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12qw34er56tyonline now!

My grandmother advised me

It takes great courage to love women who are marked by the past, with a strong character, but with a kind heart. To heal their wounds, you need a lot of love, and above all you need to be smart, because they are so mature, so experienced that they no longer believe in what you say, but in what you are ready to do for them.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 21
About this poem:
A lot of suffering in pleasing a female
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12qw34er56tyonline now!


What is the distance? The word hurts, it pierces the soul painfully, the heart breaks so much! Not to be in another country, in another place, is a paradox! You can be thousands of miles away, but not far away, and sometimes you sleep in the same bed and you are far away! This distance, to be accompanied and to be alone, between many people and loneliness, to have a family, to be together and to be invisible! Another piece of furniture. Distance, unfortunately, is being close to the people you live with and no one seeing you, and walking without anyone noticing! That the night comes and no one accepts you, and more than that, they do not take you into consideration, just to be exploited. They remember only for their own sake, when they need you, and they deny you when their interests end. I think this is the distance
this is sick

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 19
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12qw34er56tyonline now!


I had a dream about you!
And the Moon felt jealous of you and she decided to leave because she didn't feel full, now she was half.

I had a dream about you!
And the words she said to you were of love and passion, I did not feel any shame in expressing to you my desire to consume myself in your skin.

I had a dream about you!
And I was able to love you like no man or gentleman could ever love you.

I had a dream about you!
And I drew with my firm and anxious hands the most indecipherable figures on your skin.

And I was a poet!
And I knew your verses, I savored your lines and I loved the letters that make up your name.

I had a dream about you!
I hugged you in caresses and made you mine while I whispered in your ear all those forbidden words for a true poet.

A poet is not vulgar on paper, a true poet makes poetry that exalts women eternal, and if he has to make it vulgar he will do it exclusively under the sheets, stripped of modesty and rooted skin to skin.

In my dream I kissed every inch of your fine canvas
(Wrinkles and stretch marks you say? I rather call them indelible marks of your life well lived) and you didn't stop me, on the contrary you covered my body with yours and we made love until we went crazy.

I had a dream about you!
And you were my company forever and there were no moons or suns that could separate us.

Today I left my house thinking about such a wonderful dream and I ran into you
We looked at each other in silence and I jumped for joy when you approached me and with a sweet voice I heard you say:
Last night, last night and without knowing you
I dreamed of you..."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 15
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yonik1988online today!

Just tell me why ?

Just tell me why ?
I can't just die ?!
This life is mine
Not by designe

Is mine to live
But i can't give...
I'm not alowed
To give my vow

I can not love
that is because
I don't belive
That love exist

At list not now
When people vow
To love each other
Then find another

And that's when they
Find another way
To live theyre life
With new designe

They brake some heart's
I think that's nots
You can go insane
Because of the payne

And that is why
I hope to dye
I want no part
In breaking a heart

I have no wish
To live like this
To live alone
Just by my own
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 22
About this poem:
this poem i write last night hope that you will like it, thank you
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yonik1988online today!

In your journey down the hall

In your journey down the hall,
Please wish me softly a goodnight call,
And as you close the bedroom door,
Gently, please, don't make it roar.

For as my eyelids slowly close,
I feel myself drift to repose,
And I begin to dream once more,
Of children's laughter I adore.

I miss them dearly as they played,
Their happiness, it never strayed,
They made me smile, they made me see,
The joy that comes from being free.

I loved to care for them each day,
To cherish them in every way,
To watch them grow, it was a sight,
But now they're angels in the night.

Among the stars they softly roam,
Guiding me through life's unknown,
Even through the darkest night,
They're angels now, among the light.

And I hope dearly, for someday,
We'll meet again, in some small way,
And then no one will say goodbye,
For none of us will ever fly
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 26
About this poem:
i originaly wrote it in Romanian word, but translated it in english, hope you will like it
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Stay with Me!

Don’t say that time has come for you to go,
How could you say, “We’ve never made it right”?!
And now since our love has made you strong
You say that it is time for us to part, how come?!
You’re looking far ahead for new horizons,
You say I've pinioned your wings so long, till now,
So that you shouldn’t look for greener pastures,
So that you'd dream abandon for this meager love.
How could you love regard in such a light?!
How could you love and dedication ever doubt?!
Some time your only stronghold was our love,
Now that you're free our love no longer counts.
Oh when in love don’t ever hope it is long run,
Love will mature in its course, then duly die.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2013
About this poem:
I know many of you, dear friends, are in happy relationships, so this is just poetry. I personally am of the opinion that love can and is to last forever and ever, I just can’t write about joyful merriment and such things. So I may sound gruesome for many. But when I think of parting and such things a feeling of sadness overcomes me and I feel I can put it on paper. Thank you very much for your inspiring poetry.
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I let you go.

Today I opened the door to the cage around my heart.

I slowly pulled each memory out, smiled, cried, kissed it and held it close one more time, then opened my hands and watched the soft beautiful butterflies with gentle colours fly free.

I let you go today.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 5
About this poem:
Beginning to heal.
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Letting go, it's time.

There are times when you have to let go of someone.

Open the door to your heart and watch them walk away.

Close the cage back that you were slowly breaking down and lock the door.

Each time you hand over a key gets harder.

The old tarnished gates now have a shinning new lock, maybe one day.

Until then the key is in a box hidden away.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 25
About this poem:
Sometime you wait for months and realise you were never enough.
That's when you need to be strong enough to find you again.
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Love is hard to forget...

On lonely days such vacant space,
An empty chair, no warm embrace,
Her smile no more my life to grace,
The loss inflicts much pain.

Still haunted by the happy days,
Fond memories a smoky haze,
Warm seaside walks in sunshine rays,
Now all I feel is rain.

Those magic times I fondly miss,
When we enjoyed our lovers bliss,
I yearn a single fleeting kiss,
We join no longer twain.

In quietude a lonely prayer,
That hope won't wither to despair,
Across my eyes a vacant stare,
Peers out my window pane.

Time slowly helps my mood improve,
On with my life I've tried to move,
But wistful thoughts I can't remove,
Where lost love left a stain.

A candle flickers in the hall,
It faintly glows should e're she call,
Just once more to my heart enthrall,
I'm waiting here in vain.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2021
About this poem:
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SingleDogonline today!


In shadows we roamed,
Echoes of love now faded,
Lost souls find solace.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 6
About this poem:
In the haiku, "In shadows we roamed" sets the scene of a relationship that once existed, where the lovers were intertwined in each other's lives, sharing moments both bright and dark. "Echoes of love now faded" signifies that the intensity and passion of their love have diminished over time, leaving behind only faint remnants of what once was. Finally, "Lost souls find solace" suggests that despite the loss and heartache, there is still hope for healing and finding peace in the aftermath of lost love. It speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and the possibility of moving forward despite the pain.
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