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A secret is only as good as
The paper it's written on
After being burned
Flakes of gray float into the sky
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 3 hrs ago
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I Will Wait For You

You are the most beautiful woman to ever grace the face of this earth...
Only God himself will ever know just how much I love you...
For there are no words in existence that can describe my love for you...
I fear that it is only in heaven that I may be able to show you...

Like babies wrapped in linens of lace and ribbons...
Strewn about in fields of velvet green grass...
Bringing a pureness of joy never felt before...
Blossoming into flowers with colors that never existed...
A perfect union of souls and bodies...

In supple dreams of mysteriously colored leaves...
My adoration is indescribable...
I would suffer for the rest of eternity...
Just to hold you once...
Just to feel you close...
Just to let you know how much you are to me...

I will continue to tolerate my misery and loneliness...
For as long as necessary....
For there is no substitute for your flawless perfection...
I will wait for your immortality in this fallen mortal state....
Never settling for anyone else...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 22, 2014
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The wisdom of the Owl

Great owl of the highlands
what makes you
so wise?

You sit perched upon your tree
looking down to the ground
so intently

Oh here comes lone wolf
who prowls around the
ground between the trees
listening and sniffing
through the fallen leaves

The lone wolf asks the wise owl
what is wisdom and
how shall it be measured
what is its value?

Great owl laughs and says to
lone wolf
from where I sit high upon
this tree
and where you wander upon the
we both have eyes but sometimes
we still cannot see

You view me better because I can fly
I view you with stealth and cunning
but are we anymore wise?

In nature we serve a common goal
to live in harmony
and survive the winter's cold

In spring we share the beauty
and warmth
and the flowers dance
to the rhythm of the breeze

Hence, wisdom speaks to us all
that we need each other
when we hear the call

All of us have our gifts
we just need to share them
to give each other a lift

Just because the owl can fly
does not make the wolf who can't
any lesser of a deserving spirit

Hence, the same can apply
to people
great or small
rich or poor
all have gifts
to be measured
for they all have
their treasure
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 22 hrs ago
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The Gift

Hey! Girl!
I just wanted you to know.

I had no choice!
I had to go!

You see...
The first time I saw you,

My heart skipped a beat or two,
From that moment, I lived for you!

We had times of wonder,
And accomplished great things.

That was after we said our vows,
And exchanged some Rings

We had some children,
And found a deeper Love.

There were times so rough,
But we always came through when push came to shove.

And of course, you always had sweet things to say,
And how Beautiful you looked every day.

You were so loyal, and always had my back,
You lead me through some times...so black.

You gave me reasons to live, and be a better Man,
You've always been stronger than I am.

And now days that's hard to find,
You know!.
A partner that's honest, loving, loyal and kind.

So you see?..
The decision wasn't so hard to make,
For you my love,
I did it for your sake

You gave me every reason to live,
Thank you...my beautiful Wife.

So yes! It's me I give,
for you I gave my life!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 24 hrs ago
About this poem:
I wrote this to express in a small way how I view what marriage should be.
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no lie in her fire

she's mad,but she's magic.There's no lie in her fire.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 9 hrs ago
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He once was a good man
But war turned him sour
Many of his generation drank themselves to death
He chose to go further
To a new hell not just in war
But forever in hell
He found a box
Made of wood and covered in fancy metallic designs
Whoever opened the box would be dragged into hell
Dragged by large metal fish hooks attached to chains
There they would either be tormented for eternity or become a demon
the box saw in this military man a monster
A monster that would become one of the worst nightmares for many
Angels to some
Demons to others
A man with pins all over his face and head
A white head with squares cut by unseen knife wielder
Where each intersection of a cut would have a metallic spike
Pinhead would go down as a memorable monster indeed
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 8 hrs ago
About this poem:
I was watching Hellraiser III today. In this one Pinhead is given the ability to torture the innocent as well as those who unwisely open the box.
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Oh, no! It's my birthday?! 66 years old. Pleassee!

This is nuts! I'll be sixty six tomorrow?
What's up with that?
I mean, seriously..
This means I was here
When God made the first
Proton's, neutron's, and
Apparently, He had a
Few bits of matter
Left over and just
For kicks He
Decided to make
A beast for
He threw together
Some meat and
He put some hair
On top my head
Just to make it
Look real, and
Then popped a
Couple eyeballs
In my face, and
Said, "It is
He set me in
A garden to
Till the land
But this crazy
Snake kept
Messing with
My mind
He gave me
A woman who
I named Eve
She was the hottest
Chick in town..
Well.. she was the
only chick in
Town lol.
Then I heard there
Was going to be
A flood and
Everybody who
Couldn't swim
Was going to
Have a bad day
So I took swimming
Lessons and bought
A ticket for the Ark
There were all kinds
Of animals on the
Ark, but this crazy
Duck kept me up
All night
Forty days later
We spotted land
And I could see a
Wall Mart sign on
The seashore
Then Noah said, "I
Only had one hour
To shop, and I'd
Better be back on
The Ark at six sharp
Three camels laughed
In my face and a
Purple duck screamed
Out, " You"ll never
make it back
In time!"
But I tarried in
The store to long
And the ark was
Pulling out
I was to old to
Run fast so I
Was stuck on
Wall Mart island
I met a chick who
Could play the
She had painted
Toenails so I
Married her
We gave birth
To 69 childred
And I claimed all
Of them on my
Social Security
One day I was
Standing naked
On the beach and
Someone yelled
"Happy Birthday! "
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 5, 2016
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chaos and beauty

she was chaos and beauty intertwined.A tornando of roses from divine.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 9 hrs ago
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The Plain Truth

Ask and you shall see
What’s inside of me
I don’t hide any treasure
Or fake any pleasure
‘Cause honesty’s transparent
And really quite coherent
There’s little mystery
For that matter history
Is that why I’m so plain?
Please do not complain
Don't tell tall tales
When all else fails
There's no secret mantra
and no hidden agenda
So don’t jump the gun
And count me as one
Don’t have to wrestle
To find someone special
No need to be a sleuth
Just to know the truth
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 1, 2011
About this poem:
Personifying truth
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Untamed Wisdom

How do you know
What nest to build
Or flight across
Which distant hill
Your arrival with a trill
Survival such a thrill
Lest you face an almost
Certain death by the time
You hear its piercing shrill
But come you do.....
With greatest pleasure
Every spring in colored prime
Singing loudly and boldly
Announcing for good measure
Same songs in chirping rhyme
Fearful not even changing clime
As boundless as any treasure
Is an untamed wisdom
Wild... and old as time

(c) Yankee4you 2015
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 17, 2015
About this poem:
Spring arrivals of waves and waves of returning songbirds across the northern New England countryside.
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