Love And Trust

Not even in the shaky depths
Drowns a sunken bell quiet
Nor make stars that refuse to rise
When they absolutely must

Thrown into being some distant galaxy
Forms a colossal order riot
Could ever scatter love and trust
Wide and far away as star dust

For no matter how separated
We become where by it
Our paths may never cross again
Our cause be found just

Then in that minuscule moment in time
But a blink of an eye can deny it
These feeling may become little more
Then we bargained for our lust

Two completely broken lost souls
Can still unite and try it
When you think you got the world’s
Love and trust all sussed

No calamity of love doth
Destroy a pure heart’s trust
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2023
About this poem:
Possibilities of uniting love and trust are endless and indestructible.

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Comments (4)

carlameeonline today!
If love and trust does not work, then acceptance and freedom will.

example, Dolly Parton and her husband.
southmiami4321online today!
Sometimes love and trust are like magnets but when their polarity changes they fall far apart. As you said they can't be without each other. Enjoyed. SM
ladyjewelonline today!
Love can't servive without Trust, it becomes twisted and at some point it snaps.

*Two completely broken lost souls
Can still unite and try it*

Love this, Maybe we needed to be broken so we can understand how amazing it is to be loved as we are, or so I am told
Love and trust may turn to dust and scatter our faith. It takes a really strong person to jump back in the water and start swimming again.handshake
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