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Ode is a poem praising and glorifying a person, place or thing. Here is a list of Ode Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

8Dreamsonline today!

Secret love

Suddenly he was standing in front of the neighboring house
with the thick camera around his neck.
Where are you from all of a sudden ?
Ah, American accent.
Out of the blue,
did a Higher Being send you ?
that was Love at the first view,
Lightning shot through, arms and knees grew weak.
It's been 13 years now and my heart still beats faster when we see.
Open your heart and soul to reach you !
You told:
"Once and for all, it's just not on:
I will never fall in Love with you, not in your nelly,
neither shall you fall in Love with me".

You give me peace and serenity, security and protection,
from evil, bad people who want to use and rob.

Unfortunately, you are dismissively, gruff and hurtful,
when I ask about your feelings and thoughts
-> that's why I stopped asking !
Clear your blockages and fears, opening for Kisses and Cuddles
in eternal Love, yours 8

~~~~ come back well and stay healthy~~~~ Toodle-oo !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2022
About this poem:
probably nothing will change anyway
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8Dreamsonline today!

Will you cuddle with me ?

If you are in a relationship,
would you also feel like being tender,
purely theoretical ?
What should a relationship be like that lasts forever and endures ?
Then would we really feel like intimacy,
purely practical ?
How supposed knowing without a relationship ?
If you feel like being close to me, do you also want with me ?

Let's find out together how much affection is possible with us !

Come in,
close the door,
lie down,
I'll be right inside you ~;-)) = ##
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2022
About this poem:
without necessarily penetration
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Cy's Unguis

In the mirror, sad you stare,
A finger's nail, has a little tear.
But the beautiful face I perceive,
Glows. Radiates. And I believe !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 22
About this poem:
From real life. Despite imperfections, the perception of beauty should always remain strong.
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Friends, of yester years

School, sometimes is tough time,
In our country, it's so book based
It is so dreadful to go to school sometimes

But the thing that keeps us going daily is the friends we have in school.
What bliss, love, pure and unselfish.
What emotions are gathered, unspoilt and tender to live a lifetime.

Today, I'm so glad, so happy,
It was pure Bliss, to be found
By one of my classmates,
The joy of her writing to me, inquiring.

I know somewhere in my life, I must have disappeared from the orbit of existence.
So, caught up in the rat race of life and responsibilities.

But, there are relationships that will never go sour,
That's the Love we have with our mates at school.
It's all bubbly and free.
Like we have never aged a bit .

Oh, it's so much energy and love We had and have and will have for ever till we part from this Earth.
However far away they are, it's so beautiful to have that love.

God is so great and amazing
Never seizes to amaze me.
Never seizes to shower me with love .
Being single, life is sometimes rash.

But, I've been blessed with the amazing love of friends, who have treasured me, in their hearts for more than quarter century.
That love, is so amazing.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 13
About this poem:
Beautiful hearts, beautiful memories. Makes life beautiful.
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!

The Bonfire

The night was perfect for a bonfire gathering
Many good friends to join this magical happening
Time standing still in lost coolness of autumn glowing
Tethered to the warmth of blustery winds a blowing
In the early dawn of light planning for the fire begins
Like the morning holy prayers of solemn matins

Approaching you could smell the cows faraway and distant
Mingled with the wood burning the aroma was persistent
Food was sat among tables arranged around the trees
Receiving their share were the flies and bees
Buzzing a melodic pitch of tonic accent
Apropos for this outdoor content

The building of the bonfire is a true art form
Tree limbs stacked in meticulous order one by one
Enticing flames to rise in heights and dance like spirits
Filling the night with fellowship among the hot smoky orbits
Reflecting through the stars blazing flames leaping without care
As eyes sparkled and the heat warmed our faces in the night air

Grass fed meat cooked ceremoniously over the billowing fire
A picture emerges of feasting in a forgotten medieval empire
Friends together chatting under the warm dark skies above
Laughter in the air while souls touch in neighborly love
That need no assistance from extraneous luminaire’
While the brisk winds blew through our hair

Many life’s lessons were told one by one
Mixed with different views and opinions spun
The Bonfire climbs higher holding us in rapture
While mingling with the scents, chatter and laughter
All the wood if free to gather in the forests there’s no quota
This is the life of Bonfire gatherings with friends in Minnesota
Should strangers see the billowing smoke, stopping by to inquire
They’ll be welcomed as friends and asked to join the circle
To share with us the comforting warmth of the blazing Bonfire

Love, Blessings, Peace and Unity,
Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 12
About this poem:
Life in the forests, lakes and grasslands of Minnesota is magical! This is the story of a Bonfire from my little corner of the world in Duluth MN.
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lovecanberealonline today!

The Secret Glade

Within a forest in a glade,
Is Nature's finest green brocade,
It's nestled by a secret stream,
Inside the mirror of a dream.

If I should pause, to change direction,
Go to that place of soft reflection,
To sit beneath a sylvan bower,
Some dappled, sun splashed, shady hour,

A sacred glen, where Nature's free,
And shadows weave a tracery,
That laces through this hidden dell,
Where is that place? - I shall not tell.

In this green forest filled with trees,
Birds singing in their canopies,
Life is filled with extant power,
From trembling leaf to tip of flower,

Sun shining on a cloudless day,
Give me peace from the world's dismay,
To think a while in solitude,
An unspoiled place of rectitude,

I wish now for some sweet release,
And hope this song may never cease,
Within that wild and ancient glade,
Where lyrebirds sing in serenade,

In every leaf of every branch,
A gentle breeze will make them dance,
It's nestled by a secret stream,
My blissful sweet poetic dream.

© lovecanbereal

All rights reserved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 25
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your fantastic

your fantastic thats for sure together we can rule the world
just and me because we're cats thats that yeah yeah yeah yeah
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 28
About this poem:
your superior and cool
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Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 20
About this poem:
Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
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Brandobaris and the Dragon Part Three

Brandobaris just stood
holding his sisters stalk of wheat
And the dragon breathed in
And the dragon breathed in
and in and in and in
and then?

The dragon breathed out breath of fire
But Brandobaris was no longer staning there
For he had flipped up in to the air
To Land down on the old reds back
Such an elegant jump what a leap
A somersault with half twist, landing firmly on his feet
An Arm raised up holding high his sisters stalk of wheat
And then he began to Whack
whack wack whack
went the stalk of wheat
all allong the side of the dragons hide
and it knocked him off his feet

Crack Crack Carck
The wheat stalk seemed to sing,
and although it tried the dragon could not fly
as Brandobaris beat his wings

smack smack smack
again and again and again
till the dragon had to run away
for it could not stand the pain

From the cave to the valley all the way down
Whiping the crying dragon in to the town
and all of the Hin there gathered round
for of that dragon they had no more fear
Brandobaris told the Dragon leave and soon
if you ever came back. I'll beat you with my Mothers broom
And unlike my sisters wheat stalk it will put you in a tomb.
The dragon flew away, and all the Hin folk gave a cheer

What of the Dragon treasure? you may all ask
the towns folk had a skeaking task
All Part of the plan now unmasked
It involves a secret door
The Game was so Brandobaris could disstract
while Hin snuck in the cave behind the dragons back
they loaded on treasure took it away in sacks
of what he stole they got back ten times more

So the celerbration party did begin
Lasting for a week or more. You know's us Hin
But in joy there was some Sorrow remembering lost Kin
But they knew they'd all meet again someday
To the hero of the Hour they gave many many grand toasts
They filled him up with pie and beer they were the perfect hosts
before the party was over They had laid away all ghosts
But by then Brandobaris had quietly slipped away

Now along a dusty road bestrides
Mischief twinkling in his kind eyes
Under curly brown hair a face so wise
with a knowing little grin
Allthough not thin not roly-poly,
whistling a tune so Jolly
You could not be melancholy
there goes a very merry Hin
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2023
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Brandobaris and the Dragon Part one

Along a dusty road I spied
Mischief twinkling in his kind eyes
Under curly brown hair a face so wise
with a knowing little grin
Allthough not thin not roly-poly,
whistling a tune so Jolly
You could not be melancholy
Comes a very merry Hin

This hins name was Brandobaris
And into a Hin town he did trot
Sat down near the well in a shady-Spot,
underneath a chestnut tree.
Looking a round for a while,
he saw many HIn and got quite riled
For not one Hin of them had smiled,
or offered him a cup of tea

He realised something was wrong
Mayhap he really knew it all along
not that important for this song
But what is, is what He saw
Clothes ragged exhausted hin
Hungry Children looking so thin
Fresh graves in a green field, and unhappy Kin
When he saw this Brandobaris swore

He saw Hin faces full of fear
So asked them what was happening here
Then an Elder spoke with little Cheer
About everything that had gone on
Speaking of the terrible plight
That had come to plague them one dark night
How it filled the town's folk full of fright
He told Brandybois of the Dragon
This Red Dragon living in a cave
Had stolen all, and made them slaves
And those hin who fought back now filled graves
And in the green field now do lie
All the town's goats pigs sheep and fowl
Have to go feed the dragon now
Of a way out they did now know how
Saddness filled Brandobaris eyes

Then Brandobaris had a thought so cunning
The very depths of trickery it would be plumming
So devious in scope it was stunning
Brandobaris told them of his Plan
Listening to him their eyes went wide
In truth many Hin there even smiled
If his plan worked they win back their pride
and drive the dragon from town
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2023
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