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DEEPER INSIDEDistance won't dear hurt the love we had with each others,far distance is not even enough to tear the word of love... When your heart can still lov...

TouchbyAngel5111Dec 2Nov 23Nov 23
Before you write think about it Poem

Before you write, think about it!Think. Don't make empty sentences. The Man Who Lies ????Think. Don't make empty sentences. The person who is lying, first of all, He deceives himself....

Zulka12211Oct 21Oct 21Oct 21

"Real" Men Love with Pure Passion!A "For Real" true pure soul lives there A "Real man!" Can I "Laso" The whole enchilada & make him mine? It Would be fine To stand in line to...

Rachael_06221,398112Oct 20May 2020Feb 23

My Dream from Rachael_0622After much effort I DEEPLY fell in love here Learned a lot Right now his gray light and green light r off What does that mean no circle? Just hi...

Rachael_062253272Oct 5Oct 2019Nov 16
Inner beauty Poem

Inner beautyI hope one day humanity will be able to reach an understanding of true beauty ........

salamuna297151Sep 29Jul 26Aug 27
The blue Poem

The blueJust read somewhere...

princepersia26641Aug 29Aug 29Aug 31

Greatly Inspired by ReaderOfSoul3 times I Lost it and had to recreate it Is this a Test? Will I be obedient to recreate this lovely gratitude? My cup Runneth over with Love! FYI...

Rachael_0622430101Jul 27Apr 2020Jan 25

AllMy heart is so full of Love From ONE of mental intimacy I can't sleep Rachael...

Rachael_062230001Jul 26Oct 2019

A Gentleman with pure intentionsPowell was the inspiration He knows his name Have never met him Don't know him well But he appears to have much heart...

Rachael_062233321Jul 26Oct 20191 hrs ago

In Honor of Love can be "Real!"Honor of Men: Men should be HOME Not overseas on foreign soil! *Updated: A Gentleman, Hero, Defender, Admirer That will give & Support Acknowl...

Rachael_0622657111Jul 25Apr 2020May 1

BidenBiden and the farcical media...

Oceanzest11911Jun 28Jun 18Jun 18
When I met you first Poem

When I met you firstWhen I met you first To love you was my thirst I love in such a way That none has a word to say But see the greatest lover on his way...

J147627301Jun 17Apr 3
A memory Poem

A memorySpecial memory...

Abby1963246111Jun 15Jun 15Jul 3

Vivo in un posto ...Vivo in un posto dove le onde arrivano sotto la casa. Un giorno sono giocose e piene di simpatia, L’altro giorno sono minacciose e ti sputano in fac...

Eugenia73216021Jun 2May 18May 19
When Poem

When.............How precious is the gift of sight ..........

Nuwahri61274111Jun 2May 26May 30

Dog on a ChainHold up in the storm comrades...

Oceanzest13031Jun 2May 31Jul 20
just breathe Poem

just breatheIn this situation Where infatuation n auxiliaration Intoxication of liberation Wait wait Yes wait be patient As it all comes together Like...

Rikco1113201May 19Mar 21
Deny Poem

"Deny"I wrote this poem when I 'd felt betrayed by people that I 'd felt stigmatized me when they didn't really know me or understand me. I think poetry at...

rhythm8019301Mar 27Mar 9
Pascals Gambit Thrashed out Kind of Poem

Pascal's Gambit Thrashed out (Kind of )So sorry I was to see your pain, Now things can’t be the same again, So sorry was I to hear the news, Fate is chosen, you do not choose. So sorry...

Jazcoleman29631Mar 4Mar 2019Feb 2020
A thousand islands in the sea Poem

A thousand islands in the seaA thousand islands in the sea I am an island, all on my own, Eroded by the oceans foam, God’s heaven temporarily on loan, Like a grazing sheep,...

Jazcoleman35651Mar 4Dec 2019Apr 3

birthdayi wrote it for special lady...

sweetback38701Feb 21Aug 2009
Ten Little Boyfriends Poem

Ten Little BoyfriendsJust a fun poem based on TEN LITTLE INDIANS....

JoyCrest34141Jan 19Apr 2020May 2020

CREATIONNature with its beauty and splendor is the obvious and glaring sign, the proof and signature of a Creator....

JoyCrest22831Jan 19Jun 2020Jun 2020
L O V E L O V E L O V E Poem

L O V E, L O V E, L O V ESimple love lines, the folly of falling in love....

JoyCrest25811Jan 19May 2020May 2020

SAPIOSEXUALJust playing on words with sapiosexual....

JoyCrest200-1Jan 19May 2020
Last shadow Poem

Last shadowTo F. Dutchman. Happy new year to all of you ,dear poet"s corner firends !...

salamuna310141Jan 5Dec 2020Jan 5
New Year Hopes and Wishes Poem

New Year Hopes and Wishes.Pondering on the old and the new. Best wishes to all !...

Mizzy418451Jan 2Jan 1Jan 4
Spinning and Spooning Poem

Spinning and Spooning“We all spin in the same orbit” from one of Rachael_0622 poems* and her comment that one of candleinthewind’s poems** struck a note with its line “no...

gnj4u1,788231Dec 2020Apr 2020Jan 8
Knight in shining armor Poem

Knight in shining armorCenter of attention The noble King- he’ll take your breath away. Without mention his praises you’ll sing - emotions of awesome array. A flawl...

theleoqueen7825191Dec 2020Dec 2020Jan 5

CHRISTMAS NIGHTMerry Christmas everyone!...

godsprincess713162Dec 2020Dec 2017Dec 2020
The Path Poem

The Path ...I love Nature Center paths & trails ... for romance, too....

RedHeadedTaurus889201Nov 2020Feb 2011Jul 20
Hallway Poem

Hallway ...A Dream ......

RedHeadedTaurus827181Nov 2020Feb 2011Mar 2011
Sir Poem

Sir ...It is personal and actual....

RedHeadedTaurus1,209311Nov 2020Jan 2011Mar 2011
A Garden Poem

A Garden ...A thought ......

RedHeadedTaurus899221Nov 2020Jan 2011Jul 2011
Release Me Poem

Release Me ...Ah, the skin ... Kiss my chin. Fingers on my spine ... Love, so divine. See, my eyes ... There will be no disguise. Linger on my breast .....

RedHeadedTaurus816141Nov 2020Jan 2011Mar 2012
That Day Poem

That Day ...Once upon a time ... You were living life just fine. But, the sky, that day Was a dark, dreary gray. Then, in the blink of an eye ... You...

RedHeadedTaurus950201Nov 2020Jan 2011Mar 2014
Mr B Poem

Mr. B.It was a gorgeous sunny day ... On the day you passed away. Suddenly, the day didn’t seem so nice anymore ... I was feeling so hurt, down to...

RedHeadedTaurus996391Nov 2020Mar 2014Dec 2014
So in Love with You Poem

So in Love with YouThis was inspired by my boyfriend. :P It's really lovey-dovey, it references the "souls" but I used the word, not out of religious belief, but out of...

Unknown57721Sep 2020Jun 2009Jun 2009
inspire yourself Poem

inspire yourselfTo be inspirational Let it be like celebrational Cos it is a celebration This life Even with its trouble n strife Married to this game like h...

Rikco1111301Sep 2020Sep 2020
ordinary love Poem

ordinary loveI see you everyday its not important you see me I'm the the man who moors his boat near your house upon the quay your son is older than me lear...

yachtsman_733981Sep 2020Sep 2020Oct 2020
For Someone Poem

For Someone...When she says margarita she means daiquiri. When she says quixotic she means mercurial. And when she says, "I'll never speak to you again," she mea...

Dongg16921Sep 2020Sep 2020Sep 2020
my love Poem

my loveit talks about the vibes of a healthy relationship...

Unknown17051Sep 2020Sep 2020Sep 2020

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