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That Old Home Time Feeling Is GoneI find myself sitting all alone And that old home time feeling is gone There's an echo of yesterday with no way to reply And time is quickly passin...

EyeLook4U11231Aug 2Jun 29Aug 5

ALTERED EGOThis poem was inspired by the fairy tale mirror mirror on the wall... I thought mirror mirror on the ceiling would be a nice adult Twist. This was...

LADYCOUNTESS188102Jul 20Jan 6May 16

NOBBYThis is a true account of my brother's homicide in 1990 I have performed this poem for performance poetry In Donegal, Tyrone and Fermanagh and it h...

LADYCOUNTESS473111Jul 20Nov 2017May 20
Its alright for you to laugh Poem

"It's alright for you to laugh "I met these two old ladies in Bundoran who were quite miserable in their pain and mistakenly thought I was laughing at them... Yet God used that oppo...

LADYCOUNTESS37152Jul 20Nov 2017May 16
Be Twixed Poem

Be-TwixedHow do you like your chocolate?...

LADYCOUNTESS10711Jul 20May 16May 16
just a couple of phrases Poem

just a couple of phrasesone reflection I had today about relationships, even happens with friends....

Noego74749502Jul 9Dec 2015
The Child Poem

The ChildIt was the first time i had seen through the eyes of a child....

Jocky5842261Jun 5Jan 2018Feb 2019
Rachael_062219631May 14Feb 20Apr 1
A Childs Pain Poem

A Child's PainNo words necessary....

candykid1,884-1May 4Jun 2014May 3
God Is Not Invisible Poem

God Is Not InvisibleGod is not invisible, I can see Him in your face... The lines He chose to shape your place in this time-tested space... God is not invisible, when I...

candykid1,957-2May 4Aug 2014May 1
yachtsman_715861Apr 26Apr 16Apr 22

"Loves secret recipe" Bend mend shareSpontaneous fruitage shared by Two Joyvial Banter Very kind Endearing words Back and forth Kinda appreciation Like tennis Keep hitting the b...

Rachael_062217621Apr 20Feb 14Feb 15
Jazz Poem

JazzNotes torn cast upon the evening breeze like confetti; like a letter from a departing lover whose patience has wor...

GodDog14431Mar 15Feb 20Mar 4

THE THREE WISHESHope you like Leprechauns everyone!! GETTING READY FOR ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!...

godsprincess532242Mar 15Mar 2019Mar 6
The Gathering Poem

The GatheringA homage to all those friends who freely share their time with others....

justarius20272Mar 14Mar 11Apr 20
Empathy Poem

EmpathyA bit of reflection on why I Write....

justarius13801Mar 7Mar 1
Natures Balance Poem

Nature's Balancewater........

niah920171Feb 27Feb 23Mar 3

My Special LadyIts a poem about a special lady whom I know She really makes my heart sing...

Baddabing6634711Feb 13Oct 2017Feb 13

Poem for MeganFor seven years I've longed for your love, That's deep and blue as the ocean's bliss - As winged she flies - a lonely dove - Through the storm's ey...

lovecanbereal1,249131Feb 12Dec 2015Jan 21
Floating the Estuary Poem

Floating the EstuaryA vivid dream I awoke to... then taking down notes, I compiled it into this poem I felt the dream to be very significant and was amazed at how much I...

LADYCOUNTESS42132Feb 6Dec 2017May 16
When you Lose your Shadow Poem

When you Lose your ShadowLooking at the funny side of things...

yaspark346171Jan 8Dec 2019Jan 27

CRUEL RAINIts rained for days i'm locked in...

EXRED230141Jan 2Aug 2019Aug 2019
WILLIAM WINTER 1792 Last man to hang in Northumberland Poem

WILLIAM WINTER 1792 Last man to hang in NorthumberlandThe gibbet is still there for all to see, the two ladies with him were hung in Newcastle...

EXRED20531Jan 2Aug 2019Nov 2019

WAITINGA lull in the storms thats all...

EXRED287181Jan 2Nov 2019Dec 2019

HAIKUSaw this yesterday...

EXRED226101Jan 2Dec 2019Dec 2019

Love: Did you think you were gonna get all that for Free? NOTLove takes Real Work For the man and the woman Do u want the real thing? Or a Cheap Dollar store replica? Are you willing to do the work? How muc...

Rachael_062220221Dec 10Dec 2019Dec 2019

LonelinesMajor injury Strokes Paralyzed Hospitalized He is Institutionalized 1.5 years All due to nasty nicotine addiction Planned by cig companies Ever...

Rachael_062218201Nov 2019Nov 2019

True love and love of waterBliss in Alaska The land of the Last Frontier Endless Exciting Experiences U make your own excitement...

Rachael_062217821Nov 2019Nov 2019Jan 26
the fog of the mystic dreamer by debbie simpson Poem

the fog of the mystic dreamer by debbie simpsonthis poem just came to me one day while i was living up on my home....

mysticrose0042812Nov 2019Aug 2012Jul 2018
Christmas Shopping in November Poem

Christmas Shopping in NovemberAlready watching Thanksgiving and Christmas movies. I started off with Charlie Brown's Thanksgving and also watched the best of Saturday Night Live's...

mcradloff13811Nov 2019Nov 2019Nov 2019
Love Me Poem

Love & MeLove & Me Is as the Fool card in the Tarot, Carrying the knapsack of talents and gifts on my shoulder. Not caring if I have 2 different shoes on...

Gongdo12001Nov 2019Nov 2019
Oh My Love Where are you Poem

Oh My Love,Where are youWhen I am with you,the only place I want to be is closer … Where are you my love? I need the star shine of your heavenly eyes,after the day's great...

redmorningsun72492Nov 2019Feb 2015Sep 2019

HappinessIn my short time here reading others poetry, it appaered to me that too many are so sad. So I'm doing a few as a positive note and hope someone benefi...

PassionatePoet70861Oct 2019Aug 2009Dec 2012
PassionatePoet70761Oct 2019Jul 2009Mar 2015
PassionatePoet1,174101Oct 2019Jul 2009May 2018

Patience & Love!Just a thought of my patience and understanding of a part of my life....

PassionatePoet798101Oct 2019Aug 2009Aug 2018

My Inspiration!A dear friend suggested I post this. And as many of my poems there is a hidden theme....

PassionatePoet72951Oct 2019Aug 2009Jan 2019

Let Me Be Your LoveConnecting all the dots ....... of love...

Yankee4you37571Oct 2019Oct 2019Mar 31
Playing the Loners Game Poem

Playing the Loners GameThe poem/song I wrote is complicated, yet; understandable. I grew up in the Army traveling from one state to the next, so by the time I hit my teenage...

DiggableHippy4921921Oct 2019Oct 2019Oct 2019
Valley of Memories Poem

Valley of MemoriesRooted in this valley We watched the sun fold her petals one by one into the navel of the sky Betraying us into an ambush of shadows Frighte...

Unknown11221Oct 2019Oct 2019Oct 2019
The School of Love Poem

The School of LoveYour love taught me how to grieve, While I have been in need, for centuries, For a woman to make me grieve, And to cry upon her arms Like a sparro...

FellahOfficiel156-1Oct 2019Sep 2019

THIS DANCE"This Dance" If there were days enough... I would learn this Dance, to dance with you. The floodlight from the east... slowing rises from the...

GMS7530501Sep 2019Feb 2018

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