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A flight out to the nearest stars
Traveling past Venus and Mars
The dawn of a brave new age
Elevated to life’s highest stage

What makes us destined to leave
Towards a future we can all believe
Or stay behind and cling to a past
What questions must be asked

Is peace just a dream once awake
An illusion made all the more fake
Is love not enough to be shared
Is life not reason to be spared

Oh reach up for the sky and say
Come together and start to pray
We need each other more than ever
The future is our new endeavor
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 30
About this poem:
Prospects for freedom have never shone so bright
When the spirit of man is allowed to take flight

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Comments (3)

yep Chris.. lets allow the spirit to take "A flight out to the nearest stars " re,Lily heart wings
LOVED reading this poem, just so beautifully written wave applause
southmiami4321online today!
Yes Yankee, the cosmos is always there for us to explore....the heavens out too in prayer. Nice poem. SM
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