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Poem for the cat

rain sings on the iron
the cars they wash on by
my fireside cat he's dryin'
his sleepy night is nigh

I wish I knew his dreaming
but I have no chance to pry
I'm sure its fully teeming
with mice that weren't so sly

and somewhere on a rooftop
beneath the bluest sky
this princely feline's eyeing
the birds that go on by
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 22
About this poem:
Poetry for cats

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Comments (7)

southmiami4321online today!
When I see born kittens they look so cute. My daughter has two dogs, three cats, a small lizard. She has raised chickens, roosters, all kid of weird pets. I guess my grand kids are going to be some what vets. When I go visit or pet sit at times; there is this particular siamese cat that jumps on my lap once there and start purring. I am not that fond of cats and prefer to have a dog. After going through a fire some years ago I am without a pet.
Nice poem Ocean they did gain your attention.SM
Mizzy4online today!
A 'purrfect' poem to your Moggie friend Ocean..I'm sure they're happy 'fur' the dedication. grin

Regards Mick.

thumbs up
lovecanberealonline today!
Cool for
godsprincessonline today!
Just the "Cat's Meow" - love it.

Kathy cats meow
Your insight into cat's dreams is truly remarkable Ocean, it also makes a nice poem!handshake
salamunaonline today!
Nice cat's poem, ocean. Enjoyed this. Lilycomfort
Oh we love our pets, and I understand the reference to the cat acts as if rain is my fault, and is very vocal when coming in from the rain.
Lovely poem Oceanzest...
Kathy wave
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