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Shut The Hell Up Poem

Shut The Hell UpSinging in the shower Singing my song Cats are caterwauling Dogs howling along Rooster is crowing Wants to drown me out Magpies are calling Suc...

steve122330,81890Sep 2011Jan 2017
The Angel Poem

The AngelYou kissed me softly with the dew of the night Your face shone smartly,a captivating sight. In sweet morn, you dry these crystal tears And in night...

Poetnumber119,436167Sep 2011Feb 12
Bamboleo song English translation Poem

Bamboleo (song-English translation)I am interested in the sport of kings. Theres a horse racing today at Fontwell 5.15 called BAMBOLEO, so I thought i'd share the translation. Not sur...

Unknown18,4142Feb 2012Feb 2012
A feel good poem

A feel good poem-This one is for my beloved mum, she is 72 and is going through a little bit of anxiety at the moment, thankfully she still has the loving support of...

Divinitymagic18,10410Feb 2011May 2014

Bowl of Cherriestrue, real love is sometimes hard to find!, for it can disguise itself!...

trurorob14,731181Jan 2010Sep 2017

WOTSIT'S NAME????......No....6......(SOLVED!)A short one this time....should be for fun, Answer in a comment, Only one answer at a time please...unless it goes first time of co...

andrew14914,416379Jun 2011Oct 2015
If by life you were deceived Poem

If by life you were deceivedOne of my favourite poem...

Amenda13,1762Jul 2010Jul 2010
Let Me Fly Poem

Let Me FlyI wanna fly, don't ya stop me! I am in the wrong world, even more, I got stuck on the wrong little island with mentality back 100 years. And you...

Unknown12,30668Sep 2009Dec 2009
Lie To Me Poem

Lie To MeLie to me, Help me in illusion, Lie to me, Let me get delusion. Lie, softly whisper in my ear... I know truth... I need it not to hear....

Unknown10,08131Sep 2009Oct 2009

~a moment too . . . a lifetime~:) it's about one of those times in life anywhere, you connect eye to eye, if only for a short time, there's something there!...

Bentlee9,94891Jul 2009May 5

MY BROWN EYED GIRLmy first love poem,to my first true love,i had to dig this one out of the closet,this still gets to me...even when i read it today. she started to cry...

Unknown9,8454Jan 2010Feb 2010
true feelings of love Poem

true feelings of love....this is just a poem of how i feel true love should feel like.... and i hope one day before the good lord calls my name to come home i'll get a chance...

angelskisses19649,8446Feb 2011Feb 2011
End of the century 1984 Poem

End of the century, 1984Eileen Maud O'Shaughnessy was the wife of Eric Arthur Blair- better known by his pen-name 'George Orwell'. The poem was written in 1934, intended as...

Hekamaat9,3355Feb 2011Feb 2011
my beautiful queen Poem

my beautiful queenmy true love is a beautiful queen the most gorgeous flower i have seen she is so pure just like an angel she is to me a sacred treasure she spar...

aussieguy419,1091Jun 2009Jun 2009
Chin Up My Friend Poem

Chin Up My Friend!!!To cheer up! ^___^...

thesunandthesea8,4481Apr 2012Apr 2012

Last kiss in PompeiiYou could hear women moaning, children howling, and men shouting; they were crying out, some seeking parents, others children, and others wives, or re...

Spartacus20128,04014Jun 2014Jun 2014

A Beautiful MindI sometimes wonder where we would be without the caring people in this sad world....

trurorob7,16098Feb 2010Jul 2019

Love Potion RecipeJust a poem I came up with last night....Thank you for reading my humble verse! Dedicated to my dark bewitching muse......

Spartacus20127,08418May 2014May 2014
A Message from Mother to Daughter Poem

A Message from Mother to DaughterI wrote this poem for a friend who's mother had recently passed away....

Unknown6,8959Jul 2010Jun 2012
thesunandthesea6,70939Aug 2011Aug 2011
The Darkest Poem ever written Violin Play Poem

The Darkest Poem ever written - Violin PlayThis poem is not entirely 100% mine. This was "inspired" by many sources. Folklore, Religion, love, death, and of course other people and wrapped up w...

Unknown6,6442Aug 2009Jun 2012

Maybedont we all wish at times!!, well I do anyway!!...

trurorob6,40586Mar 2010Jun 8

Autumn leaves are fallingAutumn leaves coming down in showers yellow, orange, brown and red blanketing the little flowers tucking them into bed... Autumn is calling lea...

Spartacus20126,31522Sep 2014Sep 2014
Losing Faith Poem

Losing FaithI than looked up to the heavenly sky, but temptation burned my wings before I learned to fly So then I fell deeply into those quiet somber nights...

fjamesj97016,13950Dec 2012Nov 2014

On Good and Evil"Awake, arise or be for ever fall'n" John Milton, Paradise Lost.......

Spartacus20126,06212Oct 2013Oct 2013
This Ones For You Poem

This One's For You...Dedicated to someone who has helped me through a rough past couple of months.. more than he will ever know....

QuietStormF5,89270Aug 2009Apr 2011

Good night my loveWrote this after talking with my baby on the telephone last night.....

Spartacus20125,76014Apr 2014Apr 2014
Honey Im Feeling Lonely Honey Im Feeling Blue Poem

Honey, I'm Feeling Lonely, Honey, I'm Feeling BlueDedicated To All Of Our Armed Forces Over Seas or Away From Home Fighting For Our Freedom, AND To Their Families Keeping The Home Fires Burning For Th...

MonaLisaSmile4U5,66912Jul 2010Jul 2010
Spartacus20125,5198Feb 2015Feb 2015
Cleopatra to the Asp Poem

'Cleopatra to the Asp'This is Cleopatra's narrative to the snake that will take her life. She equates Egypt's history and prosperity to the Nile. The Nile Delta is metaphor...

Unknown5,3720Dec 2009

Boxes of LifeI originally wrote this over four years ago, liked the concept but never the content, so recently rewritten....

trurorob5,35130Oct 2015Jun 2017
Halloween special Hooded chair Poem

Halloween special - Hooded chairNow which one would you think would be the infamous chair that even Napoleon sat the night before his defeat? Trivia. . . its a real story and ru...

morgen902105,31214Oct 2013Feb 2019
O Gentlemen Poem

O GentlemenO Gentlemen It is your blood or theirs, It is the human blood after all. War may go on in the East or the West, It will bleed the peace of world...

Unknown5,2111Mar 2012Mar 2012

~Fear of HEIGHTS ~Trying to see fear of heights through their eye....

Bentlee5,15716Jan 2010Jan 2010
You Used To Make Me Feel Beautiful Poem

You Used To Make Me Feel BeautifulThis is my first poem in English. It's actually lyric for a song. I wrote it today....

Unknown5,10728Sep 2009Oct 2009
Why Do I Love You Poem

Why Do I Love personal life...

Unknown5,03950Jun 2009Feb 2012

LADY OF BEAUTYNESS (SONG TRANSLATION & MUSIC)My translation of "SEÑORA DE HERMOSURA" and the music: you can not complain, you have it all....

GUZMAN14,9712Aug 2011Aug 2011

Happy Birthday To MeIt's way past midnight no birthday bells just the arrival of another day.. Maybe a fresh start my woman is mad at me over someth...

Spartacus20124,88414Feb 2015Feb 2015

Without LoveGalaktion Tabidze (1892–1959) - the 20th century Georgian poet whose writings profoundly influenced all subsequent generations of Georgian poets. He s...

marikia4,7739Jul 2013Jul 2019
Daniel an angel fighting for your future Poem

Daniel an angel fighting for your futureMe and friend Dylan about four years ago was working rebuilding a barn where asbestos was put into the walls of the barn without us knowing it's ver...

Unknown4,7586Aug 2010Aug 2010
Ignite Unite Poem

Ignite & UniteA fire lights beneath me incinerating hopes and goals Smothering the coals to ash and believing what I'm told Finding truth in life, ways that I nev...

Unknown4,5594May 2010Jun 2010

Morning acrosticGood morning all......

Spartacus20124,46312Sep 2013Nov 2013

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