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Friendship Poems (1,090)

Here is a list of Friendship Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Friends, of yester yearsBeautiful hearts, beautiful memories. Makes life beautiful....

angel999991183Apr 13Apr 16
The Bonfire Poem

The BonfireLife in the forests, lakes and grasslands of Minnesota is magical! This is the story of a Bonfire from my little corner of the world in Duluth MN....

Jaded_Raven1252Apr 12Apr 15
Flowers Poem

FlowersWe are all so different yet so alike, unique yet. We all feel deeply....

ladyjewel791Apr 12Apr 13
Ssssss Poem

SsssssTalk about someone who lost a bird...

Azzeldin1713Apr 1Apr 1
Daniella Poem

DaniellaI reached out to you. Didn’t really know you You learned who I am in a flash Teaching me how to learn who I am Takes a lot of work Helping me...

Abby19631821Mar 31Mar 31
Drops of Red Poem

Drops of RedA very close friend once told me cutting herself was the only way she could cry, Was sad, kind of thougt it must be like this....

ladyjewel69614May 2013Mar 29

A battle of willsA recent write describing betrayal of an old friend now acquaintance....

Angeldancer930Mar 20

The Dancing Musedancing perspective...

Angeldancer950Mar 2
every step i take Poem

every step i takewhat can i say i'm superior tell me if you agree...

surrender001020Feb 29
Once again Poem

Once againIn appreciation of poets' efforts....

marikia1,09423Dec 2010Feb 29

The willow Tree - introspectionThe willow tree bends its branches, silently, leaves words left unspoken As the tidal wave of emotion borderlines the freedom with a blissed token...

Angeldancer1522Feb 25Feb 25
Emmanuel with us Poem

Emmanuel with us2023 Christmas dinner with the Travellers...

A Christmas Wish Poem

A Christmas Wish.Peace and Goodwill....

Mizzy470118Dec 3Dec 19

Never forget how special you areNever forget how special you are...

Gritante3494May 2023Dec 13
Star Link Poem

Star LinkProspects for freedom have never shone so bright When the spirit of man is allowed to take flight...

Yankee4you4593Nov 30Dec 6

PainIntrospection on pain...

Angeldancer3093Dec 1Dec 1
Cad Mle Filte Sonnet Poem

Céad Míle Fáilte ! (Sonnet)An Irish invitation to an English lady. I know from your posts dear that you yearn to get away for a while.... So just for the craic come over to...

Mizzy41,44140Jul 2014Sep 16
Angeldancer2672Sep 7Sep 9
I am not a poet Poem

I am not a poetThis poem is for love...

timotie4475Dec 2020Aug 2023
Into the Ether Poem

Into the EtherA strange lady slips through the haze, Her thoughts, a kaleidoscope ablaze, Mysterious questions lingering within, A meeting of minds about to begi...

ManicCC2316Aug 2023Aug 2023
Angeldancer3695Apr 2023Jul 2023
A true friend Poem

A true friendbad friend's...

realdeal8903526Jul 2021Jul 2023
Reg Poem

RegThe prose comes but the poems are lacking, I have to fix this :)...

Oceanzest1600Jun 2023
Mystery Poem

MysteryA thought...

jagtom2102Jun 2023Jun 2023
Tom Cat Poem

Tom CatI like Cats:)...

ladyjewel2063Jun 2023Jun 2023
Faithful Poem

FaithfulOld Friend Happy to see an Old friend in Poetry Lively Loving Caring and Kind friend Who's poem was full of Love Addressing her beloved With...

timotie1792May 2023May 2023

My lonely and forgotten graveEven if sadness was a part of your life, sometimes it's nice to relive them because it is what made you of who you are today....

lindsyjones3202Apr 2022May 2023

Silent SerenadeJust a bit of listening and writing....

Angeldancer2090May 2023
Connecting singles poets Poem

Connecting singles poetsToo many friends to list I respect all of the poets on this corner old ,young ,fun funny sad,mad even glad.Much love !...

Girlygirl1963491,78954Aug 2014May 2023

When the world is on your shoulders..When the world feels like its on your shoulders and you are swimming to catch the current of your reality. To find balance in a new life and chapter....

Angeldancer2573Apr 2023May 2023
Angeldancer2160Apr 2023
Meeting Again Poem

Meeting AgainI met a lady recently and was resting the next day and decided that I would like to meet her again. This is a little fun thing about the thought surro...

justarius3572Apr 2023Apr 2023
Angeldancer3588Mar 2023Apr 2023
Angeldancer2913Mar 2023Mar 2023

SPECIAL PEOPLE.Special people, we meet through life. Smooths way forward, easing strife. Passing through, during difficult times Hovering close by, watching for s...

niah93104Mar 2023Mar 2023
How Do You Do Poem

How Do You Dopoetry friends are the best...

EyeLook4U3032Feb 2023Feb 2023

Special FriendWithout relationship i think this world won't exist That's why i appreciate every friendship its the most beautiful thing between families,frien...

LadyinRed553585Feb 2023Feb 2023
Arguments Poem

ArgumentsOpinions clash, Words like swords clash, Hearts become cold, Friendships grow old. Different views collide, Hopes and dreams divide, Harmony i...

Hufieborg3153Feb 2023Feb 2023
My Happy Dance Poem

My Happy DanceJust a little fun..........

Yankee4you7633Aug 2022Feb 2023
Rosa Poem

RosaThis short poem, for a friend of mine, is an attempt to build some respect and confidence in my dear friend who is going through a very tough time at...

hasselblad2541Sep 2022Jan 2023
sunny birds Poem

sunny birdsI am hearing words of a broken winged bird that are the most likeable words I have heard we are flying together in circles acting fine I would fly...

FoxyFairy2983Jan 2023Jan 2023
Stop by when you cant stay so long Poem

Stop by when you can't stay so longFor the many moments of those who claim they want to have a friend but, don't stick around long enough to amend....

Knightmare613418Oct 2022Nov 2022

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2024. All rights reserved.

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