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godsprincessonline today!

Moonbeams and Dreams

Walking hand and hand on the beach
Eyes sparkling with a lover’s speech
It was a beautiful moonlit night
Everything in their world was more than alright

The sand shone a brilliant white
In the background a bird hollered in mid-flight
All alone in their lover’s world
As the ocean’s waves twirled and swirled

Looking deep with wonder in each others eyes
The depth of their feelings seemed a surprise
The rest of the world slowly faded away
Their shining faces lit by the moon’s bright rays

The moonbeam shining thru the tree touched their face
The tree leaves shading the light like lace
Leaning towards each other just before their lips met
She woke from her dream no longer part of a duet

Missing her loved one with feelings so deep
She tried and tried to go back to sleep
Wanting to go back to reunite with her love again
To escape the feeling of great loss with such pain

She started slowly slipping back to sleep
So she and her beloved could again meet
Seeing his face appear shining in the moonbeam
She wanted to live forever in this beautiful dream

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2015
About this poem:
Just dreaming
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salamunaonline today!

Night adventure

I had a dream
About a man with gentle eyes.
And during the night
I got so used to him.
He kept me tight.
It was so sweet with him all night.

He disappeared with the sunrise,
And I forgot to ask his name.
I still feel his hot lips
On my face
Whilst I was awake.

My dear friends
In case you meet him
In your dreams
Please ask his name
For me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 14 hrs ago
About this poem:
Just an attempt to write something funny
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poettarekonline today!

Love is an illusion

My heart is as pure as that of a child

My passion is hot and my temper is mild

I do have love in abundance

To share it with you, I have no resistance

Then why can't I find someone to love me?

A special lady to set my emotions free

To open my eyes and let me see

How wonderful life could be

Am I destined to spend my life alone?

Waiting day and night beside my phone

Hoping a nice lady may give me a call

Asking me, in love with her, to fall

Inviting me to a dancing hall

Falling in love for me is nothing but an illusion

That is my only and final conclusion
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2015
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Prometheus1online today!

I would walk a mile

I would walk a mile through the valley and shadow of death
just for one last time to feel your warmth and hear your last breath

I would walk a mile in your shoes if only you would
hold my hand along the way and let me in your heart
even for just a day or two

I would walk a mile just to see your smile instead of your
tears of regret of a previous life gone vile

I would walk a mile and dance to your style
if only you would honor me the same for awhile

I would walk a mile maybe two as a friend beside you
through the darkness of shadow and fear
as long as I knew you were safe and near

I would walk a mile in the same drudgery you see
if only you would try and walk with me.

I would walk a mile through the depths of Hell
if I knew my reward would be to walk through the gates
of heaven with you

I would walk a mile maybe two if you proved just once
you loved me the same as I do you

Yet, I'm finding walking that mile is getting tiresome and old
and my shoes are getting worn
Walking in circles seemingly going nowhere
Perhaps it's time to walk a different mile a different path with someone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 21 hrs ago
About this poem:
When we realize that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
The same applies chasing after love and approval from people we like and they still refuse you.
Sometimes we need a rest from walking that mile for ungrateful people.
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southmiami4321online today!

El Shaddai, Yahweh Yireh

Those that are depressed
Take a walk into your past
discovering mistreated situations
bombarding unfairness to you
Enigmas of why things happen
not knowing answers to yourselves
At one point in our life
We cannot make it alone
We stick to our pride
Instead of looking above
El Shaddai, Yahweh Yireh
In disbelief we sustain
The none existence of our Lord
The Creator of heaven and Earth
He loves everything he made
He can change your life
Don't gamble your future
Today troubles are great
The world touched in pain
We are set out in a trial
of life or death
Each one of us is created
for a purpose
Have you found yours?
Your talents and capability
united with your bravery
will endure you
But inside your heart
have you found joy?
In the scriptures
you can find all the answers
Not a wise man's book
but the truth of all things
We feel fear, anxiety, depression
unforgiveness, guilt
all take us to our past
Heroe is Jesus
In hard times
He reveals himself within us
We only have to receive him
As we open our own book of life
We read the past, present
The future is to come
The act of turning that next page
without delay, humbling yourself
he will be there
El Shaddai, Yahweh Yireh
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 19
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doglover14online today!


My tears are the overflowing juices
Of my heart and soul.

They are the lifeblood of my very being,
And should be thought of as a sacred gift
From a heart that is again feeling life.

For many years they did not flow…
For many years I did not feel.

I know you hate the wetness on your manly chest,

But please try not to hate them…
Rather welcome them,
As they are the unspoken words of my very

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:34 AM CST
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2016
About this poem:
Tears of Beauty ~
From The Heart!
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godsprincessonline today!


Time is a great healer they say
But I still think of you every day
Little things can trigger memories
Teasing my mind and sensories

Little yellow flowers and butterflies
Lily of the Valley comes to mind
The smell of apple pie with nutmeg
Baking in the oven fills my head

The love for your sisters and brothers
Your nieces, nephews, sons and daughter
The glue that held family together
Managing to make things feel better

Family took care of family was ingrained
No matter even if they were a pain
Your absence has left the circle broken
But God has kept us going as He has spoken

That one day we will all be together again
Forever bonded with Him we pray Amen!

© July 29, 2016

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2016
About this poem:

Not sure sensories is a word as it doesn't like the spelling but googled it and said it was a word - who knows. All I know is it rhymed.

In Memory of my Mom who passed away August 5, 2008 - wish I could have written it a little more eloquent - but my Mom was a practical person and she passed that on to me. I only started publishing my poems in the Newark Valley Moonlighter and on here after she passed away - she never really knew that impractical side of me or understood it as she lived through the Depression on a farm with 5 other siblings and 2 hard working and strict parents - her life was not easy. My parents divorced after 33 years of marriage. Her children and family came first and was very important to her - no time to be impractical.
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Rachael_0622online today!

Lovers learn watching the Dance!

An Intense love dance:
I once observed a love dance between a stallion and a mare of the black Morgan breed:
the thrill of the chase
That yielded respect,
harmony & romance!
Intriguing mysterious mystique ...
She played fierce
and hard to get!

*She was playing the
solo act
#1 Performance
*Top "Class" act of her life
changing event!
"The Dance!"

Right in front of
my two eyes
What a trip!

She got his undivided attention!
He was alert on target
On point
He didn't miss nothin'
Very alert to her every
Flinch or move!

That evolved to a duet of
I dare u, dbl dare u,
triple dare u

U want it?
Come & get it
But honey!
U will
have to "work" for it!

"Catch me if u can!
I just Might
Ready Willing & Able?
For the
Mating game dance!"
He was Hot on her trail

She wasn't giving in
Or giving it up!

He was going to have to work for it!

She ran downhill into the meadow,
Jumped leaped over boulders,
Stumps, fences into the neighbors pasture,
back to hers,
back up the hill,

After quite some time
She ran up
to the top of the farm

Collapsed in fatigue

Gracefully poised laid down like the confidant lady she was
under the duet shade trees with a refreshing soothing cool summer breeze,
Panting, legs feet tucked under,
Nostrils gently,
flaring for oxygen,
Both loving, he the stallion gently walked near her patiently waiting for her to regroup, catch her breath,

It was like he wasn't tired,
A stallion has more stamina than a more tender mare
He has a more muscular head chest body mass structure
He was ready for more
But very patient
Giving her space
Like hey honey I'm just grabbing a bite of grass I'm thirsty just right here by your side I'll be patiently
Waiting for you

when she caught her breath
he gave her love
gentle *nibbles, pecks, licks,
tender love kisses, stroking her neck & mane, sniffing her scent enjoying the pleasure of the ritual mating dance,
to the rays of the sun, beat of the wind & running hooves of a duet of 8 legs in Sync.
Humans can learn much of the mating dance by viewing this

"Live Play!"

Respect being attentive consistent patient romance friendship commeraderie

There was no back up
tie up with a rope
but pure romance
elegance grace respect!

There was no forcing their romance
But in their own timing
Their own way
Their own course
Their hurdles
horse race
Of their desired courtship
In their own mating dance
Of choice
No Interferance ...
Their choices their own

She had won
the heart of her mate!

Tender fierce sublime
natural as a family of two forming to become a family of three
dedicated faithful members! True endearing love!
Horses can Mates for life!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 9
About this poem:
***updated: Mating Dance Pure Elegance
Wind on her face mane tail
Picture perfect poise elegance!
Following his mate with pure joy Bliss!
Whatever she wished to just be in her presence her patient friend!
"The Mare & The Stallion Mating Dance!"
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Ghost Girl

Some girls can be seen...
And seem to be so serene...
Most girls can be mean...
But ghost girls are the Queens...

An adorable apparition constantly haunts me...
Escaped spirit prisons, she whispers she wants me...
And I want her too...
A hue of deep blue...
She glows with dark light that's so perfectly true...

Star-lit refraction severed tempered by weather...
Lets haunt these great walls and dark halls while together...
Seemingly leaving, I promise I'll never...
I love you my ghost girl, I love you forever....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2014
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~ The Golden Path ~

~ The Golden Path ~

Are you the one ~ How can it be ~

How often have I searched & searched for thee

And yet I cheer if it is you and that my search is done

For not it be you ~ I shed a tear ~ a wet one!

Have you searched and searched in vain too

For a virtuous person, a non-smoker, non-drugee, non-drinker, non-carouser, non-wander, non-arguer, non-philander, non thief, murderer or liar ~
A person ~ Too Young or Too old

An honest decent person of high integrity & quality that enjoys fun & laughter and is of good character, a true companion that would want a partner to enjoy everyday life with

Tis a jewel I seek, not a diamond in the rough,
but a polished Gem!

Let us enjoy life’s dreams and wander down the garden path together in happiness & love ~

~ Poet of the Golden Path ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2018
About this poem:
My wish is that everyone finds their companion
in life ~ Does this poem covers some of your wants?
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