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salamunaonline today!

Dreams and tears

I'm swimming in
A sea of dreams
And an ocean of tears,
Knowing they are not real.
I live but do not feel it.
I look towards my future
But do not see it.
I'm just tired
Or my time has expired...
I fell heavily.
I have to stand up
And go further,
Do i have a hope?
Maybe i wilI find a treasure?
But I cannot see
The road....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 14 hrs ago
About this poem:
Sir Rob thanks a lot for your corrections
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godsprincessonline today!


There were three little leaves that hung together
Until one day there was windy weather
They dropped to the ground one by one
Drifting down without a sound

Suddenly another gust came and blew
Picking up one and away it flew
Far over the land out of sight
Leaving the other two shivering in fright

Another big swirl picked another up and away
Leaving the third the only one to stay
Once in a while one or the other returned to see
The third little leaf but then again would leave

Finally the sad little leaf was left all alone
Laying there tucked tight to the ground
Until it decayed and to the roots returned
Nourishing the new leaves that appeared

Author: Kathy Ostrander © July 21, 2018
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 8 hrs ago
About this poem:
Leaves symbolize my brothers and I and our lives.
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I_paint_it_blackonline today!

Lion Gold

A shiny sunset ray ran through the pupils of a young lion. The savannah moaned in the comfort of a herd of gazelles that crossed the view of the beast. The lion trembled in anticipation of a clumsy clatter to lag behind the hubbub. The heat stretched and hid the horizon. A flock of dark black wings fluttered through the depths of a tired sky.
The young lion trailed the flank, and in hot blood smeared the grass in his wake. There was a rumble, a spark ringing whizzed, a white silence embraced all the living creatures. The vault of heaven became black, the sun was not as before, and gentle ash, the smell of death, and the revenge of God, were set in all around.
Day was breaking, a sunray approached stealthily on the dark horizon, and stood behind a heavy mist. From the impenetrable darkness was rising a rumble of a mechanical monster, spreading poisonous stench. The flashed eye of the machine flew over the savannah; the air roared wildly, all living creatures were gone.
Today all is quiet, the lake behind the hill does not remember the slice of the morning's breeze.
It is quiet, the sun, lonely, keeps the last memory. The sky gray, smiling in curvy clouds - swoons.
Nuclear God brightened everything, but pardoned the nucleus of Earth, in farewell.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 8 hrs ago
About this poem:
2018 written
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I_paint_it_blackonline today!

Pony tale

White pony, crossed the river
its legs, were covered darkish red
the water draws in blood and mud
the sky was turning black.

Today is day remarked by law
the village made voice threat
a bastard boy been caught to steal
a piece of onion and bread.

The crowd were clapped big fat eyes
a sound of smiling death
pronounced the sentence, the mute bastard
on knees, was looking sad.

Hooked the gallows, hundreds of souls
were dancing in crazy mad.
White pony crosses the fields, while
cold wind embraces in roaring wept.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 9 hrs ago
About this poem:
2018 written
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itchywitchonline today!

Love is Maddness

The silence is blissful
within my padded walls
till the voices start
i'm tormented once more,
crying whilst cradling
rocking back and forth
how am i here again
locked behind,the bolted door.

Blood on my lips
finger tips bitten
no time for crying
i spend my days spitting,
dry is my throat
even without flim
daily i spit out demonds
all for the love of him.

He who darkend my door
he who stepped into my shadow
he who did not walk away
he that stayed to follow,
demonds have held me back
but now love shall set me free
is he mad also
he,who is in love with me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2, 2012
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BobbyC1348online today!


The ICU heart monitor flatlined, I rose mystically above the room, Looking down at all the faces, Painted in sadness, sorrow, and gloom, As the last weeping soul left out, And closed the door behind them, I knew I was dead now, Leaving only memories to remind them, Suddenly, incomprehensibly translated, Into a marvelous new dimension, Not of time or of space, Closer to animated suspension, Immediately in the Presence, Of Omnipotent Forces of Light, I held on with all I knew, With all my will and might, ICU heart monitor alarm sounds, The surgeons rush back in, The flatline
miraculously spiking, And I was back in Time again, I had won one, Moment In Eternity.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 19
About this poem:
A dream.
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danube3135online today!


wish : tear drops, could be able to talk
wish : soundless screams, had colours on
wish : hearts of humans, been out and visible
wish : bitterness, was't beneath our sky
wish : sweet smiles, been remedy to all pains
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 15 hrs ago
About this poem:
my very pure wishes
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OnyxAusetonline today!

Walking the Universe

Space the aftermath, being final of what was and what is the infinite. Life born into particles matters stream floating around the universe coiling though the faces of energy.

Future of the elements superimposed riding the planes into the void of darkness which becomes light then there was hush of silence that fall upon the ground.

Solar flares arch across the sky with stars twinkling transmission voyages into dreams going into the mind eyes.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 19
About this poem:
This is a poem thinking about what the universe is and how it plays an important role in our lives.
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danube3135online today!


(( dimensions of human ))

when, life - smiling, widely at us
when, everything, goes properly for us
when, days - are full of - charming colours
when, all melodies - touchig - our hearts
when, passing moments - taste so sweet for us

we, forgetting ( so simply ) all and the whole

but : when, we are weepy - of life challenges
but : when, we get caught - in grip of hardship
but : when, we are aware of our powerlessness & misfortune
but : when, we wandering in vain on trackless path of life

suddenly : the ocean of kindness & compassion, arise in us
suddenly : by A great might, we struggle to discover pure belief
suddenly : we displaying, A perfect & angelic FACE
Ah ::::: ( HUMAN ) ?? !!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 20
About this poem:
my very simple words, displaying dimensions of human
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K_Ann_70online today!

My Dog, The Cat

A white and tan Pomchi
I adopted from the pound
Some days my only buddy
With big gorgeous eyes of brown
His fur is soft and shiny
He stands one foot off the ground
A playful little joker
He just loves his Mama's lap
A whispered, "Come 'ere, boy"
And he jumps up just like a cat
He springs upon my king high bed
I must hop up to mount
Then licks his paws and rubs his head
And sleeps there in a round
I must admit he got it honest
From two cats that I once had
They taught him how to tip the garbage
And chew open the bag
I once was married, my husband envied
This mutt that paid no bills
He said, "That pup must go!"
I said, "You'll go before he will."
In a day my hubby packed his bags
Suitcases on the floor
I whispered, "Get him, boy"
Dude barked that bum right out the door
Never fickle or finicky like a feline
But just as agile and very lucky
Once he cocked his leg inside
And we played dodge and ducky
Of course he won - he hid for a time
Then resurfaced, tail between his legs
He licked my calf, sat and smiled
For forgiveness he doesn't beg
I pat my lap, he pounced right up
With kisses for my neck
My dog-cat, cat-dog.
A good ole boy, yes indeed
He keeps at bay the jerks and strays
And warms my ice cold feet
Good boy!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 9, 2017
About this poem:
For my little guy!
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