My Alpine Meadow

In its reach into the heavens
Take a deep breath to describe
The moment in our lives
When we feel sheer ecstasy

The seasons do seem to appear
Down the mountainside slide
All the fallen grasses and leaves
And everything in between

And a river that winds through it
Bringing nourishment and life
Reminding us our mortality
From our birth to our death

Counting our blessings like petals
Falling from flowers that bloom
Take stride in our long journey
From the mountains to the sea

I count one of my own days
And greet each morning sunrise
With great reasons to hope
And much much more to surmise
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 3
About this poem:
Sometimes we need to feel a connection to a sense of place and time.

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Comments (7)

Nice poem.

Nature gives the calm of a busy day.
To enjoy the scenery, and implant beautiful memories for years to come. thumbs up
Happygolucky4uonline today!
I loved the title (it brought me in) and the flow of the words were just down right pretty. I try to stay grounded in life by remembering where I come from and where I have been tip hat
Good poem of awareness and gratitude Yankee, Mother Nature is a great leveller.

southmiami4321online today!
Yanqui, felt the breeze of your Alpine trees with the distinctive flow of the river. Nature makes us feel so much part of it in time and space. Nicely written. SM wave
Nice poem Chris. Connection with your place looks to be very strong. wave
Thanks for the comments. wave Everywhere these days comes news of conflict and strife happening somewhere. Even the seasonal weather forecasts are hyped up to maximum fear levels. Peacefulness is achieved through mindfulness not wasted on negative emotions provoked by mass media. wave
‘I count one of my own days
And greet each morning sunrise
With great reasons to hope
And much much more to surmise”

Beautiful Chris wave teddybear
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