Putter Gooder

Just putter gooder one on there
What are we talking about
The storm door on my house
With a trap door for a mouse
Why heavens sake do that for
Justa gonna ruin a good door
Still better than the one before
When a big snow comes around
The cat don’t want out no more
That’s the craziest thing I heard
You sure you don’t know for sure
Nope I can’t say for sure no more
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 30
About this poem:
It’s always fun to share a little hillbilly humor with you all in my native dialect……but we do make language fun up here in the Upper Appalachian Mountains….

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Comments (6)

Happychatty1online today!
Well it put a smile on my face lol
Pleasant read.
I think it will be a sad day if we lose ever lose local dialect and accents.
Happy New Year Chris wave
My best wishes for 2024,Chris. Have a smily year)) Lily wave
Yankee4youonline today!
Yes Happy...... Language and poetry is more about how we speak and not so much how we spell........and poetry don't give a hell......Happy New Year hug
Yankee4youonline today!
Hi Lily, I am trying to smile more lately.......it helps us feel better. comfort
Always interested in colloquialisms Yankee,
Ireland is full of different accents also, impossible for tourists to understand.

Good topic.
Yankee4youonline today!
Mizzy, We have an expression in the northern reaches of New England. It's called "Mush Mouth". Simply put just about anybody can speak an authentic local dialect by saying anything they wish to like they have a mouth full of potatoes. Try reading out loud my poem above this way and you'll be amused.
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