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Romance Poems (1,833)

Here is a list of Romance Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Summer Dreams Poem

Summer DreamsHow can the thorns this vine sprouts lead to roses When I search for the top a sea of disconnected poses Flowers with no roots atop the prickly cano...

PDXGuitarHero781Aug 31Sep 3
The blue Poem

The blueJust read somewhere...

princepersia2164Aug 29Aug 31

A SAFE PLACEI run looking for a place a safe place A place where my soul breaks free I look for the fresh air of roses I seek the peace of silence I look for...

Gritante1285Jul 31Aug 4
Comfortable Slippers Poem

Comfortable Slippers.Written years ago. as seen in my books....

Romanticaman762Jul 20Jul 22
The Path Poem

The Path ...I love Nature Center paths & trails ... for romance, too....

RedHeadedTaurus86120Feb 2011Jul 20

Leaning on hollowed sticksI swear, if any Wiccan or other pagan reads the 2nd to last stanza and understands it, I'll laugh my arse off....

SEEKINGinger530Jul 15

Give it to meThis poem was inspired by a Scorpio Chiropractor that I was dating, age 72 He's located in Northern California, and I was hoping to marry him but . ....

SEEKINGinger2485Jan 31Jul 13

Crab-Love, Cancer (Another Erotic one I wanted to share)This poem is about feelings and fantasies I had of a soulmate that sailed away...

SEEKINGinger942Jul 12Jul 12
Say youll be mine Poem

Say you'll be mineIf I kissed your lips Would you kiss mine If I held your hand Would you hold mine If I wanted to make you mine Could you find the time We sta...

Abby19631,29533Jun 2015Jun 9
Near but so far Poem

Near but so farI dream of you to kiss those lips wanting you I dream of you each day Shy to talk shy to approach I dream of what to say Your hair dazzles m...

wayne341182Jun 4Jun 9
SharonF Poem

SharonF* An inner west Sydney suburb....

lovecanbereal5803Jul 2016May 23

LOVE 2 TXTIts the first poem I ever wrote and I think the best one...

Walls4453Dec 2018Apr 5

Sweet Lady of the Lakes and FellsA Sonnet to my poetess buddy & muse....

Mizzy41,46643Aug 2015Mar 12
Rose Tinted Glasses Poem

Rose Tinted GlassesYes, I do wear rose tinted glasses and I do dream of better days Yes, I do think of a knight in shining armour whisking me off to distant shores...hi...

Happychatty15337Sep 2017Feb 25
Spinning and Spooning Poem

Spinning and Spooning“We all spin in the same orbit” from one of Rachael_0622 poems* and her comment that one of candleinthewind’s poems** struck a note with its line “no...

gnj4u1,68623Apr 2020Jan 8
Last shadow Poem

Last shadowTo F. Dutchman. Happy new year to all of you ,dear poet"s corner firends !...

salamuna29414Dec 2020Jan 5
An image of my beloved Poem

An image of my belovedIf I could paint a vision of beauty and truth to decorate the heavenly skies they would be your dreamy eyes Oh but what brush shall I use to your m...

Unknown2264Nov 2020Dec 2020
Bound Hands Poem

Bound HandsYou tell me what you think about the poem....

54xmax1343Sep 2020Sep 2020
star coil Poem

star coilnight splash...

Oceanzest1411Sep 2020Sep 2020
A womans Heart Poem

A woman's HeartWhen a woman reveals her heart for all to see, its not to be taken so ever lightly, for she keeps her treasure very deep within, Hidden, locked wit...

morgen902101,45733Mar 2015Sep 2020


Gritante2242Sep 2020Sep 2020
godsprincess1,71131Aug 2015Jun 2020

"TEARS"Tears of Beauty ~ From The Heart!...

doglover1496524May 2016Jun 2020
Love is an illusion Poem

Love is an illusionMy heart is as pure as that of a child My passion is hot and my temper is mild I do have love in abundance To share it with you, I have...

poettarek1,0577Oct 2015May 2020
The Golden Path Poem

~ The Golden Path ~My wish is that everyone finds their companion in life ~ Does this poem covers some of your wants?...

JimEee3448Sep 2018May 2020
Cat Fight Poem

Cat FightPeace...

Unknown1650May 2020
Loves Dream Poem

~ Love's Dream ~~ Are you seeking the one for you ~ Your prince charming...

JimEee3776Oct 2018May 2020
Jet Set Are You Wet Yet Poem

Jet Set Are You Wet YetYou caption it...........

Rikco111430May 2020
Intimate Companions Poem

Intimate CompanionsThey were old ~ both he and she, Never thinking feelings like this Could again ever be. Both were lonely~ Both were blue~ Both needed each...

doglover1473620Jun 2016Apr 2020

SIR HOPELike every little girl I dreamed of my Knight in shining armor would come and sweep me off my feet....

godsprincess2,14430Aug 2015Apr 2020
Full Circle Poem

Full CircleThis one I wrote about a year after i left my marriage. I was living in my shop and decided to start writing again for something to do. Ithink this wa...

justarius2224Jan 2020Apr 2020

BROKENI write quite a lot now "I am Broken and alone" and I wrote this in about 15 minutes when i Woke in the middle of the night. At the time I was just s...

justarius56216Dec 2019Apr 2020
The impossible dream Poem

The impossible dreamAm I allowed to dream? My last chance as it may seem Did I finally find my soul mate? To fulfill my destiny and fate Hand on hand, we will...

poettarek7493Dec 2015Apr 2020
Valley Of Time Poem

Valley Of TimeShe's a maiden of fair skin, with fire in her eyes, she knows what she wants, but doesn't know where it lies. She feels the fire raging in her soul, a...

sindellyse3892Jul 2010Apr 2020
dream Poem

dreamit was a dream i had ,and i wish it comes through...

Unknown1561Mar 2020Mar 2020
liter4hrs1890Feb 2020
Logic Poem

LogicLOGIC Alone I think of all the wasted years of me here with a broken heart, and the sleepless nights spent in tears all because my...

sonofadam3913Jun 2009Feb 2020
Enchantment Poem

~ Enchantment ~Ah! Tis Love, true love, that makes the world go around! Have you found it yet?...

JimEee8597Jan 2019Feb 2020

My Special LadyIts a poem about a special lady whom I know She really makes my heart sing...

Baddabing664321Oct 2017Feb 2020
Destiny Poem

DestinyFor those people who believe in destiny....

Aronbrowneyes072522Sep 2019Feb 2020

HARMONYmet a young lady having a rough day, and I briefly described our encounter....

liter4hrs1640Feb 2020
In search of a romantic lady Poem

In search of a romantic ladySearching for the elusive love...

poettarek2400Jan 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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