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daradloffonline today!


I love the internet
Have been coming here to get what I wanted to get
Halloween and Christmas fortune cookies, Rap snacks, Herr's Deep Dish Curls
45 records I could give a whirl
Sharing my writings on here
But some troll made it clear
Even here you are not as safe as it seems
We'll do stuff to you that will make you want to scream
So I was forced to change my password and then forgot
Should have written it down, and now I'm hot
I'm mcradloff who has to use daradloff instead
But at least the new password is still in my head!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 3
About this poem:
I've been here since 2011, and I'm still here!
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TravelLover2023online today!

It Takes Two to Tango

It Takes Two to Tango

In the dance of the roses, red as wine,
Passion burning, entwined in a divine sign,
A duet of hearts, beating in time,
Telling a tale, of your love and mine.

Under the gaze of daisies, so pure,
Where love is innocent, untouched and sure,
Two souls collide, no walls endure,
In this dance of life, sweet and demure.

The whispering lilies in the night,
Echo our promises, our pledge to hold tight,
In the tango we dance, under the moonlight,
Finding our rhythm, in love's sacred rite.

In the field of sunflowers, bright and gay,
Our spirits twirl, lost in ballet,
With each swaying step, in this merry play,
Our love blossoms, in the light of the day.

The tulips hum the melodies, so sweet,
A harmony perfect, when two hearts meet,
In the dance of love, where joy and sorrow greet,
The music of life, in time, we beat.

Past the orchids, mysterious and wild,
Lies the tango of love, untamed, beguiled,
In this dance of ours, through trials we've smiled,
For in every step, love has been reconciled.

Amidst the violets, shy and soft,
We found a rhythm, aloft,
In this dance of ours, gentle and oft,
We found a love, that held us aloft.

The marigolds glow, with fervor so bright,
As we sway in the twilight, under the starlight,
In our tango, we find love's eternal light,
Two hearts, one rhythm, in the silent night.

In the garden of our tango, love unfurls,
Each petal, a step, as the dance whirls,
In the dance of the flowers, where passion swirls,
It takes two for a tango, in love's own world.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 4
About this poem:
This poem, titled "It Takes Two for a Tango," is a beautiful exploration of love and partnership through the metaphor of a tango dance, taking place in the natural backdrop of a blooming garden. Each flower represents a unique aspect of love, making the poem rich in imagery and symbolism. The poetry flows rhythmically, much like the dance it describes, and uses the flowers as a progression through different stages of love, from passion (roses) to purity (daisies), commitment (lilies), joy (sunflowers), harmony (tulips), mystery (orchids), gentleness (violets), brightness (marigolds), and finally the culmination of love's journey (garden).(To Maharlika)
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Elysian Dreams

Elysian Dreams.

Let us dance through our Elysian dreams.
through starlit night and daylight’s sunbeams,
where colours of the rainbow, alive before sight,
give you Faith to walk in daylight.

Where Love is ever fresh and bold,
our Love story, forever told,
my darling, held in your embrace,
wherever we are within Love’s space.

I lose myself within the softest brown eyes,
to be in your embrace is paradise,
come now my Love, our passions flow,
under God’s watch, our Love does grow

My beloved, we love in starry beams,
Within the desire of Elysian dreams.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 3
About this poem:
One I write a while back, when the heart was dancing.
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Yankee4youonline today!

Somewhere In Between

Headlights shine on rain slicken roads
Dotted lines and yellow ribbons glow
Staying between them steady as she goes
Mile after mile going all night
The darkness has only been growing
My thoughts are weighing me down
Waiting to see you again
When I find my way back home
In a quiet country where knowing
When we will be together again
I’ve been gone a long, long time
Drifting from one life to another
Picking up after all the broken lies
Shattered dreams in fields gone by
As helpless now as I am somehow
You have always saved me a seat
Your table overflowing fruits of love
Shared in the harvest gained from above
Maybe, maybe we have something
Created like we had the first time
When we fell down and laughed
In the tall green grasses of late spring
And somewhere in between found love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 5
About this poem:
This poem is about hoping to discover young love again.
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The silver back of midnight

We sit on the silver back of midnight
a haze in from the Aleutians
where God left a twist
of scale and immensity
with the moon hanging surely
above the creaking dock
timbers dry and seasoned
we cast lines into the wake
and drink from the home-made wine
under the mighty canopy
we are star fueled
philosophy flows
while the crabs scuttle
along the shoreline
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 4
About this poem:
Just a thought come to mind
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ladyjewelonline today!

Walking on Cloud's

When you fall in love, it's an amazing feeling.

But when your Soul fall's in love,
Wow, the world becomes alive again.

The falling of winter leaves becomes a wonder.

You look around and really see the beauty that is Life.

I am suddenly very alive, and walking on Cloud's.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 4
About this poem:
I am in awe of something magical,
For now I am truly happy.
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To a gamer

Once upon a time
On the edge of the earth
We met with you
By chance.
When the roses have already faded ,
The Love came to me
And it was desperately beautiful.

On the last days of spring
On the edge of the earth
We broke up
By chance .
The roses have not bloomed yet
And the spring love has left me;
The one which was desperately beautiful,

You entered my life
And playing your game,
You broke my heart,
But my heart was not a toy,
This was my heart
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 30
About this poem:
Just a message ..
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A Beauteous Sight

Through the night I do see your reflection,
in the pool made by love's tears that you cry,
in my heart, they would have their collection,
when they were gone, your heart would surely fly.

Take my dark hand and walk into starlight,
with your dark man make all your dreams to bloom,
stars in your hair, an ethereal light,
you shine so bright, within Heaven's vaulted room.

Passions, desires, they shall flow in delight,
love fills the heart and gone is strife and care,
you shall ever shine in sun or moonlight,
a star in life, your beauty you shall share.

In my vision, such a beauteous sight,
you, my angel, light up my every night.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 3
About this poem:
Something I did write for someone really special, some years back.
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Stillblueoceanonline today!

Truth of mind

10 years that sure has been a long time now I'm alone but I'm not sad anymore. My heart has grown my mind has lived and knows that I am someone I always wanted to be for sure. I feel now I am like a river that's been living for years but I'm just that bit that goes to the shore. 10 years yes it's been a wild ride with you and even though we are not together anymore we are friends till the end of the world And I'm taking my new steps to find my peace that I've always needed to be cured. I've always thought being alone was sadness and I tip my hat to the days with you that made me feel like I was nailed to the floor. I'm glad you're still my friend and I hope we both find another love for each we live we laugh we learn.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 6
About this poem:
This is about my ex-wife we found each other on this site we was together for 10 years our love bloomed even with bumps in the road but we mutually called it quits because we knew we wasn't meant to be.
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Wizardaryonline today!


Who are you what do you do
As I scroll through the profiles looking for you
You maybe tender you may be tall
If I don't keep trying I will surely fall

Your hair maybe short it could even be long
If you don't like my look you will pull out your tongue
You could be light you could be heavy
If we hit the bright lights together we can have a beavy.

Don't be shy don't be scared
The good lord has arranged that were romantically paired.
It's only a short poem just to say
When you message me don't forget my names Paul not Jose.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 4
About this poem:
The poem is about trying to find a romantic match
Sometimes the devine can influence and arrange these things
Hope you can connect with this
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