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Friendship Poems (1,080)

Here is a list of Friendship Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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MUSICAL BALM.remembering a friend.........

niah9888Sep 10Sep 13

Cafetwo2010Another anniversary of Cafe's passing Its a coincidence that two Dear friends of mine Passed away on both their birthdays months Enchanted castles...

southmiami4321583Sep 5Sep 5

I am eternityCan't recall what prompted this. I do recall it's about a Cancer cutie that lives in Dominican Republic. We're still friends :)...

SEEKINGinger782Aug 22Aug 22
A true friend Poem

A true friendbad friend's...

realdeal890932Jul 25Jul 27

Céad Míle Fáilte ! (Sonnet)An Irish invitation to an English lady. I know from your posts dear that you yearn to get away for a while.... So just for the craic come over to...

Mizzy499035Jul 2014Jun 26
Poetry Poem

PoetryA heart preserved. The native(s) paint the picture of the spoken word. The universal rhythm. Paint me a picture of realisation. We can count in the da...

DK10011053May 26May 27

A shotJust watching movie, males sinking shots of whisky - macho stuff - but these were Chinese males sinking 'baijiu'...

FargoFan762May 26May 27
Deny Poem

"Deny"I wrote this poem when I 'd felt betrayed by people that I 'd felt stigmatized me when they didn't really know me or understand me. I think poetry at...

rhythm801830Mar 9
Judith Poem

Judith......,,A very special person in our lives misdiagnosed and eventually succumbing to illness .........

Nuwahri612296Jan 15Jan 18

Candle in the WindowStrike the match As the sea carries horizontal rain pelt'd beside me on the window frame All the feet I've seen en-toe'd in the sand each wa...

Bentlee82124Nov 2009Jan 9
Dec 2019 Poem

Dec, 2019I.. once had a girl or should I say I once had three blonde, brunette and red one crazy night took me to bed they told me they worked...

yachtsman_72508Dec 2020Jan 3
I am not a poet Poem

I am not a poetThis poem is for love...

timotie1734Dec 2020Dec 2020

ON CHRISTMAS EVEMerry Christmas!...

marikia1,00526Dec 2011Dec 2020
Two Clocks in Separate Places Poem

Two Clocks in Separate PlacesThe things we are most familiar with will keep us apart and bring us back together...

Yankee4you4494Dec 2020Dec 2020
Friends Poem

Friends‘Friends’ Kirk: “we can count in the dark Spock but did logic form in the dark?” Spock: “a fascinating question captain” Kirk: “one you can a...

DK10011512Sep 2020Oct 2020
You Right Mate Poem

You Right Mate ?....A recent and sudden passing of a local shopkeeper .......... RIP CV...

Nuwahri6127514Sep 2020Sep 2020


niah91864Aug 2020Aug 2020
Princess Shruthi Poem

Princess ShruthiPinocchio - Hi-diddle-dee (An Actor's Life For Me) 720HD

PassionateArtist1230Jul 2020

Circle of LifeMy mum was right the giver recieves the best gift of all. :-)...

Happygolucky4u1,23911Jul 2010Jun 2020

Bithday present to conniehad a dog,a lurcher,terrier,on Feb,19th,had to bury her,Didn't know she was ill,if only knew? disease of the womb,did not have a clue,hope im forgiv...

donal633796Mar 2019Jun 2020

Let Kindess Walk Through Your DoorThis poem was read to me quite often by my grandfather who loved poetry and believes that this is how man should treat each other. It is a cherished f...

ReaderOfSouls1,14020Jul 2011May 2020
Just Speaking Poem

Just SpeakingJourney through life we all travel together or alone...

Yankee4you3325May 2020May 2020

Lightworker's LamentThe Lightworker Laments....

ReaderOfSouls1,17318Jan 2012May 2020
Friends Poem

FriendsA homage to some people in my orbit....

justarius2707Feb 2020May 2020
let your hair down Poem

let your hair downI'm my hair is extremely long but I always wear it in a braid or ponytail....I let my hair down today and was thinking about everythin...

DearDannah2337Apr 2020May 2020
Shhhhhhhhh Poem

Shhhhhhhhh....There are times when I am searching for a place to call home. There are times when I am strong and I don't need no one to lean on. There are times w...

Unknown5085Jul 2010May 2020

A Prayer For Poetry Corner And FriendsA prayer that speaks for all of us here at PC. :-)...

ReaderOfSouls1,20620Aug 2012Apr 2020
The Gathering Poem

The GatheringA homage to all those friends who freely share their time with others....

justarius2757Mar 2020Apr 2020
Friends That Day Poem

Friends That DayLast week I organized an outing inviting three of my new friends to gather on Saturday. By the time The group was to get together No three but eight p...

justarius2452Feb 2020Apr 2020
Gleam In My Eyes Poem

Gleam In My EyesYou were the flame to my wick, you were the wax to my stick, you were the sun to my heart, you were the glue, when I fell apart. You were the only one...

sindellyse4053Jul 2010Apr 2020
Empathy Poem

EmpathyA bit of reflection on why I Write....

justarius2070Mar 2020

PinkLooking for the poems of Ms pink of West Virginia , miss you pink...

ali1102872Feb 2020Feb 2020
The Walrus and the Carpenter The Sequel Poem

The Walrus and the Carpenter (The Sequel)“We have eaten all the oysters,” the Carpenter proclaimed. The Walrus looked around to see no single one remained. “They were so plump and tasty,...

Unknown2649Jan 2020Jan 2020

NEW YEAR WISHESDID 2019 end on a sad or happy note All depends on your own life's luck Did she play happy with your year? Or played you down, Or a mixture of b...

EXRED31922Jan 2020Jan 2020

What may passThis poem represents the loss of a friend .thinking good and bad times. Learning from experience of past . And that time will heal....

Notresspassing2403Nov 2019Dec 2019
The 19th of October Poem

The 19th of OctoberAlexander Pushkin wrote this poem when living in exile on the 19th of October – the day when his former lyceum friends marked the anniversary of gradu...

marikia5898Nov 2011Oct 2019

SIMPLE SPRING.Just had to write.....after a special morning.......

niah92786Sep 2019Oct 2019

THE TEAM.....We all find happiness is different forms, but for many, it comes in the form of team work on a sports field......age really has nothing to do with it....

niah92434Oct 2019Oct 2019

THE COOKIE JAR....weary of those who say nothing with one liners, expecting me to write long messages in return....and know my name, but can't be bothered to remember...

niah94626Jul 2017Oct 2019
Prozor u dvorite Poem

Prozor u dvorištePosle budne noci, kao posle bitke u kojoj su svi poraženi, svestan da ce ih još biti, palim cigaretu kraj otvorenog prozora. Svi smo mi od istog š...

ivek592816Sep 2019Sep 2019
Window to the yard Poem

Window to the yardAfter a wakeful night, like after a battle in which everyone is defeated, Aware that there will be more, I light a cigarette by the open window. W...

ivek591872Sep 2019Sep 2019
Solace and Liberation Poem

Solace and LiberationA helping hand that means a lot...

Yankee4you2461Aug 2019Aug 2019

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