The Black Mermaid

Dark as any bark on a winter day
Frost that clings to her contours
An outline takes shape in the rocks
Her sculpture worn smooth by time
Standing over an ever restless sea
A protective guardian over her tomb
Carved in the same expressionless look
Casting her gaze over all the lost souls
Forever trapped in the tranquil deep
Reaching back are tales of ancient times
She watches relentlessly silent and still
The generations of sea birds come and go
All passing by and falling under her spell
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 9
About this poem:
Writing about a familiar outcropping of rocks that sometimes take shape and form in the crevices of our mind like passing clouds and give us all a sense of place in time.

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Comments (2)

Nice poem.
I gaze at the clouds and can see formation of objects, but I never did that for the rocks I see.
I may take a look, but I'm doughtful I'll see the formation of a mermaid.

thumbs up
Very imaginative and descriptive Yankee,

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