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Friendship Poems (1,120)

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Stop by when you can't stay so longFor the many moments of those who claim they want to have a friend but, don't stick around long enough to amend....

Knightmare6117310Oct 20Nov 4
Rejection Poem

Rejection.I thought I had a friend and when I went back home I could always pop round and have a good chat. Then I had moved far away and bumped into him in th...

Jocky581261Oct 24Oct 24

No Rhyme or reasonA thought for no rhyme or reason Just maybe for this moment in the season Lost in your eyes dreaming to hear your hungering sigh With each gentle...

Knightmare611001Oct 16Oct 17
Losing a friend Poem

Losing a friendJust lost a friend...

lindsyjones38316May 1Oct 16

I HAVE A FRIEND (an original poem from a book of Inspiration that I published in 2016)Some friendships are very valuable (for at least one of the parties involved),so when things go awry there may be a separation that causes distress....

Didi71673Mar 27Sep 18
Rosa Poem

RosaThis short poem, for a friend of mine, is an attempt to build some respect and confidence in my dear friend who is going through a very tough time at...

hasselblad680Sep 1

My Happy DanceJust a little fun..........

Yankee4you2372Aug 19Aug 29

Poets ways!Is poets corner the place to be?, to lose ourselves in our history? to complain in verse of a life gone wrong?, or sing out loud our favourite song?,...

optimisticme1293Aug 2Aug 10


SUMMIT091772Jul 23Aug 5

For my Friend!I have a friend, dear to me, her heart is gold, her spirit free, Her trust is lost, in this poetry, To lay her heart on the line, in words and verse...

optimisticme2025Jul 27Jul 31

Be real: Ace Poet Part 1Shameless self-promotion, but I think it's pretty good!... (mostly) the standard of poetry, here, is Excellent!...

lovecanbereal134-Jul 3
Rise of the Phoenix Poem

Rise of the PhoenixI had a friend going thru a hard time, so I decided to write her a song and this was my first ever written works. After this I realized I was good at...

C0nspiracy2056Jan 16Jun 29

FRIENDSHIPThis poem is simply straight from the heart and it morals is the ability to share bounds of affections with one another as a human beings, no matter,...

Candysmiles41021Jun 18Jun 19

The old oak treeA majestic old oak tree born long before you or me, Its arms spread wide, nothing to hide, leaves that have Fallen, memories ingrained of what it ha...

optimisticme1240Jun 14
FargoFan1537Jun 4Jun 13

Who cares?And all that it is and all it could be, is a memory, A dream that exists then ceases to be, There is no beginning, there is no end, for tomorrow...

optimisticme1072May 9May 10

Not alone!And you found yourself within the crowd, woke up to see, you were me, not left alone or left to be, a part of all, that's you and me!...

optimisticme1291May 1May 3
Yesterdays sorrow Poem

Yesterday's sorrowRemembering...

lindsyjones1735Apr 15Apr 17

Heading HomeGetting in touch with our inner being and seeking its tranquility with a desire for truth and longevity to live a long and prosperous life....

Yankee4you1974Apr 4Apr 14

Understanding it allI think that life does change you, Turn you into something new, It can be good, it can be bad, It can be happy, it can be sad, But in retrospect...

optimisticme870Apr 12

About you!Can you live without expression? Can you be,,,,,, alone,,,,, not for eternity, but if you were locked within yourself for a time?, then what would you...

optimisticme1411Apr 7Apr 8
The Night She Left Poem

The Night She Left.A snowy cold April evening turned Antarctic cold when she left me I curled in my bed and tried my imaginary hug But it was of no use, she had gone...

Jocky58930Apr 4
My lonely and forgotten grave Poem

My lonely and forgotten graveEven if sadness was a part of your life, sometimes it's nice to relive them because it is what made you of who you are today....

lindsyjones1160Apr 3

This life!I'm angry with the present, and I'm angry with the past, the past brought this present, guess nothings meant to last, I don't know about tomorrow or h...

optimisticme1311Mar 29Mar 30

ExistenceWe are children of existence, that's what we are, we were born to be unique, never to be the same, we're here for the game, the good, the bad, and the...

optimisticme780Mar 25
no tomorrows Poem

no eighteenth summer..spent at the ocean after finishing high school....summer of '70....Jesus! did I ever make it this far......

hedistuff77610Apr 2010Mar 21

Hope springs eternal!So, we are here today, where were we yesterday? Before we were born where were we? Cultivated in our mothers tummy!,,, So, where were we before the "a...

optimisticme1292Mar 17Mar 18

See!What do you see through your eyes? Is it differnt to mine?, Is the world conspiring or just fine? Do you believe the world is round?, alien invasion?...

optimisticme1091Mar 11Mar 12

With students who have imminent interviewswell you know what it says - although I teach ESL, this is just an everyone worry!...

FargoFan970Feb 17

How do you see it?Life changes you from the start, it opens your mind and closes your heart, you start out with love, innocent and true, then life, slowly eradicates y...

optimisticme1010Feb 3

You tooWhat does hurt feel like?, being lost in emotional pain?, break your arm,, is it the same? or feeling a total emotional loss?, A whole body pain, a m...

optimisticme1020Jan 31

FairytaleI don't believe in fairytales, angelic beings or marital affairs, but I believe in you, I believe that love is real, I believe what I feel, and all th...

optimisticme990Jan 31

Just how it isSeeing the world through a diamond sky, telling my heart, telling a lie, that it will be OK, I won't be losing you, but if I ever do, I loved being in...

optimisticme950Jan 30

Her Again!She never says anything wrong,she sings, soulfully and wonderfully, beautiful song, she is only two foot tall,,, he, he,,of course thats not funny,,,...

optimisticme1201Jan 20Jan 20

ODE TO A TWIN SOULANT you cringe you flee but I stamp you out You are no more Yet we share endless living for neither of us can experience an existence that h...

utterlytruthfull1150Jan 16
Two Friends Of Mine Poem

Two Friends Of Mine.A Sonnet dedicated to my two life-long friends....

Mizzy439618Nov 2021Jan 7

USI find that life can f*ck you, leave you all alone,I never asked to be here, I never knew I would, I never changed my world, you came into my life mir...

optimisticme1270Jan 3
A Bit of Me Poem

A Bit of MeI use to watch a reality show and singles meeting singles but it was people from the UK. I love accents and I find them attractive. The girls on the s...

Dragon_221632Jan 2Jan 3
FargoFan1360Dec 2021
Before you write think about it Poem

Before you write, think about it!Think. Don't make empty sentences. The Man Who Lies ????Think. Don't make empty sentences. The person who is lying, first of all, He deceives himself....

Zulka1971Oct 2021Oct 2021
Love Takes A Little More Poem

Love Takes A Little MoreSime and easy life understand more of Life...

Unknown1262Oct 2021Oct 2021

MUSICAL BALM.remembering a friend.........

niah92498Sep 2021Sep 2021

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