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Ode Poems (261)

Ode is a poem praising and glorifying a person, place or thing. Here is a list of Ode Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Father's Day 2020To All Those Worth The Title . . . He may not for nine months have carried us , but it can't be denied he makes half of us ... Though it was...

Islandgirl617061Jun 21Jun 21

Bithday present to conniehad a dog,a lurcher,terrier,on Feb,19th,had to bury her,Didn't know she was ill,if only knew? disease of the womb,did not have a clue,hope im forgiv...

donal632826Mar 2019Jun 17

Woke up to a new worldThis poem is probably the most powerful words I’ve read concerning our ever changing world . ! MR Rashid has my greatest respect ....

Abby19631777Apr 28May 4
The imagination of a Virtuoso Poem

The imagination of a Virtuosofreestyling maybe ? lol...

Jhinni41121Mar 10Mar 10
Christmas wont be Christmas Poem

Christmas won't be ChristmasJust feeling kind of down this time of year, since I lost my husband. Wasn't sure I wanted to post it, but just had to get my feelings out.....

QuietStormF38113Dec 2018Feb 25

Poem for MeganFor seven years I've longed for your love, That's deep and blue as the ocean's bliss - As winged she flies - a lonely dove - Through the storm's ey...

lovecanbereal1,24913Dec 2015Jan 21

GENEVIEVEi wrote this for my baby genevieve, who i call genna.yesterday, she was run over by a real sicko. and she was walking on the white line.i never had a...

WILDANDREADY1877Nov 2019Nov 2019
She Poem

SheTo Eve...

Dementia1721Nov 2019Nov 2019
The Joys Of The Swnging LifeStyle Poem

The Joys Of The Swnging LifeStyleAfter more than 40 years of Swinging I learned a new term a couple of weeks ago, referred to as ‘Stags and Vixens’, which involves watching your partn...

AtYourSide3130Sep 2019
Ode to Mother Nature Poem

Ode to Mother Nature.You gave up sublime euphoria As I sought for what might be mine I tasted the essence of wonderment As I drank from the cup of time I found answe...

Bernician2014Aug 2019Aug 2019
The Moon Poem

The MoonThis poem is my idea of how the moon finds the strength to rise every night to give her light to the world. She hopes and takes pleasure in love....

AnnyBee12167Jul 2019Jul 2019

MY FOREVER VALENTINEthis poem goes out to that special person in everyone"s life! as for me, I wrote this poem soley for jasmine; my four legged wife!...

WILDANDREADY61613Feb 2017Jul 2019
Gods gift Poem

Gods giftI am but a poet a horseman and recorder of life and reality I have seen my mother and father battle life’s journeys Tis lore and harmony that I wr...

saddlebum1201Jul 2019Jul 2019
im off to kitty heaven Poem

i"m off to kitty heaveni"ve never been the same since i lost my jasmine in 2014.i figure its time....

WILDANDREADY2004Jun 2019Jun 2019
My nocturnal friend Poem

My nocturnal friendI have not seen you out for many a night, what happened to you, my nocturnal friend? You used to be a common evening sight, but now those sighting...

Harbal26222Jun 2019Jun 2019

ODE TO LOST LOVEI have written this for a very special lady whose mere presence on this site makes my heart sing.If by some miracle I win her heart I will be the happ...

Geriatrix21,04910May 2016Jun 2019
Heart Felt Poem

Heart Feltthe best things in life cannot be seen or touched just felt in the heart and the heart grows stronger when shared by we two...

CuddlyKev581211Jun 2019Jun 2019


WILDANDREADY1907Jun 2019Jun 2019
Always My Friend Poem

Always My FriendAlways My Friend Written in Memory of Stacey V. Bell We were friends before we were together Who could've predicted tha...

Idsignbldgsdad771392May 2019Jun 2019
The American man Poem

The American man! :)That poem is for the American men!!!! It means the men are very h*rny, then!!!! I wrote it, because I love the hot, handsome, attractive, romantic and...

Mirta20191630May 2019
IF Poem

IFThe importance of such a little word......

GingerGee2237Mar 2019Mar 2019
The word according to the word Poem

The word according to the word.Poem category says nature. It is the closest description that I could choose - the nature of the word....

Gligeen1893Mar 2019Mar 2019
Brothers Poem

Brothersthis poem comes from the chinese tv series Romance of the Three Kingdoms. the poem was writen by Cao Zhi brother to Cao Pi. when Cao Pi took over as h...

pie8221822Feb 2019Feb 2019
Sandie Poem

SandieConnection, life within clouds. I couldn't write directly to her but I had to write. I felt that love had flown but was so buoyed by the love I'...

robbieleef1442Jan 2019Jan 2019

LOVE 2 TXTIts the first poem I ever wrote and I think the best one...

Walls2170Dec 2018
Kevkl1470Oct 2018
Under The Fridge Poem

Under The FridgeI should clean you more often, so i hear From the bugs that came out from there, last year. I should care and tidy, what others don't Got, I shoul...

InstincThis175-Oct 2018
red sun Poem

red sunRise its a new day To bask in the heat the sun Temps high Radiates it generates Warmth that ray of sun Heat envelopes Wraps the soul warms th...

wayne342872Aug 2018Aug 2018
My Dog The Cat Poem

My Dog, The CatFor my little guy!...

K_Ann_704145Aug 2017Jul 2018
Love Skyline Poem

"Love Skyline"Wintertime Wicked wind outside Staying indoors Waiting for friendly wings A glass of wine Hearts glide Streams interweaving moors My caring r...

givemelove2330Jul 2018
Hmmmm Poem

Hmmmm.I'm a Artist... Finally I have some speech in paint.... ??? Maybe/ could be/ most probably. If no one listens to your tongue... " PAINT IT ". !!!??...

Unknown2251May 2018May 2018

The Old BarnMany inspirations taken from abandoned buildings such as an old barn....

Yankee4you3493May 2018May 2018

ShipwreckedIllustrative of my penchant for sonnets....

Yankee4you4252Apr 2018Apr 2018
Front Door Rev32 Poem

Front Door ([email protected])Wrote this back when myspace was hot. It was a semi-dedication to an ex and drew from the same inspiration. was not my intention to win her back or sw...

TattoedMonk2691Mar 2018Mar 2018
Saturday Club Poem

Saturday ClubA glance back at more innocent times and the child still within....

paddyd652883Mar 2018Mar 2018
Lui Poem

LuiJust a little fantasy :-)...

MerryOars2925Mar 2018Mar 2018
Love Poem

LoveIt's all about the love of God...

Unknown3152Feb 2018Mar 2018

HOW I TRULY FELTThis woman turns out was a "La Diabla" twk 8/29/18...

lookn2share1,9367May 2016Feb 2018
Brown eyed Woman Poem

Brown eyed WomanI stand on a cold snowy night nothing but a full moon and bright stars in my sight would like to send a message but the air is taking my life with...

Eforu2542Dec 2017Dec 2017

?I've been having drink's setting through the night thought i should write it down before it leaves my life it's so hard to explain wasting time writ...

Eforu2260Dec 2017

(THE) SNOWBALL DERBYIt's very worthy visit their beaches for sure! Tweaked 11/28/17...

lookn2share4611Jan 2017Nov 2017
Due Thanksgiving Poem

Due Thanksgiving“Due Thanksgiving” is a poem I wrote a couple of weeks before the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Our “Harvest Festival”, if you like. And it’s cele...

Let_Us3090Nov 2017

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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