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8Dreamsonline now!


when I thought of you,

I could see the volcano exploding;

Had been bubbling for long time-

was to be expected
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 40 mins ago
About this poem:
can happen;
what has to go,
has to come out
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yonik1988online today!

The Lost Poet - Part 2

What I haven't told you before
Is that the poet didn't die
Because he and his beloved
Still wander the world

One day the two found out
That immortality is real
Together they departed
And wandered the world

The two desired immortality
To preserve their love
And one day at sunset
An old woman foretold them

For somewhere in the forest
There is a cure for immortality
Guarded by a wizard
Who knew of their love

He had heard rumors in the world
Of such a love
Love never ending
And he wanted it all

But when the two arrived
Into the forest they ventured
And as soon as they entered
The enchanted wizard

Took them by storm
Did not hesitate for a moment
And invited them to him
To discuss a little

Because what he wanted
Was to take their love
And he told them that he had a cure
With which you live a century

But the price of immortality
Was indeed the price of love
If they wanted immortality
They had to give him their love

The poet hesitated
It's too much for a cure
To live immortality
But without love

Who would want that fate ?!
I would rather die, dad
The stubborn wizard
Looked towards the girl

But the girl wanting immortality
Gave him her love as a gift
The poet being crushed
Received the gift of love

And then the wizard
Shook his leg a bit
And took their love
Offering them immortality

In their date they left
On a separate path
To tell their story
And still wander among the people

So the story goes
That they still wander the world
To offer Immortality
To those who offer Love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 1 hrs ago
About this poem:
the poem is the second part of a poem/story i originaly wrote in Romanian, tried to translate it in english, it might not be the best, but i hope you will like it. thank you for your time
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yonik1988online today!

The Lost Poet part 1

Once, long ago
A poet unknown
Wanted but couldn't
Start anew on his own

He wished deeply
To write what he loved
But fear held him back
For the world to be judged

And if they were to know
They would judge him so
And then condemn him
And hang him in tow

But he loved too much
With his heart so large
And he set off afar
With his love as his charge

Into the world he went
Love he sought to find
And when he found it
He no longer inclined

For fear he had
To lose her so sad
Better he hadn't found
So he thought in his mind

But she encouraged him
To leave his heart behind
To love her instead
For she loved him in kind

He told her many tales
For he couldn't forget
Where he had wandered
And how far he'd met

Until he found her
He wandered so free
In this vast world
Desperately seeking

He searched with longing
In the city of bones
And he wandered easily
In the city of thrones

But he kept hope
Even if he lost life
He still continued
To seek love's delight

In the city of thrones
When he was wandering
He received hope
When morning was dawning

For from the east
A girl appeared
And sadly she found him
For he was lost and seared

She was a traveler
On the sun's rays
And she took him by the hand
And together they strayed

Thus he escaped
From the enchanted city
That ensnared souls
If they lost their pity

But he escaped
Kept his soul intact
For he didn't succumb
To the enchanted act

And so he arrived
Where... it's not to tell
But I know he found her
And that he loved her well

And thus together
They held hands so tight
And they set off into the world
And the story they recite

Their love story
That will never end
Even if one day
The poet's tale does bend
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 1 hrs ago
About this poem:
the poem is a story created by me, this is the first part there is a second one, i wrote some time after this one. it was originaly writen in Romanian, i tried to translate it so that i can shere it with people on this website. thank you all
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Oceanzestonline today!

No waning for the sun

There's no waning for the sun
this is the moon's prerogative
within heavenly drifting cycles
I tie my consciousness to neither
when the land stretches out afar
many can truly journey beneath
search out and adore peace
oh when the men are few
the words are few
simple and fine
like dandelion wine
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 4
About this poem:
a little entry to keep things moving..
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Embedded image from another site

One night I dreamed of walking green hills
Seeing little people that gave me chills
Following a rainbow to the end
Seeing a pot of gold and a little green man

"Top of the day to you", he said
With a little green hat on his head
"Come closer my dear to me
Come over and rest under the tree"

He said he was a cobbler by trade
As we sat under the tree in the shade
I noticed a black kettle off to the side
With gold coins he guarded with pride

He asked didn’t I want to steal them away
I told him – no – I wasn’t there to prey
He said I had earned 3 wishes for this
So think careful and tell him my list.

The first I asked for a long and healthy life
Second that in the world there no longer be strife
For the last that I wanted 3 wishes more
He laughed and slapped his knee and roared

For I'd found the secret to eternal wishes it seems
To keep using your third wish to fulfill all your dreams

Author: Kathy © March 8, 2019
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2019
About this poem:
Hope you like Leprechauns everyone!! GETTING READY FOR ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!
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lovecanberealonline today!

The Secret Glade

Within a forest in a glade,
Is Nature's finest green brocade,
It's nestled by a secret stream,
Inside the mirror of a dream.

If I should pause, to change direction,
Go to that place of soft reflection,
To sit beneath a sylvan bower,
Some dappled, sun splashed, shady hour,

A sacred glen, where Nature's free,
The shadows weave a tracery,
That laces through a hidden dell,
Where is that place? - I shall not tell.

In this green forest filled with trees,
Birds singing in their canopies,
Life is filled with extant power,
From trembling leaf to tip of flower,

Sun shining on a cloudless day,
Give me peace from the world's dismay,
To think a while in solitude,
An unspoiled place of rectitude,

I wish now for some sweet release,
And hope this song may never cease,
Within that wild and ancient glade,
Where lyrebirds sing in serenade,

In every leaf of every branch,
A gentle breeze will make them dance,
It's nestled by a secret stream,
My blissful sweet poetic dream.

© lovecanbereal

All rights reserved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 25
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ladyjewelonline today!

My ghost

There's someone out there He's my ghost.

My being knows him, He was my whole life in my past life.

This life is getting shorter and I sometimes feel like I will miss Him.

But my beautiful Ghost I am here and if we need to wait another lifetime to feel what we have, I am good with that.

Until then let's make memories and live.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 3
About this poem:
They say that we have a soul mate, I think I might have met mine but maybe not, or he's not ready.
Never stop looking and hold tight when you find them.
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My Battleship USS Missouri 1945 Part-3

1. Alien Race had admitted they had probed my sisters mind and my mind much more further.
I had asked "just why?"
They said, "We had found something in both of your minds that you both did in common at different times in your lives."
I said, "And what is that?"
They said, "your earth calls this place Library."

2. "We sent some numbers of our people to your earth library, sent our people to look like earth people."
"While a number of our people were reading your library books, we found lots of vital information we had copied in our special abilities, these areas we had decided to copy your earth calls them careers."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2
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Angeldanceronline today!

The Dancing Muse

She whirled around center stage, pirouetting around the room
Curly ebony hair with heavy make up, silver shadowing around
The brows, reflective of the snowy supermoon
And as she danced, spectactors cry, we are lulled into
The throes of a gothic lullabye, softly sung sorrowfully, resonating
Deep within the heartstrings of the audience, no longer feeling
A little tense, expressing the love of dance as to how she feels
No longer needing commerciality to keep it real,
She's pouring her heart out through the medium of dance
Improving with every step knowing that it might be classed as
A distant trance, floating, gracefully into an elegant twist,
The poem can now be resolved and twirled into this
A moving piece of powerful verse, emotions churn like a blessing
And a curse, the balance is no longer reported adrift
As this poem ends with a silent kiss, a quiet salute to those
That can dream and remind people reading this that
Not everything in reality appears as it seems, that mystery
Can appear to many even in evidential truths
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2
About this poem:
dancing perspective
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No Roses For Ray

No roses for Ray,
but that's ok.
As long as it's sunny,
Am healthy and pray
Can walk the Kaiser.

Everything's good,
Everything's fine.
Though i miss Inna
But, she's not mine.

Ah well, still i say .....
Happy Valentine day.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2
About this poem:
On Valentine's Day, it was as normal a day as all the rest of the other days. I enjoyed listening to '70s music, i read, i walked the dog and watched some tv.

But also it was a day with unrequited love.
Inna is 'the' goddess.
Kaiser is my dog.
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