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Islandgirl61online today!

Long After . . .

Long after my sight fades even more with the passing of time,
when I can no longer write these verses that rhyme
Long after my boobs and bum finally give way to gravity ,
and the passing of time has erased most of what
you call my beauty ....
Long after my memory fades ..... when names I may not so clearly
remember ...
Yet never will I stop recalling Love’s ember ...
For I’ll love you as much then ,
like you now make me simply glow all over ....
and on being near you,
just makes my heart go beating aflutter ...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 17
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Islandgirl61online today!

The Way I Love ...

The way I love ... need to be loved ... and feel,
   I may as well be as antiquated as Da Vinci...
But I dont mind, because that is simply me
   and I can just hope to find a man 
who can value and appreciate that ....
   instead of seeing it as some sort of an oddity ...

I long for that ever tightening but tender embrace ,
    such as I hunger to experience and taste ...
His mouth and fingers passionately 
    caressing every part of me ,
as if saying " I love you" to my very soul
    and every inch of my body ...

Viggo Mortensen's words about the love of his life
    will forever ring in my head and reside in my heart ...
 Inspite of many things 
    that threaten to tear Love apart ,
        it proves such men exist ...
Their innermost longings and desires
       pursued till their heart
           by the grace of Love .... is finally kissed ....
It has awakened me 
    there lives in these times still ...
Through life's hinders
    they shall prevail by strength of will ....
The cares and ills of this worldly life ,
    do not have to necessarily weaken us
       when the bond and love's strength is right ...
So trials and foul weather need not be seen
    as a dreaded fateful blight ....
For nothing can extinguish
    the invincible fire of true love's might ...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 17
About this poem:
As referenced in another poem posted here, the actor Viggo Mortensen's words in that interview ( about living in Madrid, Spain with his longtime Spanish actress life partner) were :
" I feel happy living there , because she's the woman I love. I am totally hers and I'm delighted."
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Joseph1112online today!

Growing old (Buffalo massacre)

What lies have we been told? This was a debt that noone owed. His dream was momentous, we hoped and it kept us. Now we are ghosts the ten of us. Who knows will they even remember us? As the world turns wheels and spokes we bore the brunt of the cruelest of jokes. Funny the strange things I've seen in my dream as I slept. Patiently it waits for me just out of reach in the natural realm at least. My Canaan, the vision, my promised land was kept from my grasping outstretched hands as treacherous 'Mericans emboldened and crass smash it and me into pieces like broken glass. Humbled I once knelt my prayers sent in vain, my dream became smaller I'm smarter my brain says maybe if I just exist, maybe I won't close my eyes and wish, maybe I won't be noticed by rogue cops filling quotas, maybe if I just go down to the market to buy dairy and some meat and fish I'll be less scary, the target of some sick lunatic who thinks his life is doomed to shi- cus a trust fund baby in a bow tie Tuckers' "replacement theory" says that some black mother--- whose just weary, wants to take what's theirs and much more than what he's always settled for. It too is a lie, to be invisible is to be alive. Wish I could be more bold I know there's little to no chance of growing old. WbJS 5/18/22
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 18
About this poem:
In honor of the 10 victims who lost their lives this past weekend. How is this happening every day in America? I watch this on tv and think to myself this so-called god-fearing righteous nation has been overcome by fear, cowardice and hatred for others! The world is watching the fall of America what will you do, what will you say? Talk to your children teach them what is right and decent and patriotic. If you love your country love what it represents, freedom and justice for all. You don't get to hate and murder people and then claim you're a victim. Just stop! There are many righteous God-fearing white people that abhor this evil but too many are silent. Where are you? Be brave! Speak out against this disease infecting the minds of so many. Save yourselves and your once great nation!
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BB_snickersonline today!

I'd Only Just Surrendered

You know.
How you drop by,
throwing smiles.
A tickle of yearn.
With passion to burn.

When you're gone,
out of my mind,
I'd surrender to forgetting and,
the memories stop fretting.

Every time.
Most not expected,
when we're disconnected,
you see what you're missing
with dreams that are blissing.

And I'd only just surrendered
to things I'd remembered.
Those times you arise,
then wave your goodbyes.

Only to return,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 2 hrs ago
About this poem:
This is about the reality that people never really leave you. They always return, either in mind or the master illusion.
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southmiami4321online today!

Answers to Veggies

Brussels sprouts
collard greens
dandelion greens
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 3
About this poem:
Well here are the answers. Many passed through here but no comments and that is fine. There are so many other writers here that experience the same. Whenever I can I comment and leave my thoughts. Anyone who takes the time to share here their ideas, opinions, feelings, thoughts etc , etc I guess deserves a bit of feedback. SM
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FargoFanonline today!

If I loved the sunrise more

Would I set the alarm
and waking open the door
to pull the blinds
And greet the sunlight?
Probably not I'd turn over,
snore snuggle or both
a night owl sleeping fitfully,
mornings a supreme sloth!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 30
About this poem:
It is what it is and tomorrow for sure will be
no early lessons on weekends you see!
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me, myself and i

as i sit in the corner of my room
crying, wailing and waiting for a miracle.
i heard a voice calling out my name.
i couldn't tell where the noise was
coming from it was everywhere
it wasn't pleasant its like its coming
from hell. hell was calling to me,
my soul needed saving
and there wasn't any one
to save it. i'm shouting and
screaming help me! help me lord!
but no one listened
no one helped. i'm just sitting there in
the dark room in the corner of my room
just me, myself and i and my shadow,
and only god knows what else.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 27
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lindsyjonesonline today!

Dedicated to a Hoarder

Yes indeed, freedom it is,
to write a poem that is
But why do you have to be a prick?
Been here for a very long time
Hoarder as you are I've never seen one

You might feel the need to keep writing
Fine and dandy I would say
But if you're not selfish and inconsiderate
The rules we'd expect, you should respect

Oh I think you can feel and understand
This place is enjoyed by everyone
So if you keep doing what you want do
There's truly nothing that can stop you

So this comment I've posted for you
Doesn't weigh any merit or value
But if you have a heart and mind to know
You must refrain from giving us more blow.

God bless you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
Common sense we all have it. Without which our understanding of one another is impaired. Need I say more?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Need I say more?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 18
About this poem:
Hope it's a good day today
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I'm amazed, totally dumb struck, I have no choice,
I cannot speak, I have to write, it seems, too much
maybe, words are free, allowed to be, can you see?

What's written here holds no fear, it's up to you,
what you want to do,

There's no censorship because you write, maybe
a lot tonight,

What I cannot do, what I cannot be, is a subject to
what you see,

If you're not happy, if you need to be, free of my

I humbly suggest, if you want to be freed,

Please don't read!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 16
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Dedicated to ?

I can see you're unhappy, I can see it clear, but vulgar words,
I never expected here, insults may make you feel better,

Insults maybe how you roll, eventually you pay the toll,
So, I'll stop my posting, take this roasting, and leave you here,

Take care my friend and have no fear, I wont be close,
I wont be near, I'll be where I was before, need I say more?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 18
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