Part-One: My Battleship USS-Missouri 1945

1. Captain Lock had ended-up on a battleship that was abandoned
somewhere far out at sea,
I went below several decks, I had found all these stacks
of diaries that had never made it to the publishers desk.
There were 2,600 diaries on this battleship.
Everywhere I had went on this battleship it was empty
of all humanity except for me.
I had took a walk into the deep forest mountain
I remember going through this huge patch of fog
I couldn't see through it, I don't know what happened next,
24-hours later I had woke-up on the USS-Missouri Battleship
of 1945.

2. Then I decided to go to the top deck I had looked around
on a lot of the equipment and I had found a year,
this battleship read: USS Missouri Battleship 1945.
The whole battleship had looked like it was brand new,
like it had never been used
but yet I had felt a ghostly presence on this battleship.

3. There was something very strange about this battleship
I kept hearing a humming noise,
not that of a humming bird,
it was a very different kind of humming noise.
So I had decided to follow this humming noise
I had went down 2-decks and the closer I had got
the louder the humming noise had become.

4. I had found the room where all this humming noise
was coming from when I had opened the door,
I kid you not it was an alien portal to another time.
As I got closer to this portal,
a voice had came out of this portal,
it spoke to me it said,
"because you're on this USS Missouri Battleship
it won't go anywhere until you give-it
a direct command in what year where you want to go."
So I chose Vernonia Lake Oregon
the year 2000 To park this huge Battleship,
in that water to float it's bottom.

5. That's where me and that USS-Missouri
battleship had ended-up, she looked like a brand new
battleship that had never been used at all.
I had time to find out just what this Alien Portal had done.
This portal had went back in time it had cloned.
a lot of battleships from earth's past.

6. Lots of people had come to visit
they had wondered how did a big battleship
end-up at Vernonia Lake Oregon year 2000?
I had found the ships P.A. System I had spoke to
all visiting parents with very young children
and parents with their teenagers.

7. I said, "I'm the captain of this USS-Missouri Battleship,
and please teach your children they to
can be the captain of their battleship."
"Tell them before leaving home after growing-up
keep a diary with you everywhere you go."
"Write down the good, the bad and the ugly
that's said and done around you,
and if it's directly directed at you."
"Mom and Dad tell them it's a very bad, ugly
eerie world outside of Mom and dad's home door."
"Can someone in this huge crowd of people
help me please get these 2,600 diaries published?"

The Web Address Below Preview:
"The School For Good and Evil."

1. Two Things: It has all almost all nations of women,
and there's no-racism in the entire movie.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2023
About this poem:
1. All I can say is J.K Rowling and Stephanie Meyers had inspired me write,
they've been my main role models in the fiction field.

2. J.K Rowling and Stephanie Meyers had put their already learned
education to work for them, basically teaching and schooling themselves.

3. So I had taken their fine example: I chose to teach and school myself.

4. I refuse to tutor my best friends and I won't Pamper them
when I know they've had the same education as I had.
Concerning my best friends I have a message for them:
"I Have My Own Business It's Called Mind Your Own!"

5. For Christians that are born with an inborn talent from God,
the Savior will cast anyone including his own people into eternal outer darkness,
if they're found continuing-on keeping his fathers talent
buried in the ground, he had placed in that baby before
they were born. Matthew 25 The Parable of the Talents.

6. And goes for you rich Christians to.
Just because you have a lot of money that doesn't make you
your own God!
God isn't beneath no-one!
The same laws of God apply to all financial classes of men!
Deuteronomy 8

5. For years they've been throwing away all their time to the world,
and refusing to find out about their own skills that can best benefit them
to learn how to make something out of themselves.
I'm not going to do it for them!
When they decide to get off their own Lazy-Butts
and begin who they really are, then that's learning how to be
When you become a grown-up then you should discover
you're no-longer a baby that needs your hand held by Mom and Dad anymore!

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