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Posted: 2 hrs ago
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niah9online today!


Empty coastal bay, seems lost in time
Sand undisturbed, no footprint sign
Of those who've wandered, by the sea
Amongst seashells-seaweed, scattered free

Rolling ocean, stretching wide and blue
Sparkling sunshine, shines as crystals do
Highlighted by sun, upon the water vast
Where visitors stand, eyes ocean caste

Swimmers are rare, as are children who play
Rips in the tide, can make swimmers pay
The price of the ocean, as seafarers know
Alluring trap of beauty, constant waves flow

Waves reach the beach, with a hiss or a roar
Broken by out-rocks, at the edge of the shore
Secluded and private, sheltered from breeze
On a hot summer day, ocean will tease

To swim in such splendour, gentle-sleek
Hiding its dangers, adventurous will seek
To stroll even picnic, sunbathe or paddle
Or on horse back riders, mounted on saddles.

Though everyone who visits, sense temptation
Gentle welcoming ocean, sends open invitation
No lifeguards or flags, warn of danger that waits
Just a single displayed lifebelt, to crush nature's bait
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 19
About this poem:
we have a few of the bays on the west coast of NZ......lethal but inviting to the visitor....
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Yankee4youonline today!

Flower Of The Hills

Beauty is like the flower of the hills
Even a desert shall rejoice and blossom
When it shall blossom abundantly
And rejoice with joy and singing
Being rooted and grounded in love
Just like our faces made of fleshy masks
Beauty is like the flower of the hills
O'er bare skin earth it so clothes
The hardy grasses of the field
Growing in clusters the purple Irises
Bending their long slender necks
So graciously above the shelter
Of the grasses that surrounds them
Beauty is like the flower of the hills
What is left behind after the storm
When a rainbow will appear
Cast below the drifting clouds
Floating in graceful abundance
Just before the sun does set
Beauty is like the flower of the hills
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 10 hrs ago
About this poem:
A kind of scriptural redefinition of flesh and beauty......
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Yankee4youonline today!

When Wisdom Whispers

Wisdom whispers in your ear
Tells you in a soft voice
All you need to hear
When you make the wrong choice
Let’s make one thing clear
If you only listen to yourself
You don’t have much to fear
Life can throw a few curves
You swing you miss they jeer
And just as quickly you swerve
Hit a home run and they cheer
So…when wisdom whispers in your ear
Let it tell you in the softest tones
Words you will hold so dear
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 19
About this poem:
Little rhyming and rhythmic melody…..about listening to your gut feelings.
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wayne34online today!

Growing old

Old age creeps upon my face
Skin now wrinkles
Gone my youth
The smooth gone now wrinkled part of me
Pain in my heart pain in my sole
From my life's toil
My heart ache
From pain older wiser I am now
But still think if my youth gone lost but not forgotten my youth
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 20 hrs ago
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wayne34online today!

Silent walk

Heat of the sun
The motion of the water laps the sandy beach
Cool breeze
The heat envelopes ones senses
The gentle breeze
Blows within the trees
Sound of quite tone
Fills ones ears
One is at peace
As one walks the waters edge
Bare foot water laps the feet cooling chilling
One walks the waters edge
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 21 hrs ago
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One Day...........

One day sooner than later I hope
A return journey I must learn to cope
Put aside the unpleasant history
And regale within my own story
Learn about the blood within
Of unborn relationships of no sin
A stranger no doubt is what they see
But in my heart is their identity
Can never remove that part of me
It's buried deep no one can see
Only then will I ever understand
The essence of me and my hand
Why the beauty of nature compels me so
To paint a picture of words you know
Admire the mountains with a unique intense
Imagine the freshness it just makes sense
Seek out all I need to learn
My birthplace my identity my yearn.......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 18
About this poem:
Need to return to my country of birth .............
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godsprincessonline today!


Taking for granted God’s gift of health
Unprepared for unexpected problems dealt
Brought to a screeching halt and afraid
We are reminded to stop and pray

Why is it when we are in trouble we call
But when we are busy we don’t until we fall
Our Father wishes to hear from us everyday
Take time from your work and play

When we are in trouble He sends help our way
Humbling us to remember He is just a call away
Using others to show His love is always there
We at least can take time to talk to Him in prayer
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 16
About this poem:
This week I came to a screeching halt with a torn cartilage in my right knee. He sent my church family to help me out so very much. Not sure how long will be laid up but I know I am loved by him - my brothers and my church brothers and sisters.
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godsprincessonline today!


The sky grew dark and gray
The earth and trees began to sway
All living creatures trembled in fear
As the end of the world felt near

The scent of blood and death was in the air
Cries of pain and agony were heard
Carried on the winds causing great fear
Not knowing the cost of forgiveness came dear

Mankind’s Light of the World died that day
And the darkness of souls were portrayed
Down into the Tomb of Hell the Light was placed
The Sacrificial Lamb of Grace

The Light of the World was in darkness for 2 days
Despair and hopelessness of all rampaged
Without the Light feeling bewildered and lost
Watching the Tomb of Hell covered in moss

The morning of the third day
The Light of the World again shown to display
That the Tomb of Hell was open and bare
A miracle had just happened there

The soul had risen from sin’s Hell
The Light of the World had arose to tell
All had been forgiven their sins
If they ask for it through Him

Thus Mankind’s physical body dies
But his spirit will live and rise
For the Lamb of Grace was the ultimate sacrifice
We have his gifts of Light and Eternal life

The Light of the World was snuffed out
For 2 days and nights in darkness and doubt
The third morning it shone again
To Light the World and Heavens without sin

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2016
About this poem:
Recently saw the movie "Risen" and it inspired me to write this poem. I usually like to write something light and more about nature. However, Palm Sunday - Good Friday - and Easter are coming up and I wanted to do something in honor of all the suffering my Lord and Savior went through and just how big a deal it was for all of Mankind. Thank you for reading even if it wasn't quite your cup of tea.
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niah9online today!


When heart and head, do not blend
Causing heartache, whether with a friend,
lover or colleague, a wound remains raw
Due to hurt, another may close a door.

Over time, pain may ease even subside
We must be ready, without pride our guide
As sometimes it's best, to turn the other cheek
Forgiveness is no weakness, if a smile you seek

We are all different, some will in time let go
Of grievances incurred, with kind words sow
Others however cannot, put the past aside
Instead feelings of injustice, they will ride

Of givers and takers, we encounter in life
Some you will notice, do not dwell on strife
We are all different, cope in different ways
I'd rather spread honey, than vinegar any day.....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 11
About this poem:
I read that it is better for us to let go of injustice.....because we do not need to be only destroys our peace....of course our inner peace can be destroyed if we act as a doormat....only we ourselves can decide where to draw a line.....
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