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Ghazal Poems (72)

Here is a list of Ghazal Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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The Silent Landline (takes another mofo)WARNING POEM RATED R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. ADVISED FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY BROKEN IN BY TAKEN LSD. POEM MIGHT B...

surprizeme321Dec 713 hrs ago
True Happiness Poem

True Happiness!the greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves... you don't love a wo...

PetraM7101Sep 2018May 2020
Fallen Poem

FallenCan we ever count our cost, When this long journey seem to have been lost where do you find a smile to put on your face? When the truth is on the...

Unknown1861Oct 2019Oct 2019
The School of Love Poem

The School of LoveYour love taught me how to grieve, While I have been in need, for centuries, For a woman to make me grieve, And to cry upon her arms Like a sparro...

FellahOfficiel229-Sep 2019
The Fortune Teller Poem

The Fortune TellerShe sat down with fear in her eyes, Contemplating my upturned cup. She said: don’t grieve, my son, You are destined to fall in love; My son, the o...

FellahOfficiel173-Sep 2019
Letter from under the Water Poem

Letter from under the WaterIf you were my friend, Help me to leave you... Or if you were my beloved, Help me to be healed of you... If I had known that the sea was so dee...

FellahOfficiel156-Sep 2019
Book of Love Poem

Book of LoveNizar Qabbani’s Masterpieces...

FellahOfficiel1800Sep 2019
I Love You Poem

I Love YouI Love You More Than words Could Ever Say I feel it growing in my heart each and every day All this Love I feel Has never felt so real You give me...

FellahOfficiel188-Sep 2019
only1life2581May 2019May 2019
just hit Poem

just hitIf you can look differently you will find that there are so many other things you can do for the mankind, you can write eBook and publish online, you...

zeroBalance432-Nov 2018

to the CENTURY's MURDER...some TIMID ...they cant wait 7 days in SECLUSION...

runningshiva2171Oct 2018Oct 2018
Itch Time Poem

Itch-TimeItchY BitchY SixtyNine I don know how Qurrantine !!!...

runningshiva2580Oct 2018
You been LOVED Poem

You 'been LOVEDIt really does'nt matter if you are HURT because i still have time to patch it up.. i still have strength to make you happy.. i still have talen...

runningshiva2400Oct 2018
The most wonderful of all things in life Poem

The most wonderful of all things in life!The most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty and joy as t...

PetraM6631Sep 2018Sep 2018
a random memory Poem

a random memorydid you remeber when we had our first date, did you remember when you said you want to go home and then pulled you closet to ma chest and told you my...

Unknown3090Jun 2018
Youre Smile Poem

You're SmileSomeone I met once and fell in love with her smile...

LimitedAddition6312Jan 2011Jan 2018
Do you want me Poem

~ Do you want me ~Lonely feelings Do you have them too?...

JimEee3581Aug 2017Aug 2017
The Phoenix Poem

The PhoenixA fanciful write..Happy new year.....

cafetwo201081524Jan 2012Aug 2017
I like it there wherever I am Poem

I like it there wherever I amThis USA culture I find myself living in really has me troubled at times....

mcradloff4180May 2017
Born of fire Poem

Born of fireMy love of dragons and belief that magic can happen....

Purpledragon644031Apr 2017Apr 2017
You Leave Poem

You Leave......this is a poem for the world to see for there self an others..........

honeybear30004330Feb 2017

WAKING LANDCloaked in thick mist, wait dawn Sunshine heats, so land is born Gradual clearing, visually behold Defined valley, kiwi farming gold Where water...

niah94926Jan 2017Feb 2017
ali1105581Jan 2017Jan 2017

WEATHER GOALweather can change our attitude...

niah94760Jan 2017
2bodies 1soul Poem

2bodies. 1soulFEELING of LOVE IS AGOOD SENSATION BUT IMAGINE IF YOU ARE SINKING IN LOVE. The first time I saw you,I lost in the …………………… ground. The smile and...

Unknown5070Aug 2016
Two African Breasts Poem

Two African BreastsLet me find time to welcome in this love that comes unbid. Let me find time to memorize this face that rises ou...

Unknown8966Dec 2014Jan 2015
The Epic of Sadness Poem

The Epic of SadnessYour love taught me to grieve and I have been in need, for centuries a woman to make me grieve for a woman, to cry upon her a...

Unknown8213Dec 2014Dec 2014
Where to go Poem

Where to go ..Where to go .. Every day .. and your face becomes closer .. Every day, it becomes your face Par...

Unknown7096Dec 2014Dec 2014
Be proud be proud Poem

Be proud, be proudBe proud, be proud Even if you leave me alone, Forever you will be my angel, my own. And forever I will see you as it desires the love we h...

Unknown3121Dec 2014Dec 2014
Je taime perdument Poem

Je t'aime éperdumentJe t'aime éperdument Sachant que la route vers l'impossible est longue, Et sachant que tu es le modèle de la femme Que...

Unknown6020Dec 2014
Sailing Poem

SailingSailing Oh watcher who sings For small remo...

Unknown3940Dec 2014
it burns my tongue Poem

"it burns my tongue"A deep thought for the deep thinking people only.... only few can understand what it says :)...

zee993280Oct 2014
Trapped Poem

TrappedI feel like I'm in a trap and your the one with the last laugh When I feel so strong you show up to make things go wrong You want me to believ...

RavenDevine3270Aug 2014
Fire Inside Poem

Fire InsideThis poem, in the form of Ghazal in its original Persian, is about pure love and restlessness of heart at the joy of oneness and eternal reunion....

rastak13933450Aug 2014
I am neither Poem

I am neitherI am neither a Moslem nor a Hindu I am not Christian, Zoroastrian, nor Jew I am neither of the West nor the East...

zeeshanr4042Feb 2014Feb 2014
for my dear one on christmas Poem

for my dear one on christmas .this is for the one , i saw once a time last year christmas ....

johnydip3401Jan 2014Jan 2014
rang de Poem

rang depeople say that love is like spring ..the colours of the spring are vary beautiful ..I wrote this poem for one who can bring spring in my life...

jags_1234919Nov 2013Nov 2013
dragons Poem

dragonsFlames and fiery breath Within Hot breathing nostrals The kiss of hot fiery breath Its talons Held with clench breath Poised to tear flesh...

wayne345113Sep 2013Sep 2013
The Deepest Well Poem

The Deepest Well...Amor Aeternus.......

Spartacus20124084Aug 2013Aug 2013
I am but you are not Poem

I am, but you are notI am, but you are not If you are, then I am not If something exists then it is one If there are two then it is nothing By mixing one color int...

sajid_sam3891Jul 2013Jul 2013

I THINK I AM IN LOVEDI was very hurt to find out that the guy I liked so much was interested more in using me to go after other women. He flirted and even followed around...

diega4715Jun 2013Jun 2013
Like this Poem

Like thisIf anyone asks you how the perfect satisfaction of all our s*xual wanting will look, lift your face and say, Like this. When someone me...

Bebagar3560May 2013

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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