Living Well Is Our Best Revenge

Like fine tuned instruments
When even one string is out of tune
Like a broken Christmas ornament
And stinks all the way to the moon

My message is please care for one’s self
Even endure some pain if bearable
Give and take is a thing in itself
In order to achieve its comparable

Seldom can you gain otherwise
Without making more sacrifices
The lives of our children are our prize
Something to think about twice

I bring to you this press release
More understanding than advice
A hope for change is a hope for peace
Better than the role of a dice
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 16
About this poem:
People should learn from our planet’s past history of aggression.

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Comments (3)

southmiami4321online today!
So true Yanque. I'm in with your poem all the way...SMwave
How beautiful it would be if we all just took care of each other teddybear
I fear that there will be very little change.
Good poem Yankee.

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