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Quatrain Poems (336)

Here is a list of Quatrain Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Pepperoni logicPlaying with Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic, a classic.....

Oceanzest1065Nov 9Nov 13

PeaceContemplation time - Poem by Sara Teasdale 1884 - 1933 "Sara Teasdale was an American lyric poet. She was born Sarah Trevor Teasdale in St. Louis, Mi...

Oceanzest750Nov 8

Two gun SuzieBig trouble in little city...

Oceanzest2335Oct 24Oct 24

Ode to a meat pieStudying meat pies, now in America apparently you can get only pot pies, not recommended though I see, but in NY, Michigan, Louisiana and wait for it...

Oceanzest1666Oct 6Oct 12
Oceanzest1677Sep 22Sep 24

Things that go clunk in the nightA poem for children, with spooky things woooooh...

Oceanzest901Jul 12Jul 12

Birds that never flewsimple elegy for the ones we left behind...

Oceanzest1275Jul 5Jul 6
A Lovers Lament Poem

A Lovers Lament..The pain of love.......

Mizzy461121Apr 15Jun 28

White van manturning expectation on its head...

Oceanzest880Jun 6

Spooksvillehere's a challenge, write me a scary poem, everyone likes a good horror :)...

Oceanzest26411May 6May 16

serpentine bluetoying with a rhyme...

Oceanzest1313Apr 10Apr 10
A Poem about Poetry Poem

A Poem about Poetry...Some thoughts around writing....

Mizzy431116Apr 3Apr 9
A thousand islands in the sea Poem

A thousand islands in the seaA thousand islands in the sea I am an island, all on my own, Eroded by the oceans foam, God’s heaven temporarily on loan, Like a grazing sheep,...

Jazcoleman3565Dec 2019Apr 3

The ghost of Chairman MaoIn John Cooper Clarke style, some light relief....

Oceanzest1876Mar 27Mar 30

The Story of LifeThis poem applies to all living things: animals, plants, birds, fishes, insects, etc. Regardless of the type, they all undergo the stages of: Bir...

socrates4424711Mar 11Mar 18

The Magnificent AirThe air we breathe is probably one of the most taken for granted things. It unites all living things. It levels the playing field. Some persons may co...

socrates4423910Jan 27Feb 24
The Covid Child Poem

The Covid Child.It must be very difficult for children to make sense of Covid....

Mizzy42957Feb 20Feb 23
New Year Hopes and Wishes Poem

New Year Hopes and Wishes.Pondering on the old and the new. Best wishes to all !...

Mizzy41845Jan 1Jan 4
Covid 19 Poem

Covid-19Reflections on current state of Covid-19 pandemic....

gnj4u53720Mar 2020Dec 2020
Snowy mountain Poem

Snowy mountainI like scenery...

Unknown1580May 2020
Pascals Gambit Thrashed out Kind of Poem

Pascal's Gambit Thrashed out (Kind of )So sorry I was to see your pain, Now things can’t be the same again, So sorry was I to hear the news, Fate is chosen, you do not choose. So sorry...

Jazcoleman2963Mar 2019Feb 2020

Love Is A Decision"Love is a decision, it is a judgement, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forev...

socrates441,9079Sep 2015Feb 2020

MalalaThis is a tribute to Malala, recent recipient of a Nobel Prize....

socrates4486315Oct 2014Dec 2019
Mom didnt die today Poem

Mom didn't die todayThis was a day in my life when I was about 10 years old....

ooby_dooby5544Mar 2017Sep 2019

ALONENESSAloneness is different from loneliness It is an occasion for personal growth It gives an insight into humanness And helps us realize our self worth...

socrates441,41231Nov 2014Apr 2019

Equanimity“If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same” (Extract from Rudyard Kipling's poem “If”) equanimity -...

socrates443152Feb 2019Feb 2019

A Mother's LoveDedicated to my mother and to all mothers everywhere...

socrates441,0807May 2016Feb 2019

POETRY AND PROSEAs a child, growing up, most of the poems I learned at school were of the traditional type. Memorizing and reciting them, which I enjoyed, were part o...

socrates441,30121Apr 2015Feb 2019

Rising From The Ashes(To those dealing with addiction - drugs, alcohol, etc., and a broken heart)...

socrates441,12119Jul 2014Jan 2019
theysay Poem

theysaythey say we'll come to our end one day they say we just won't matter they say we'll become our own prey with thoughts as mad as a hatter they sa...

agoodguy2have1,30514Aug 2011Jan 2019

A Child's ChristmasMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all CS folks! Please remember the Children!...

socrates441,12822Dec 2014Dec 2018

Broken And BeautifulPerhaps, it is because of the experience of being broken by hurt, and the suffering that goes with it, in whatever area of life, that we are able to e...

socrates447998Feb 2014Nov 2018

Love Is A Decision"Love is a decision, it is a judgement, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forev...

socrates441,3047Jan 2016Jun 2018
There is no more to say Poem

There is no more to sayWhen the feelings are true, you just have to let it flow...

Amed325177Feb 2018May 2018

Sailors In the SkySince I was a child, I have always admired the effortless gliding of vultures up in the sky. Among other gliding birds listed are albatross, eagle,...

socrates4487919Jan 2017Dec 2017
Discrimination Poem

DiscriminationToday almost everyone is mean. Honesty, loyalty or trust are rarely found in this ephemeral world. In such situation, someone has to take this path, n...

Adam432940Dec 2017

Clouds and SunshineSome sunshine to cheer up those experiencing winter blues...

socrates4492414Nov 2014Dec 2017
My Poem 1 Poem

My Poem 1The starry skies The moonlit night. Oh, let's just sit back And gaze this pleasant sight....

aliferous3425Nov 2017Nov 2017
My Poem 2 Poem

My Poem 2In your company, I discovered a calm. A sense of freedom, Without any harm....

aliferous2912Nov 2017Nov 2017
My Guitars Rubaiyat Poem

My Guitar's RubaiyatThe pain of first love lost......

lovecanbereal4724Aug 2017Aug 2017
My Female Other Half Past Lives Poem

My Female Other Half - Past LivesReincarnation; or a change in form = transcendence. Death - the E.N.D? No - Energy Never Dies....

lovecanbereal58513Jul 2017Aug 2017

The Power Of SilenceI made some adjustments to my previous piece, "The Sound Of Silence". This piece, "The Power Of Silence", allows a fuller treatment of Silence. Thanks...

socrates441,2187Nov 2014Jul 2017

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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