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ManicCConline now!


You can’t do that!
Gets lectured on self worth
by Confidence and Self-respect
Uncertainty is glumly undecided
and Fear isn’t helping one bit,
Dreamer is dreamily dreaming
future-fairytale maybe dreams,
Caution is cautiously warning
It may not be what it seems to seem

Whack go Self control, and Morals
Hitting Libido for something he said
Libido’s been whispering his own dreams
Inside the dreamer’s head
Happiness is s contently smiling.
He likes to contentedly smile
Take chances to win.
Thinks the gambler
Watching fate set the game for a while

Stakes are high on the gamblers table
Fate picks up his dice
He rolls them where only he can see them
Using rules that only fate really likes
Love and Longing,
Look on from the side lines
Each trying to work out the odds
The risks they must face in being part of the play
They must win or be forever lost.

Creativity intensively studies
Making notes on everything around
Then with the help of his friend Emotions
He carefully writes everything down.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 38 mins ago
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RadiantFireflyonline now!

Could You Be Real...

When I see your sweet smile sitting In my inbox, waiting for me to read what you have said.... I get goosebumps from my toes to my head... I feel as tho you've put me under a spell. I can't stop thinking about you... Can't stop wondering, if this could be real... My logical side says Yeah Right, just you wait, They all will make you break... But then there is Me...The Day Dreamer who still believes in Fate, True Love and fairytales... I just wanna hang back and relax, wait and see... Time could only tell, If you're the one meant for Me... I'm twisted inside out and upside down, anxious and patient all wrapped into one... The Sound of your voice echos in my ears, the dream of your touch on my skin... The beat of your heart up against mine... Is this all another fake fairytale that I am in? My heart is a sucker, this I know for sure. It will never give up on my Impossible dream of Finding my one & only True Love.... Maybe that's a good thing, cuz if this is Real, I sure would hate to miss out just because my poor broken heart just couldn't take any more and had forgotten how to feel... If this is yet another fantasy, that's okay too, cuz it's nice to just feel special, even just for a few.... If you should break my heart, I know that I'll survive, as My heart is big and has lots of Love to give and besides, it's Only Half a heart, til the rest I should find and therefore I'm easily mended and always ready to try again...
No worries, No walls ready to dive right in.... That's the Only way to live and not miss out on the wonder and grace that this sorry Life has to give... People come and people go.... My heart is open so hear me roar... I'd rather live and be loved than waste away all alone... I'll always let my heart lead me cuz Once my heart is a whole it will lead us Home....

**FireFly Diaries**
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 17 hrs ago
About this poem:
This just came to me. After speaking with someone I've met on here.... Did not proofread so please be kind. As this is just my heart as it unwind... :-D
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lovecanberealonline today!

Robyn (one night stand)

Why does it seem students are always poor?
Studying (as I was) both science and maths
And like some kind of universal law
Scholars walk on impecunious paths;-
Correctly - poverty - we should abhor-
So I turn my verse (instead) to other stuff:-
Having got - that night - enough drinking money
T'was time to go out then - in search of honey.

Out (that night) at Rockdale* - Spanky's Nightclub
And once again I thought I'd try my luck;-
Another year - almost gone - and here's the rub:
T'was about a year since I'd had a f*ck.
With no wish to stay at home in my suburb
(I thought it overdue to break my duck)
Being young at the time (twenty or so)
And at that age were always on the go.

So to the point: I came upon the tavern -
As Titan's rays were fading in the sky
When affections young its often craven
(Though in my case - because I am quite shy)
Summer heat hung ominous that eve'ning
(I crossed into the pub then anyway)
Stepping into said - (from its threshold)
Therein - a raucous view - I did behold.

Typical Aussie pub Saturday night -
After a beer (or six) I felt relaxed;
And being more inclined to f*ck than fight-
Surveyed the scene for a likely prospect,-
There in the corner (much to my delight)
A lady larger - than I might expect -
I admit the circumstance was not refined -
And neither were (perhaps) my pick up lines.

After some small talk (that's the hardest part)
Fumbling our way through the introductions
We need to find a time then to depart:-
(Timings all important in seductions -
And leaving at the right time is an art).
She told me her name was Robyn (and that's when)
I hoped that I had made my feelings plain; -
She said I had - and that she lived in Engadine.**

Friends of hers (a couple) did the driving
So south we travelled - I was innocent
Of what this trio may have been contriving
Group situations? - (not expecting this intent)
Here I'd better continue my explaining
Of how the rest of this (a hot night) went:-
Suffice to say a good time was had by all -
One couple per bed (I add now) and withal.

My self at twenty - Robyn ten years older
And a notch on the belt: - experience!
Then I felt fantastic - and grew bolder
(Though at the time a loss of common sense).
Thus lover-bards through their lives must soldier
Not declining or refusing any wench; -
And in this age of overt (and crude) pornography -
Be grateful: - you have my cultured poetry.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2016
About this poem:
* Rockdale (inner) south west suburb of Sydney
** Engadine southern suburb of Sydney.
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lovecanberealonline today!


When I was young; - though no longer a youth,
At twenty nine, where does this scene find me?
Well, I'll tell you, and I will speak my truth;
T'was Banksia*, near Rockdale*, near the sea;
And this stories true; - you'll have it's proof:
(T'is as sure as I write this verse for thee);
Her name was Kirsten (that was her working name);
And I'll write my truth, without fear, or shame.

Why in this age, do we still make our art?
When, probably, robots could do it better;**
As ghosts quite old, and shackled in the past,
Now raise up, and demand a fiery letter;-
And conquests (if you call them that) are cast,
Into stark relief, as they're unfettered;
Secrets, intimate, about which poets rave;-
Well, it's either this, or I take them to my grave.

Working on the railway, at Wolli Creek*,
Building a tunnel, for the trains to go;
Working hard, and working six days a week,
In the middle of a Winter, long ago.
When fixing steel for concrete earned my keep,
Where first the days, and then the nights, were slow;
It was hard work, at strange unwelcome hours,
Though through this work, my story now bears flowers.

So, in mid-Winter, Nineteen Ninety Eight;
(The twenty first of June, to be precise;
After having worked, from morning, until late,
(I'd got good pay, and so I had love's price).
A change of clothes; the pub that night my fate;
A few beers later, I had the taste for vice;
Before (and since) I had done much worse then,
When I came, saw, and conquered lovely Kirsten.

A nearby brothel, nothing quite so flash;
(I won't say where, but nearby is enough);
And luckily for me, I had the cash;
(For I was desperate, for a bit of muff).
So, on a cold Winter's evening, h*rny, rash,
I did now, set sail, for my bit of rough.
Soon, reception, and now the old Madam;
I paid the price; she said: "choose and have 'em".

Now five girls appeared in the reception,
The Madam; she told me to choose my girl;
Five dolled up ladies, now for my inspection,
(I saw a blonde one standing near the hall);
I asked her name, the Madam told me "Kirsten"
"Then she's for you, and may, she you, enthrall",
I chose her then, (as custom then would have it);
Another girl;- another costly habit.

So in a clap-board room, I turned the dimmer,
Of the light, on the ceiling, down a shade;
Our bodies, in soft shadow, now did shimmer,
And made our troubles seem to shy and fade.
Two figures, in half light, did softly glimmer,
(Like Venus and Adonis in a glade).
Gently now, I kissed and licked her petals;
With lust our food, our water, and our vittles.

And moaning now, she parts her legs so softly;
She offers now her self,- there is no shame;
I kiss her mount of Venus - then so quickly,
Feel my passion rise and rise, as if aflame.
I'm on my back; she straddles me then slowly;
Rhythm builds, - me and my girl whose on the game;
And still now, I remember how she trembled;
As climax shook us both; on sheets we tumbled.

Afterwards, we had a shower together,
And water flowed upon us hotly, how;
She told me that I'd be one she'd remember;
(As I wonder to myself,- where is she now?).
This year's near gone, and soon, will be November;
So, I must write, while time, it does allow.
I tell of this, reader, need you ask why?
T'is been my life; that,- and tonnes of ennui.

So, now you've had it all; - I've set the scene,
The time and tide of passion - it is true;
And like a torrent onward, young love's dream,
Is but a bend in a river flowing through.
Where in my life, it's been a common theme;
More memories, which none can now undo;
I weave my stories, through my posy's bars;-
Such as they are;- beneath the frozen stars.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 10 hrs ago
About this poem:
More memories....
* Sydney suburbs.
** I don't really believe this; I'm being sarcastic/ironic.
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ManicCConline now!


Lips forcing gentle pressure
Tongue meets tongue
With shy welcome probing
Waves begin to rise

Lovers entwine around each other
Stroking backs, hair and faces
Growing needs become more urgent
Waves moving ever onward

Warm Breath kiss ears necks and shoulders
Brushing skin against hot skin
Demanding caresses under clothing
Waves pushing getting faster

Building passion heavy breathing
Bodies speak in silent language
Last barriers fall all removed
Waves climbing growing stronger

Seeking touching secret places
Sighs cries sounds of pleasure
Bodies now move as one
Waves become all consuming

Lips pressure,
Tongues probing
Urgent stroking
Waves moving
Passion building
Caressing touching
Waves mounting
Becoming one
Soul cries, sighs of mounting pleasure
Hot skin
Merging Climbing

Waves peak with Souls entwining
Lost in the moment in each other
Releasing exquisite impulse
Waves rush to the shore

Lips forcing gentle pressure
Entwined around each other
Bodies in the afterglow
Waves slowly build again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 19 hrs ago
About this poem:
Dedicated to Trudy for her inspiration
This is a final draft of Waves I posted here some time ago but now deleted
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godsprincessonline today!

Fall Magic

Magical arch paths of beautiful jewels
And rippling beautiful blue pools
Rubies, gold, topaz, amber drifting down
To form a beautiful carpet all around

Walking in this magical place
Feeling the cool crisp breeze on one’s face
Dreaming beautiful dreams for a moment in time
Completely submerged in God’s sublime

His masterpiece paintings show us how much
He loves us all through His beautiful touch
Colors like we’ve never seen before
The bright reds and orange I especially adore

Thank you Lord for these precious fall days
Each day a special blessing of color and grace
Knowing soon coming will be winter days
Of white diamond crystals and skies of gray

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2016
About this poem:
Beautiful fall days this year
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godsprincessonline today!


RIP dod: 9/17/2017

God has a new Angel in Heaven today
Leaving his poetry friends astray
Lost without our Castle leader Café
The knights are sad and the maidens afraid

Café Jim brightened all our days with fun
He also strengthened our Spirits with love
He never judged but treated everyone equally
Giving his friendship and his love freely

Greatly missed in this corner of the world
You were one of God’s rare black pearls
Heaven has gained a wonderful Knight
The Castles up there will surely come alive

To all our loved ones in Heaven watch out above
Café Jim is there now – surround him with love
If you wonder how you might find him up there
Look for an Angel with a Halo slightly bent over his ear

Love - Godprincess and all your friends at CS Poetry Corner
October 1, 2017
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2017
About this poem:
September 2019: It has been now 2 years since you left Poetry Corner for eternity in Heaven with our Lord and Savior. We miss you dearly Cafe. Sept. 2017: Love to Cafe Jim - we will miss you dearly
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godsprincessonline today!

The Last Butterfly

Walking in the park these mid-October days
Hoping to see any yellow butterfly strays
Knowing the time is growing short to see
The little yellow messengers sent to me

The breezy dark cold fall days are here
And my time with them is ending I fear
One came to me yesterday and one today
But soon they will no longer be able to stay

Very cold frosty nights are predicted ahead
Fly dear little angels up to your Heavenly bed
Gathering messages from loved ones to bring
When you return to play and visit in the Spring

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2018
About this poem:
This poem was published in the October 2019 Newark Valley Moonlighter. Walking in the park dreading the last day of seeing my butterflies.
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Rebenasiaonline today!


Be with me through my tears
Stay close to me when I fear
That nothing good can ever happen.
Wipe away my pain
When noone else can think
Or imagine of my sufferin.
Help me bury all d insults,sarcasm, and taunts
Which others bestow upon me
Deep in d layers of my skin.
Help me understand myself more
Specially my thoughts,actions, and dreams
Which give people the impression
That i am a person full of attitude,demand and other shit.
If i can't be helped from my own thread of thoughts
If i can't be held whn i am broken like a glass
If i can't be saved when i am troubled
Then my disappearance
My insanity
My death
Shall all be a part of gods plan or mayb fate and destiny,
Wanting me to meet and imprint
Some happy,sad,harsh memories in people's lives.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 16
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RadiantFireflyonline now!

Unhear You

I can't unhear the words you say to me
You can't take those words back
What is said, is said and words do hurt
You can say sorry, sorry can only go so far
I can't unhear the words you've said, You've said them so many times
I am not perfect and I don't expect you to be
Disagreements are going to happen as you are you and I am just me! You have scarred me and when I'm about to heal, you reopen the wounds that I've managed to seal
You cannot unbreak the broken,
you can't undo the done
You can't unhear what has already been spoken and you can't take back the words you have said. Take caution in your words for you never realize how sharp the blade of your tounge.
Shadows of the pain replay in my mind! Different situations same old routines.
Nothing cute or clever to say..... Just left in all this pain.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 15
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