Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles is a website for singles to connect.
Connecting is hard as there are so many barriers.
If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, these barriers hinder any connection.

Not all connections will be a “love connection”, but 99% will dismiss another instead of being friends.
Most of the time friendship last longer than a love connection.

Connecting singles is only the name of this website and 99% of the time it does not work for the intended audiences.
So let the singles enjoy this website to post read and pass the time.

!!!!!!!!Yeah for Connecting Singles!!!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 21

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Ninurtaonline today!
Much depends upon motives why people are here in this zoo. In theory this zoo and its noble intentions to create a place for people to correspond and to learn about cultural points of view is probably why they created this site. Nevertheless, it's to each individual responsibility and choice who they want to play with.

Since there is no monetary investment made by individuals their incentive is diminished and hence, nobody is going to put much effort in chasing after anyone to form relationships especially intimate or otherwise.

This site is pretty much filled with miserable bitchy middle aged divorced women who are jilted over past failed relationships along with the scammers whose only motive is to get whatever they can from vulnerable hard luck losers who can't get a real girl up close and personal.

Nevertheless, we are all here for personal reasons and motives. If people can't learn to get along with one another sitting 1000 to 11000 miles away imagine the chaos in the same room 11 ft away.

One thing that would cause this site to fail faster is if everyone had to take a personality test before signing up. Or everyone would be matched within groups that would match their personality.

If that being the case the largest filled category would probably be the personality disorder group.

carlameeonline today!
Nintura, base on your comment it appears your barrier to friendship/love connection is ANGER.
Lets hope you go through a healing process and find peace. comfort
carlamee, i ve met a lot of great people here. Some of them i did meet in real, some remain to be my online friends.. No, i didnt met my love here, but i dont regret even a second i ve opened my profile on cs. Lily kiss
Hi Carlamee,

At the time of posting this comment you have 74 views and 2 replies. There are so many members here who just don't get involved, which is very sad really as you have opened up the perfect topic for discussion.
I think one needs to be very impartial here and not carry any expectations. I found some lovely on-line friends here that I value greatly,
And I like the Poetry corner very much.
This is a good post and I hope it encourages more feedback.

carlameeonline today!
Hello Salamuna.
That is great to read you have online friends. They are great. You are smart to know that not every connection will be "love connection." Keeping the others as friends gives a warm feeling to share messages with them. Have a great Sunday. hug
carlameeonline today!
Good morning Mick.

Thanks for your positive insight to my "Connecting Singles" poem (that does not rhyme) lol
We all know many on here are carrying heavy baggages. It is sad to see how they play the "BLAME" game instead of healing.

The rest of us will spread cheers, positive vibes, make and keep online friends and enjoy CS. dancing
Have a great day and keep on smiling. cheers
southmiami4321online today!
Nice post Carla. Here for local friendship, have not been lucky on that but I try to participate in the poetry corner some blogs and forum when the occasion comes. SMwave
carlameeonline today!
Hello Southmiami4321.

Now you have a CS friend. handshake We can communicate on CS.
I, as you, enjoy knowing other people and their cultures.
It would be nice to travel and experience the different practices, beliefs, and norms within these cultures.

I'll IM you. hug
I am from Syria living in Lebanon I would like to get to know a girl when I get married and help me with money destiny is a travel for a lifetime me and you I are my family died in the war I stayed alone at home
carlameeonline today!
Which country is Bayamon Puerto Rico located?
Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Bayamón (Spanish pronunciation: , locally ) is a city, municipality of Puerto Rico and suburb of San Juan located in the northern coastal valley, north of Aguas Buenas and Comerío; south of Toa Baja and Cataño; west of Guaynabo; and east of Toa Alta and Naranjito.

NO TAKERS. scold scold scold
IrishMan63online today!
I love the way to define this CS. Very well put together and explained in a way others could not see or understand.thumbs up applause
carlameeonline today!
Thanks for your comment Irishman63.
We all interpret languages differently.
Some said it's because of our experiences.
Maybe that could be a reason why we are complex human beings. wave
Hi today friends am Ugandan currently staying in Uganda. Most people here are single but when you inbox them they don't react as if they are here for a joke . Beatiful ladies if you single a man . Inbox you reply him and give him a chance to tell you and go on with that . One tell the group that you already got some one.

Me still single searching for a lady to marriage with . +256777179051
carlameeonline today!
Vugcvuhv Thanks for the message.
You are unable to send me a message as your location and age is block.
Most people on CS are not here to date.
It is best to find a lovely lady in your village. dunno
carlameeonline today!
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ladyjewelonline today!
Hello again, I just wanted to say this site holds such special people who have been a big part of my life on and off for some years now.
Friends are priceless and so precious.
The poet's here are amazing people who touch your heart and make you feel.
The connections I personally have made here have been well worth it and each one was perfect for the time in my life that they held me and loved me, just as I hope I did for them, we helped eachother grow heart beating

And now I have found someone here who is so far everything I could ever want in a Man, I am in love and happy.
Just wanted to say it can happen if you let it and trust in yourself.

For me I will never regret anyone that I have loved because each person I loved in a different way, and it made me who I am teddybear

And this amazing Man now loves me for exactly who I am imperfections and allsmitten
I've been on here since 2011 and you describe it accurately. I mainly come here to share my thoughts in the poem section.santa waving
it's supposed to be a poem ?motorcycle
carlameeonline today!
wave Ladyjewel thanks for the comment. Enjoy that honeymoon phase.

@ daradloff thanks for your comment. I think we all may have the same experience being on CS. wave

@ sjena try reading slowly you just might hear the poetic gesture. tongue
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