Lost In My Dreams

Where oh where does my mind go
Once outside my body if it could
On some impossible dream would flow
Like a meandering brook in the wood

Places I would never agree to journey
With some people I don’t even know
Between fantasy and reality concern me
Far away from my country meadow

Sometimes in a more familiar show
I did know really ask to be part of
Moving too fast or moving too slow
Dancing on a big stage falling in love

When such dreams are lovely and deep
I feel quite content when I awaken
But sometimes in a nightmarish creep
Back down a path I should not have taken
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2023
About this poem:
A poem about the uncertainties of dreams

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Comments (2)

And yet for some strange reason you sometimes wish your deepest dreams could last forever, that is the place where you are safest to be yourself without holding part of you back.
And that's the beauty of a dream, you have the power to forget the dream and move on or chase the dream and make it a reality in your own time, it's all about what's ahead of us and choosing our paths, a dream doesn't expire it's a part of you forever.

Lovely writing as always
hug teddybear
You have put my own dreams in a lovely poem applause
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