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Harbalonline now!

According to the Book of Proverbs

There’s a storm in my teacup where there should be only tea
In my works there is a spanner where a spanner shouldn’t be
My ointment has a fly in it, determined to burst my bubble
And if I said what’s in my wood pile It would get me into trouble

There’s a flea in my ear and in my bonnet there’s a bee
I don’t know why all of this bad stuff keeps on happening to me
My horse has done a runner cause my stable door won’t shut
And when I wished upon a shooting star but it shot me in the foot

I have no luck with money, and even less with women
And when the tide’s against me, it’s always when I’m swimming
Whenever I get going, it’s always against the grain
And whenever I am making hay, it’s always in the rain

As I walk along my tunnel, I see no glimpse of light
There’s no point waiting on the dock, for there is no ship in site
I would like, just once, to see a sight that’s fit for sore eyes
I’d like, for once, the unexpected not to be an unwelcome surprise

I’ll probably end up barking mad, but no doubt up the wrong tree
And as for clouds with linings, no silver do I see
If fortune doesn’t smile on me, so what? I’ll manage without it
And it’s not such a bad life, really, when I come to think about it
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 12 hrs ago
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godsprincessonline today!


RIP dod: 9/17/2017

God has a new Angel in Heaven today
Leaving his poetry friends astray
Lost without our Castle leader Café
The knights are sad and the maidens afraid

Café Jim brightened all our days with fun
He also strengthened our Spirits with love
He never judged but treated everyone equally
Giving his friendship and his love freely

Greatly missed in this corner of the world
You were one of God’s rare black pearls
Heaven has gained a wonderful Knight
The Castles up there will surely come alive

To all our loved ones in Heaven watch out above
Café Jim is there now – surround him with love
If you wonder how you might find him up there
Look for an Angel with a Halo slightly bent over his ear

Love - Godprincess and all your friends at CS Poetry Corner
October 1, 2017
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 1, 2017
About this poem:
9/17/2018 It will be a year since you went to be with our Heavenly Father. We still love and miss you dearly! Sept. 2017: Love to Cafe Jim - we will miss you dearly
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When Shall my Sun Sets

Too many poems written in the past
Wondering just in case I wouldn’t last
Childhood visions of a short-lived life
Reminding me as it keeps coming back

Was it the turmoil of my yesteryears
Or the challenges I had to grin and bear
Stoically trained this heart, this mind to sway
Outside my box; champion those who cannot play?

I welcomed change and challenges with hands wide-open
No fear in loving and trusting someone I barely knew
Leaving my loved ones, my comfort zone behind
To cross the ditch more than half a score ago!

There was no other dream but see the world around.
Instead, I found me rather in this small rural town.
Stripped off everything my heart has grown to love
But my soul was nourished; He had another plan!

The unknown messing-up my mind with doubts, with fear
Not knowing how many curve balls awaits me each year
Yet my journey's laid down; I know I must press on
Until my soul goes back to Him, finally my soul to heal!

I’ve seen ugly; I've seen beautiful; not much in between
I tried to lend a hand; the ripple's too small for change
Every tear from every eye I’ve seen, every broken-hearted ones
It comes from something else; surely not from my Father God!

And as each day pans out; my fears and pain go out of mind
To keep another soul safe; respecting her tears
Encouraging, empowering both day and night until she knows
She’s not alone, her faith restored; her dreams alive!

While all the times the weight I carry gets more heavy
Turning my soul weary as the day sucks away my energy
I plod along for at the end of each day another soul I know,
Understands, soothes my soul even on days so dreary!

Instead of anger or bitterness, I will be grateful instead
When it’s my turn, though bittersweet; I’ll drink my cup and won’t forget
The beautiful sunrises and sunsets admired and seen across the globe
May mine be as warm, as beautiful when to the West my sun shall set!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 19
About this poem:
Life's journey; fear does cripple us in many ways! Death is scary so is sickness and strife yet sometimes when we've done our very best...sometimes...the fear goes away...gratitude and acceptance take its place! Life can be likened to a beautiful day that starts with a glorious sunrise and an awe-inspiring sunset!

I haven't written for a long time; years I think. I have not been well many a few times this year and I believe that when one writes a poem for someone it really comes from their heart. I just wanted to express my gratitude to my husband who without fail has gone beyond my expectations each day I am not well. I feel blessed that I can come home at the end of a challenging day knowing that I have someone who understands what I am going through!
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Harbalonline now!

There’s a naked woman on my bed

There’s a naked woman on my bed, she’s looking very keen
There’s a naked woman on my bed, the first there’s ever been
There’s a naked woman on my bed, one of very few I’ve seen
But, alas, the naked woman on my bed is just a picture in a magazine
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 12 hrs ago
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Dakinderwayonline now!

The winds of change..

Flee from the change that cripples your spirit.
Embrace the change that inspires your heart.
Hold dearly to your precious memorys ,to endure through the times that are dark.
And if you left thinking all is great, and good times are yours to the end.
You should be aware, and fully prepared,
Because change comes on like the wind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 9 hrs ago
About this poem:
I wrote this poem after my marriage fell out . I never saw it coming so i was very much devistated.
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niah9online today!


You are my dreams, do you know who you are
Are you the moon, or maybe a bright star
Magic of the night, or warmth of every day
Your words like poetry, send sunny rays

If I am feeling lost, you're my special one
Makes a new day, when the old one is done
Echo of my senses, where past breezes run
Allows me to sit quietly, watch a dying sun

Are you my shadow, where I go, you are there
No need to turn around, I know that you care
Watching over me, especially when I'm sad
Never to be scared of, all good and never bad

Like my inner twin, be a mirror of mine
Inner being waits, for your special sign
Will you remain, or in time fade away
Questions I ask, what will you say?

You're my hidden side, balance in life
If I get overwhelmed, controlling strife
I go to a special place, where I can wait
Until ready, to slip through the opening gate....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 19
About this poem:
A poem I wrote in Sept 2012.....that seems fitting today....
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surprizemeonline now!

Naked spread out on her bed surrounded by hovering disjointed blue eyes

Those are mine
those nocturnal blue eyes
swarming to the water hole to dine.
Sweet luring thermals
swelling below the navel.
It's a gamble not to go blind!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 20
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The Battle

It was there, at a time so long ago
While walking through the darkened alleys
All alone, hate emanating, proudly it stood
The Closet from the pit of Hell

I am a great believer of my rights
The right to make my own mistakes
Of letting go of my past misdeeds
But this, this came from my mortal enemy

Now I would rather waltz with the wind
And swim against the raging torrents
Than to have to deal with this again
But this was not just ‘the chance encounter’

No not at all, not everything changes
Life is much more than just skin deep
When our wills last met, our last touch
Almost I believed that there was no need to leave

But something deep within me dragged me back
Saved me from that awful abyss
And I knew that on this I had to call
As once more I prepared for the battle
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 19
About this poem:
It would seem that I have been away for a while
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niah9online today!


As the winter, starts to fade
Sunshine, over earth cascades
Most trees, still stand stripped bare
Other decked with colour, to compare
Changes, warn of approaching spring
Baby birds, join dawn's chorus sing
Warmth engulfs, soon soil will stir
Escaping growth, as sunshine lures
Shoots to reach for a sky, so high
Where in clear blue, soft clouds fly
Waking nature, to summer days
Grey's forgotten, as colour plays
it's part, heralding a new start
Buds and flowers, play their part
Days get longer, as clothes are shed
Sunsets glow, in pink, gold and red
People stroll, no longer they rush
Muffled up, against rain and gusts
Smiles, seem easier than a frown
As nature wears, its springtime gown.....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 11
About this poem:
just adjusting to the start of a kiwi spring.....
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Sunset blues.......

The crimson sun delicately snuck behind the remainder of the day's clouds
Almost drawing them down as it sank vibrantly over the horizon
In its wake it left a hue of deep pink highlighting the dark blue of the distant mountain range and the deep greens of the valley in the forefront
In a mystical magical way it was enchanting and me in my grubby work clothes was transported from my despairing workplace to a beautiful place where I am constantly reminded what beauty abounds ..........that was all I needed to end my day..........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 14
About this poem:
Looking west after locking up at work .................along the dirt road and further .........very much further ........
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