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The Child

As I laid sprawled out on the park bench one summers afternoon
She sat there pleased to be away from the human bustle
I knew her, not for long but i knew her
Through the slats of the park bench her little boy showed me the clover flower
he had picked from the lawn
He hung it over one of the slats to show me it in wonder
I saw what he saw and through his eyes I became a born again child.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 16
About this poem:
It was the first time i had seen through the eyes of a child.
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A little chat

My heart woke me in pain last night,

My mind was awake having coffee and writing in dreams, how can I help? come here, sit! I´m listening.

Heart said: why?

You´ll never know, don´t ask stupid questions, did it hurt?

Yeap, it did. It wasn´t fair ...you know, I don´t wanna...

Did he do it on purpose? No, I´m sure he didn´t.

Then, sing and come here, let´s write together, Solitude will come in a while ...ah you silly! don´t be afraid, we will not leave you alone in darkness, you have us, we´ll always protect you.

The end.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 8 hrs ago
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Abby1963online now!

Dearly Missed

My head in a daze
The days so long
My hearts growing strong
Today I heard our song
It’s been 5 years since you’ve gone
So much has gone on
The hole in my heart is healing
As I stare at the ceiling
I can remember
the sounds of you breathing
Our baby girl will be getting married
She misses you so dearly
Our son is happily married
Soon they will have children of their own
Oh how I wish I wasn’t alone
Oh why oh why
Did God have to take you away
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 14 hrs ago
About this poem:
Life moves on when one passes on
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I'm old enough to be your granddad, son,
Might even be your great-grandfather thus,
I'm in the night and
So a year will have swiftly passed;
… When both my flesh,
And bones have crumbled to dust,
When peaks of Caucasus
Like silver glisten and sparkle,
“Grandad, it’s dawning!” –
Don’t forget to call me down, son!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 23 hrs ago
About this poem:
A translation from Murman Lebanidze (November 14, 1922 - August 17, 2002) - Georgian poet, translator, essayist.
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Craving for warmer days
And of bright golden sun rays
Darkness dragging on forever
Of snowy and cold weather

Wishing and desiring color
Of bright beautiful flowers
Full fields with gorgeous crops
Of Golden sunshine drops

Daylight is getting stronger
Spring right around the corner
Cannot wait and impatient to see
For the snow to melt into spring

To see green sprouts popping
Through the ground rising
Despite the snow and cold
Golden symbols of reborn Hope

Appearing like golden drops
Dripping from above tree tops
Reaching heads up to the sun
Until Springtime finally has won
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 18 hrs ago
About this poem:
Adjusted poem a little - always trying to make words better! :) Wishing and waiting for Springtime with Daffodils blooming
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nonsmokeronline now!

nu's challenge

If I could change the seasons or the colours of the world.
I would use that power to light your way, and watch your road unfurl.
If I changed direction of the hands upon the clock,
I would let them spin us back in time and at our meeting they would stop.
I'd change the words I said that day to truth instead of lies.
I'd tell you that I love and loved what I see in your eyes.
and if i had that chance again to hold you on that day.
Id never let you go again and watch you walk away.
And that would change my future sky's to blue instead of grey.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 21
About this poem:
Things to change if things could be changed.
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Nu’s Challenge...............

I am not really sure what’s happening here
But this sight seems so slow I am starting to fear
There once was a time when only a day would pass
And a posted poem would not see the day last
Now it seems they stay on here for too long
Days turn into weeks and it seems just wrong
I’d love to see some action again
So whip out your pen and scratch your brain
Now I don’t mean one writer to flog it hard
And post twenty poems all on one card
But let’s have etiquette and start some fun
A challenge I say is what needs to be done
So I propose to set the tone
Anyone can enter but best be alone
And please respect others and what they see........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 3
About this poem:
All writers have i ideas.............let’s hear them.......Regards Nu
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If I could change anything what would it be .............

If I could change anything what would it be
Personally I think that I would change history
I would go back in time when the continents were new
And discoveries were bold and adventurous too
When the natives of the lands respected their earth
In tune with nature they had known it from birth
When the sky's were blue and the fields green
And the rivers were cleaner than I have ever seen
I'd change the way they would interact
Discover the secrets to a sustainable act
Respect all who pass their way
And return that respect in a positive way
Acknowledging all that is required to survive
In a new land learning to stay alive
Understanding the guardians and their belief
Honouring their history and the words they speak
Accepting to change only but themselves
Strangers in a land belonging to someone else.........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 20
About this poem:
A little bit of insight and respect a long time ago would obviously given us a different outlook now ..............Indigenous peoples have been caring for their lands for centuries with very little impact .......fast forward now and I see an earth poisoning itself .............Anyway this was just a challenge and here's what turned out .......Regards to all NU
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smell the night
draw its essence deep
for in this hour
I am this hour

taste the night
whose delights run naked
in the canyons of the vanquished
as surely we shall fall
in the fibre light tonight
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 13 hrs ago
About this poem:
feeling a little scratchy darlings :)
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To The Chinese & Japanese

1. You are most creative people
that I have ever seen in my life.
I see you refuse to stop being creative in
your talents and skill,
and I see how you will go out of your way
to turn a blind eye to other nations
that loves to stop it's creative progress,
when there's money to be made,
a nation to stop it's creative process,
it makes talents and skill get sick,
like a person when they get sick for a time they're ill.

2. Concerning United States Nasa Program:
They have the oldest old fashsion
out of date shuttle Craft.
The use same old shuttle craft
and they think by naming it new names every year,
they think they've created something brandnew.
The same old fashsion design.

3. I use to watch the United States Launches,
they've lost me a long time ago.
I don't care if send 10 to 15 people
next time into outer-space.
When I had seen the United States
had refused to come up with new and unique design
I quit watching that old man designed space ships.
When I hear about it on the news
that Nasa is getting ready to launch a new launch,
I turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it!!

4. Even in the movies when the United States
has given-up on a certain program,
I've noticed the Chinese and the Japanese
won't give-up on military and
launching outer space shuttles programs that will
benefit their nation.

5. Lets just say you Chinese and Japanese
create one of those unique space ships
from one of those movies in real life.
I would be absolutely be watching your space lauches
every year.
The United States Nasa Program is full of a bunch of
old fashsion men.
When you have a crowd of old fashsion men,
all you will get coming from them is a bunch of
old fashsion designs.
Not the entire White House,
but they're the same mentality of men
in different departments in the White House,
that head and guide and run the United States of America.

6. As long as there are young people
that are born into our world,
when they learn talents and skills,
so many of them will come-up with new ideas.

7. There are a number of old men in other nations
that have refused to stay with their old creative designs,
these kind of men are few
but what makes these men unique?
They realize there is a new crowd of young people
that span all over the world,
that will always have a hunger for new designs
that make new-inventions.
They're waiting to buy into your new-invention
once it's completed and the product really stands,
for what it's made for.
China and Japan you may not create a new-space ship
but if you do,
I will always watch u every year when u will launch it
into outer-space.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 13 hrs ago
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