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Ode is a poem praising and glorifying a person, place or thing. Here is a list of Ode Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Secret loveprobably nothing will change anyway...

8Dreams3581Oct 2022May 14

Will you cuddle with me ?without necessarily penetration...

8Dreams5355Nov 2022May 14
Cys Unguis Poem

Cy's UnguisFrom real life. Despite imperfections, the perception of beauty should always remain strong....

virgosign950Apr 22

Friends, of yester yearsBeautiful hearts, beautiful memories. Makes life beautiful....

angel999991603Apr 13Apr 16

The BonfireLife in the forests, lakes and grasslands of Minnesota is magical! This is the story of a Bonfire from my little corner of the world in Duluth MN....

Jaded_Raven1852Apr 12Apr 15

The Secret GladeWithin a forest in a glade, Is Nature's finest green brocade, It's nestled by a secret stream, Inside the mirror of a dream. If I should pause,...

lovecanbereal57317Feb 25Mar 29
your fantastic Poem

your fantasticyour superior and cool...

surrender001550Feb 28
Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem

Nothing Gold Can StayNature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank t...

Unknown2383Oct 20Oct 21
Brandobaris and the Dragon Part Three Poem

Brandobaris and the Dragon Part ThreeBrandobaris just stood holding his sisters stalk of wheat And the dragon breathed in And the dragon breathed in and in and in and in and then?...

ManicCC1883Aug 2023Aug 2023
Brandobaris and the Dragon Part one Poem

Brandobaris and the Dragon Part oneAlong a dusty road I spied Mischief twinkling in his kind eyes Under curly brown hair a face so wise with a knowing little grin Allthough not thi...

ManicCC2361Aug 2023Aug 2023
Brandobaris and the Dragon Part Two Poem

Brandobaris and the Dragon Part TwoSo the very next morning he made his way Up the mountain side to make the dragon pay Chuckling with glee at trick he would play He entered the Drag...

ManicCC1601Aug 2023Aug 2023
The bravest animal in the land Poem

The bravest animal in the landThe bravest animal in the land is the Clover's Summoned Badger. He's just so grand Cute and cuddly, made of all love, has very a strange obsession f...

ManicCC1731Jul 2023Aug 2023
Ode to the Heart of a Soldier Poem

"Ode to the Heart of a Soldier""Ode to the Heart of a Soldier" is a powerful and emotionally resonant poem that explores the interior life of a soldier. Through its eight stanzas, t...

TravelLover20232222Jun 2023Jul 2023
Image Poem

ImageThe poem is about trying to find a romantic match Sometimes the devine can influence and arrange these things Hope you can connect with this...

Wizardary1730Jun 2023
Where will I be Poem

Where will I beI write my poems With glee Happy thought Of what I could be I could marry I could stay single Able to do anything These thoughts occupy...

wayne343212Mar 2023Mar 2023
As the World Turns Day After Day Poem

As the World Turns Day After DayIt's about a fictional Predator who goes on vacations for a thrill....

Fadedbluejeans3813Oct 2022Oct 2022
Deity Poem

DeityFull moon glowing Wind howling Knock, knock Four corners unlock I realized It's the GODS who made me Not the Gods I made Thank you Mommy a...

satoraxismundi3972Jul 2022Aug 2022
ode to you Poem

ode to youpast experiences...

RubenValongo2270Jul 2022
Just Words Poem

Just WordsTruth matters. Words matter. We cannot settle for the toxic discourse of the day. One reality, one truth and respect for others even those who disagre...

Joseph11123640Jul 2022

Southern Signs Continued...Just having a bit of fun coming up with these at work one day with some colleagues. I hope they may elicit a chuckle or a smile to your day. I'd mean...

ReaderOfSouls2690Feb 2022Mar 2022

Southern SignsJust a bit of Southern humor....

ReaderOfSouls2922Feb 2022Feb 2022

Cowboy Astrological SignsA friend and I came up with this on a cold winter's night recently while reminiscing. I hope it brings a smile or at least a chuckle to ya'll....

ReaderOfSouls2770Feb 2022
Ocean Poem

OceanA short poem praising the ocean....

Pluviophile2555Feb 2022Feb 2022
hey poem

hey poempoem of love poem of night the poem that end of the above of the sky one you love ones you live ones you die ones you go to god in heaven there bird o...

Sweetkindmarisol2050Feb 2022
Woke up to a new world Poem

Woke up to a new worldThis poem is probably the most powerful words I’ve read concerning our ever changing world . ! MR Rashid has my greatest respect ....

Abby196366214Apr 2020Jan 2022
NOTHING PERSONAL from one who knows Poem

NOTHING PERSONAL (from one who knows...)Face it Death’s a bit of a disappointment I hope nothing will be spoiled here but it is definitely not what it’s been cut out to be Its colo...

utterlytruthfull2251Jan 2022Jan 2022

ODE TO A TWIN SOULANT you cringe you flee but I stamp you out You are no more Yet we share endless living for neither of us can experience an existence that h...

utterlytruthfull2260Jan 2022
Measure of Man Poem

Measure of ManRead it and vibe...

Unknown2451Dec 2021Dec 2021
Ardor Poem

ArdorEach night while I slumber She creeps into my dreams Out from backdrops of blue and umber In a shroud of red and yellow beams She’s hypnot...

Herzmann403633Oct 2021Oct 2021
Spring Poem

Springlife renewed...

shadow195055116Mar 2021Oct 2021
Autumn Blushes Poem

Autumn Blushes...Inspired by Autumn colours......

Mizzy464417Sep 2021Oct 2021
Christmas wont be Christmas Poem

Christmas won't be ChristmasJust feeling kind of down this time of year, since I lost my husband. Wasn't sure I wanted to post it, but just had to get my feelings out.....

QuietStormF75713Dec 2018Aug 2021
A Field Workers Soil Poem

A Field Worker's SoilMost people (ignorant, so to speak) immediately assume that all hispanic immigrants are good for nothings, that they belong in the rice fields. Little...

Unknown7863Jun 2009Jul 2021
A Healing Woodland Stroll Poem

A Healing Woodland Stroll...The woodland stimulates my senses. ( Enclosed rhyme scheme.)...

Mizzy447716Mar 2021Apr 2021

LOVE 2 TXTIts the first poem I ever wrote and I think the best one...

Walls6093Dec 2018Apr 2021
Space granted please reCOOPERate Poem

Space granted, please reCOOPERateBasically explaining to this man I was dating the way in which I love, Giving him permission to be himself 100% without judgment, and the freedom...

Unknown3492Jan 2021Feb 2021
My short version of my poem D Poem

My short version of my poem :Di just thought of it just now...

JesseJames222852Dec 2020Dec 2020
Intimations of Immortality Poem

Intimations of Immortality.Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendour in the grass, Of glory in the flower. We will grieve not, rather find, Strenght in what remain...

Fer50290-Oct 2020
Bithday present to connie Poem

Bithday present to conniehad a dog,a lurcher,terrier,on Feb,19th,had to bury her,Didn't know she was ill,if only knew? disease of the womb,did not have a clue,hope im forgiv...

donal636496Mar 2019Jun 2020
The imagination of a Virtuoso Poem

The imagination of a Virtuosofreestyling maybe ? lol...

Jhinni43111Mar 2020Mar 2020

Poem for MeganFor seven years I've longed for your love, That's deep and blue as the ocean's bliss - As winged she flies - a lonely dove - Through the storm's ey...

lovecanbereal1,70013Dec 2015Jan 2020

GENEVIEVEi wrote this for my baby genevieve, who i call genna.yesterday, she was run over by a real sicko. and she was walking on the white line.i never had a...

WILDANDREADY6167Nov 2019Nov 2019

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