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JimEeeonline today!

~ Happy Holidays ~

~ Happy Holidays ~

The Autumn leaves are now on the ground

Soon the snow flakes there will be found

Whitening it up with wind blown snow drifts

Ground covered earth embraced
with snow flake kisses

Wind will blow and howl outside

Logs will crackle and burn bright

Stay inside as it will be cold tonight

Soon the turkey dinner will be here to enjoy

Then on Christmas Dear Santa will appear

All dressed up in his Red and filled with cheer,

We will dream of Christmas, while we are in bed!

Holidays are wonderful to spend with you,

To spend them with family and our friends too ~

“Happy Holidays”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 15
About this poem:
Wonderful holidays
to brighten up our days!
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godsprincessonline today!


Taking for granted God’s gift of health
Unprepared for unexpected problems dealt
Brought to a screeching halt and afraid
We are reminded to stop and pray

Why is it when we are in trouble we call
But when we are busy we don’t until we fall
Our Father wishes to hear from us everyday
Take time from your work and play

When we are in trouble He sends help our way
Humbling us to remember He is just a call away
Using others to show His love is always there
We at least can take time to talk to Him in prayer
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 5 hrs ago
About this poem:
This week I came to a screeching halt with a torn cartilage in my right knee. He sent my church family to help me out so very much. Not sure how long will be laid up but I know I am loved by him - my brothers and my church brothers and sisters.
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Happychatty1online today!

Ecky Thump And Micky Dripping

Said Ecky to Micky
How you doing there lad ?
You seem to be down in the dumps, you’re looking right sad.
Oh, Ecky replied Micky I didn’t know that you cared
I was just wondering what was with thy funny stare.
It’s nothing a pie and a pint couldn’t fancy a meet at the pub after six ?
Go on then said twisted my arm !
I’ll meet you on the corner by Cobblestone farm.
That’s grand replied Micky wearing a right big he thought of the last time they met, how much fun they had and state they got in.!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 15
About this poem:
A little witty ditty !
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Yankee4youonline today!

High Times

I can smell the wood fires burning
Lighting up the hillside with their smoke
Like so many chimneys on the ridge line
Burning bright hot with seasoned oak
Casting up spires like great castles
Cathedrals with styles most baroque
Warmth is promised in abundance
Whatever your comfort may invoke
We gather round the table for supper
And in great earnest a prayer is spoke
The candles burn throughout the night
Such peaceful purpose they evoke
A mood that burns with a soft glow
Good hearted as our mountain folk
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 9
About this poem:
Late Fall, a church harvest supper, up in the mountains of New England
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Lalinraonline today!

Edmund's Lament

Why did I step through the
Wardrobe in the first place?
Why did I find my way here
So far from home
Here, where there are secrets buried
In the snow
And a queen made of ice

I wonder why I had to meet her
And trust her words
Now I find that her very touch
chills me to my bones
I wish that this night was over
Cause I have never been so cold before
I have never been so alone

I wonder who will lead the way
As I go on the greates adventure of all?
Who will lift me up
When I stumble and fall?
Who can I believe in
As shadows knocks on my door?

I wonder why I had to meet her
And trust her words
Now I find that her very touch
chills me to my bones
I wish that this night was over
Cause I have never been so cold before
I have never been so alone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 11, 2015
About this poem:
This is a poem about Edmund's thougts when he is held captive by the White Witch. In The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe.
I wrote this poem a couple of years ago.
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mcradloffonline today!

REO Speedwagon

A friend paid for me to go to your show
59 bucks they decided to blow
We got to enjoy some of your top hits
You've been performing since the 70's
You don't seem to want to quit
You started with Don't Let Him Go
You did a tribute to the shooting in a California bar with Time For Me To Fly
Can't Fight This Feeling
Keep On Loving You
Take It On The Run
And In My Dreams were some of my favorites you performed
I haven't paid for a concert ticket since Weird Al Yankovic in 2000
I enjoy you much more singing in my car
But still I am thankful I got to see live the people who created those songs
The 80's were a majical time for music
And I sure enjoyed you and the rest who created some awesome music!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 10 hrs ago
About this poem:
We had some of the cheapest seats, at 59 dollars. The ones up front I figure went for around 300 dollars. REO Speedwagon is a good show.
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socrates44online now!

Haiku 6 - butterflies, dragonfly, old tree

wings of gossamer
gently pulsating the air
butterflies in flight

tail of dragonfly
skimming the water's surface
while taking a drink

bark of an old tree
weather-beaten and furrowed
a home for insects
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 20, 2013
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Jocky58online today!

Gone Away.

How can one say that something has gone away?
I think of you, you have it all
But in a way pay for it with all those lonely nights!
Just waiting for his shine
It comes not so often these days
And you can lay awake all night just wondering
You have your treasure that's been gifted to you
But there's still a need that's craving inside that longs to be met
You can kid yourself you have it all.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 16
About this poem:
A poem about living alone.
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EXREDonline today!

Haiku leaves

Leaves float down stream
insects jump on board for ride
birds hover for feast
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 15
About this poem:
godsprincess poem about leaves brought this to mind.
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mcradloffonline today!

Green Bay Packers

I've spent over two grand going to your games
I have a friend who work for you just the same
I don't like that you've lost more than you won this year
I am just tired of coming here, that's quite clear
The weather should be free of snow
And it will be quite cold
I'll sit crammed between a lot of screaming fans
136 bucks is what you demand
It was just 59 bucks 12 years ago
I wish my paycheck went up at 6% a year
I'd have a lot more cash to blow
On pop, brats, and other yummy stuff
I'll eat and eat till I've had enough
As far as the game
I hope they beat the Dolphins
Make some more wins
It's any experience there's no doubt
Cause getting out there and doing fun stuff is what it is all about!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 9
About this poem:
I've only seen the Packers lose one in the 11 games I've gone to, the first year Aaron Rodgers played as the quarterback in 2008.
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