I could not bring My passions from a common spring From the sam...

Fer50136-Nov 2020
Full Moon Poem

Full MoonWaiting here all alone , sitting on the sofa with my phone Since you left me as your precious stone Never know why our love hasn't grown Nights...

Unknown1670May 2020
Cat Fight Poem

Cat FightPeace...

Unknown1730May 2020
Silhouette Poem

SilhouetteOne day when you relapse and you do really need someone as a companion to comfort you, someone you expect to be your best side to at least giving you...

thehemingway2592Dec 2019Jan 2020
Pain Covered Blood Poem

Pain Covered BloodCan you feel the pain even it’s unseen? When the sun sets, all precious days has begin. Or not at all. Got lot of things to fight for each da...

thehemingway2180Dec 2019
Going Under Poem

Going UnderEven in death... you still hold on...

Sweetnlovely732302Sep 2019Sep 2019
Dont go there Poem

Don't go thereDon't go there Cries the hidden voice Inviting lush water's edge Hidden dangers lurk Shortness of breath Freezes ones sense Express ones breath...

wayne342453Jul 2019Jul 2019
Lost souls Poem

Lost soulsIn body and soul You where here Taken from us Now your gone Are tears flowed Hearts broken I carried your box to heavens gate The doors o...

wayne343551Dec 2018Dec 2018

JUST THAT KIND OF GIRLEncouraging a close friend after her near total collapse under the weight of a very troubled past that simply refused to let her be....

BobbyC13488466Jun 2018Sep 2018
Oh How I Loved Her Hillbilly Musing Poem

Oh How I Loved Her; Hillbilly MusingGreat memories from my youth in Almost Heaven, West Virginia. My Sweet Hillbilly Girl, the Lord took her, way too soon. The reference to "Mini Thin"...

BobbyC13483453Jul 2018Aug 2018
rough diamond shine Poem

rough diamond shineeagerly awaiting eagerly anticipating my diamond, where are you? i need a stone, to join my throne i need a poem to find my lass, best i turn u...

faceman0072631Jun 2018Jun 2018
Being a fool Poem

Being a foolThis is written by a very good friend of mine. I thought it's very interestingly beautiful and I'd love to share it. I'm learning so much from...

lindsyjones6059Dec 2017Feb 2018
Alone Poem

AloneFrom self-love & acceptance

Cachuchi375-Jan 2018
into the void Poem

into the voidAre expanding universe...

wayne344450Dec 2017
Regrets and Gratitude Poem

Regrets and GratitudeWent on a poetry- writing hiatus for over 2 years so feeling like a stranger to both poetry writing and the poets in the corner now. I hope there ar...

orientalkoru1,05012Jul 2017Oct 2017
the model Poem

the modelPorcelain skin Smooth to touch You stand on high for all to see Figure 10 Features less face hidden You look from monuments high On folk...

wayne344010Jul 2017
for you mom Poem

for you momyou where here You where here Inbody and soul To hear you talk To laugh once more i know you you gone I know you cant come back Your wit...

wayne344400Jul 2017
The Unknown Unknown about tomorrow future Poem

The Unknown Unknown about "tomorrow" future.This piece of poem was writing some yrs back as i laid on my bed doing some thinking as i always do when i'm up in the morning. I couldn't figure out...

agogo24080Feb 2017
look at one self Poem

look at one selfInto the abyss One ventures in time From birth to Heaven One dwells in time As we age Changes we not notice for we change With a blink of...

wayne344770Feb 2017

Protectin the memories of lost love...

ali1105081Jan 2017Jan 2017
This Blue Train Poem

This Blue TrainThis Blue Train tasting the sweet rain tracing down my face... unitelligible sounds and benign utterances break the silence... i watch the blue f...

GMS754781Nov 2016Nov 2016
Solitude Consumes Me Again Poem

Solitude Consumes Me Again© Syd bliZZard...

Unknown4801May 2016May 2016
Love Loathe Poem

Love/Loathe© Syd bliZZard...

Unknown4450May 2016
Africa in one glance 1980 Poem

Africa in one glance 1980I worked in Zambia for 6 weeks. The only things I took back to the UK were the clothes I wore. Many people have helped but not enough. I came home...

Unknown3551Jul 2015Jul 2015
Earth Calling Me Home Poem

Earth Calling Me HomeIn 1980 I flew to Zambia. In fact then and now I fly often enough to experience emergencies. In 1980 considered what could happen. I prepared mysel...

Unknown3991Jul 2015Jul 2015
Jeff Poem

JeffMate o mine passed yesterday. f*ck ya all!! Ha ha Peace n love. Part of the 'Indo express'surfing pioneers. Great stories in the lunchroom! 'Sea of...

Unknown4153May 2015May 2015

LOST IN THE PAST.Searching for something that may never be known, mental disturbance turns a heart back to stone....

Unknown3742Mar 2015Mar 2015
Cascade Cascade of sad music Poem

Cascade (Cascade of sad music)Je me sens perdu dans mes pensées que je ai oublié la tristesse écho des violons de l'automne derrière moi l'étreinte glacée de l'hiver dernier han...

NormanF5891Jan 2015Jan 2015
No Reason Not To Adore Poem

No Reason Not To AdoreThis poem is also written for the one cindrella of dreams,one like to have magic stick by,his/her weeps disappear all...............

goodluck263490Jun 2014
My Dreams For Thee Poem

My Dreams For TheeThe imagination for love,how one live in love of hope and wanted to over shadowed for safe of love and sake of it....

goodluck263100Jun 2014
only you Poem

only youIts in hope of love,when one feel all alone,and just each day and night keep imagination how her love should be....

goodluck264402Jun 2014Jun 2014
The martyr Poem

The martyrThis poem is written for all the big and small head of soldiers,who serve the country,and give us pleaseant sleep by keeping themselves awake all the...

goodluck265301May 2014May 2014
Give Me Thine Love Poem

Give Me Thine LoveThis poems is for those who in bad times left their own love alone to weep and tease from world....

goodluck265300May 2014

Gypsy - An ElegyGypsy was washed down in a canal. I adopted her. I only had her for a few days. I left her in the care of a neighbour for a weekend. When I returned,...

socrates441,0988Nov 2013Nov 2013
Water Trees Wind Emptiness Poem

Water, Trees, Wind, EmptinessThis is a (probably bad) translation by myself of a poem I wrote in my native tongue. I don't know if it even becomes anything near to a poem in Engli...

kilovolts5394Aug 2012Aug 2012
Weihnacht in Berlin Poem

Weihnacht in BerlinI like Gernany and this beauty town......

nayden05082Jul 2012Jul 2012

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