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Two gun Suzie

There's a lamp-stand in the corner
it shine its light down on the floor
a red moon out my window
brought the sheriff to my door

I said the whisky made us frisky
we was fighting tooth and claw
she was dancing on my table
with her body in the raw

Then she stole my sports car
took the money from the drawer
while I was sleeping off the drinking
she was running from the law

Last time I'll bed little Suzie
with the hips you can't ignore
with her two guns and ammunition
and appetite to score
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 24
About this poem:
Big trouble in little city

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Comments (5)

southmiami4321online today!
Ocean, this was son of a gun night !dancing SM
EXRED3online today!
laugh laugh laugh loved it made my Sunday morning laughthumbs up
salamunaonline today!
well done, ocean ... I liked both humor and rhyme and even some music from westerns is heard . Lily dancing
godsprincessonline today!
Maybe Hollywood would make a movie out of it! laugh
Thanks for the entertainment!

Mizzy4online today!
Yeah Haaw Ocean,
Love this one....and the rawhide mayhem.

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