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A Waltz with Angels.

On a frosty Winter's evening,
In a haunting moonlight glare,
I remembered perished loved ones,
With a solemn silent prayer.

There the flickers of the firelight,
Cast live shadows on the gloom,
Like the ghosts of souls departed,
Came alive within the room.

I could sence parental spirits,
Place their marble hands in mine,
As they coaxed me from the armchair,
Up to waltz with them entwined.

Yet although their steps were silent,
And they spoke with soundless air,
Their warm aura was a blessing,
Of which I was unaware.

For their lives on earth weren't easy,
In those woeful days of yore,
Yet together lived contented,
Through the suffering they bore.

Hope and gratitude they gifted,
All my worries were benign,
As the two kind hearted spectres,
Soon returned to the divine.

With the dying of the embers,
Came our parting bittersweet,
As the fading of the shadows,
Were their spirits in retreat

They bestowed a saintly message,
Scribed in smoke upon the wall,
" Always pray for fallen angels,
And no harm shall you befall."

Now it's lonesome by the fireside,
On the floor.. a teardrop stain,
And I pray my kindred guardians,
Will return to dance again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 8
About this poem:
I often feel that lost kindred souls are never far away.
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A Righteous Man's Life

Righteous, is to do the Right thing.
But, sometimes the right thing,
Can be a wrong, to another.
Oh, it's so complex to explains.

For the righteousness, I wish to convey,
Is a truely Christian path of life.
Doing the right thing,
In an unjustly, defiled world.

Yes. The righteous decision,
Can be a difficult time for family,
For, to live, one needs money.
But, to gain money in an unjustly way, is not a Righteous life's path.

The righteous man suffers,
He suffers. But, gains Glory.
The unrighteous, will never see the path,
And cannot ever go that narrow road.

The righteous man's path,
Though has many downs,
in the eyes of the World,
Has found the narrow road to Heaven.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 30
About this poem:
Dedicated to My Dada who passed away on 01st May 2023. A man who walked the narrow path throughout his lifetime.
But, received God's Grace and Mercy in Abundance.
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Mom And Dad's Prayer For Their Daughter

1. A father and a mother that really love's their Daughter
They would want U to seek to find A real Pure genuine man that's true,
that would never be a counterfeit phony, fake to you to use you.

2. Mom and Dad have been together for a very long time. "Grown-Up Daughter before you choose your bed,
the man of your dreams you will face him every day and night in your eye,
Mom and Dad would want you to choose a man whose
Love has no amount of millions of dollars cannot buy."

3. Mom and Dad would want you to choose a man That's been just as willing as they've been with you. Spend all the same amount of time they had spent
With their Daughter, forsake all others 24-7, 366-days And nights a year tending only to their Daughter,
Just like Mom and Dad had done.
Mom and Dad would warn their Daughter, "This American newer generation of young men,
Other things that are forbidden to happen in a Marriage, behind her back their feet are always out there to go on the run."

4. Mom and Dad would have a talk with their Daughter before she leaves home. "Just because a man looks handsome that doesn't mean
His actions will treat you handsome."
"Just because a man is tall that doesn't mean his heart is tall in empathy."

5. A number of men in America they expect the world to give them
A hand out, the inside of their heart they refuse to grow-up from being a Momma's boy.
Mom and Dad would say to their grown-up Daughter,
"A number of American Men want more than just one woman And remember daughter you're not someone's boy-man-toy."

6. Mom ad Dad would remind you again "seek to find the man of your dream." "Please make sure he's willing to spend the same amount of time we've spent with you,
Your Mom and Dad worked so hard together to raise you as we both worked hard Together as a Parental Team."

7. "Daughter, Joseph was so busy on his call the woman was never on his mind." "The Good Lord brought the right woman to him when he decided it was the right time."

8. "Daughter in America a huge number of relationships are based on the Hip, Real Love doesn't begin at the hip."
"Mom and Dad's relationship began in the human heart, That's why they're still together from the start."

9. The human heart is just like a huge storage warehouse.
You can choose to be just like your Mom and Dad, fill your heart with your Catholics Church Gospel Light.
Or you can choose the world to be your Mom and Dad,
Fill your heart with the world's darkness that is black as coal from a coal mine Pitch Black as night.

10. Mom & Dad know the church always brings hope, The world always brings despair.
Mom and Dad would say, "please be careful with whom you choose to be with
when you're out there."

11. America is the top game capital in the world women are looked at as Centerfolds just like a number of men's hit and run basketball games.
Whoever scores the most points wins the game.

12. Fly hearted men will land on women like their sugar, flies are always wanting Anything for free as soon as they see.
Mom and Dad had taught their Daughter, "don't let any man use you and rob you, You own your body keep your Virginity,
When you're ready to Marry to give him your see make sure he's a productive honey bee."

13. Daughter had questioned her Dad, "Why is Mom so crazy about you Dad?" Dad said, "when I make a promise to your Mom I always keep my word."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 3
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Men's Commandments Not Women's!

A-1. Quora said: "My boyfriend is fighting with me & getting angry because I won't buy him a PlayStation 5."
"Also, he is shoving in my face what he did 4 me. What should I do?"
Here's My Answer:

1. Savior never instructed men in the Bible 2-borrow, 2-take & steal a woman's money away from her! He only spoke only on the man is the
one should work. 2-Thess 3:10-13 "If a man doesn't work then he shouldn't eat."

2. America under The Constitution Of The U.S.A. men have made created this document 4
"We The People," men have created a path 4-women 2-walk Upon giving women the freedom of choice 2 work if she wants 2."

3. On the gender hand of men under the
Same Document it's a man's freedom of choice 2-borrow, take, steal, rob a woman's Money Away from her.
A number of men are as crafty as that Serpent, they will honor a woman
with their lips he gave his word 2-her
that he would pay her money back 2-her,
he already knows in his own heart about paying her back,
his heart is far from it.

4. God had Never commanded the woman 2-work she isn't mentioned in scripture at all 2-work 2-make money. Any man that takes from a woman that was never Commanded by God to work a job is Robbing God, when U forcibly take from her.

5. Same rule applies when a woman is being sued in any court for her money in this entire world, these men are
Robbing God when they forcibly sue her!

6. Unless a woman chooses 2-give her money away 2-someone Out of pure genuine compassion from her heart, that is a different story
in it's entirety. (Malachi 3:8-9-10)

7. Savior came 2-give & 2 enrich the church, if a man refuses 2 give & Enrich the woman he's with as the Savior did the church, than he's robbing her!
American trash is what U call Monsters among men they're Hell-Bent over backwards in their favorite sport -- called robbing her!

8. Civil-Rights is Another Document in the U.S.A. that protects any nation of people, Can work under U.S.A. Laws.
They cannot discriminate by law against color, race, culture, creed, Gender, that prohibits the men that head and guide and run the U.S.A. So A number of men can't do their secret what not against women on the job -- psalms 38:5

9. Savior never commanded women 2 pay rent, utility bills pertaining 2 housing that's a man made rule to pay his Commandment bills comes from (Mark 7:7-8-9) on this entire earth!

10. Under The Constitution of The U.S.A. it's a Woman's freedom of choice 2 pay rent, utility bills pertaining 2 housing that's a man rule to pay his commandment bills.

11. In this entire World the world holds two classes of men in this dating realm concerning the gender of men. This first class of men are sharks when dating women they're not concerned about U but yours. These Shark hearted men are the broad way. (Matthew 7:13)

12.This 2nd-class of men when dating women are concerned about U not yours.
These Dolphin hearted men are from the narrow path way. (Matthew 7:14)

13. God had invented the male & the female. Every inventor includes an owners Manuel that comes with instructions and directions after inventing that product, how to operate that product the right way, and it gives you warnings and don'ts what will happen to that product
if U should Choose 2 operate that product the wrong way.

14. God had included an owners Manuel Torah, Holy Bible that comes with instructions & directions how 2-operate the male & female
Body the right way, it gives U warnings & don'ts what will happen 2 both male & female, If that man left in charge by God, should choose 2 Mis-Head her, should choose 2 Mis-Guide her.
After his bad example of training putting her to walk upon the wrong path as Adam did Eve in the Garden of Eden.

15. Adam had fallen in 2 a deep sleep, he couldn't hear Eve leaving his side, 2 God that's the same as Adam leaving his watch tower post over her. Adam was charged 4 letting Eve do whatever she wanted when she wanted. He got Shamed & Blamed by God!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 3
About this poem:
16. Adam got shamed and blamed by God. God had refused to shame and blame Eve because Adam was left in charge chief of all operations over Eve and the entire Garden of Eden.
God will judge the whole world of men for Mis-Heading for Mis-Guiding Women as Adam did Eve.

17. Job 20:26 "All darkness is laid up for his treasures:
A fire not blown by man shall devour him;
It shall consume that which is left in his tent."
[American Standard Version]

What This Means "A Fire Not Blown By Man Shall Devour Him."
God chooses certain people under his deep wrath for spending
a life time robbing God and Women.
When God gets tired of you robbing him he will burn you up causing 'Spontaneous Human Combustion,' to consume you.

If there's a woman in the Mix it it because the man has Mis-headed and had Mis-Guided
teaching her to rob God [though she's unaware why it had happened to her].
Since the woman was taken out of man from Adam's rib, since men had headed
and guided her to worship Jeremiah 17:5

When God himself looks at her following the man's hell-bent ways instead
of God, all he sees in her is man's ways,
and this unacceptable to God.
She was at the end of her life and she wouldn't stop worshipping
the man as a God.

Ps: There are certain people in the earth that God chooses
for tis Spontaneous Human Combustion to chase out of existence
until they're dead.
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The Chair.

The chair stands pulled up to the table
tight and proud
You're not comming back
No motion no notion!
The guests of the resaurant rave on
None could even spare a thought
Or an inkling of knowing the timing of your going
All inside me is serene
Perhaps I feel the peace at last
Of that knowing
Your time has past.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 21
About this poem:
It was writen at christmas time. My mother had died two months earlier. So at christmas I took the sleeper train to another country and stayed there a few days alone.
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I love you
I hate you
I need you

Afraid to love
Afraid to be loved
Push most away
Scared of you

Have many fears
Don’t abandoned me
Tell me you love me
I won’t cry

Shadows always running through my head
Living with this condition
I’ve been given
My head hurts

Don’t judge
Show respect
Nobody’s perfect
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 10
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Gray Hair And Wrinkles!

1. I remember walking past a high-school
there were a bunch of teenagers more males
then that of females.
As I walking past their school city bus stop,
I heard what they were talking about their parents
and grand parents.

2. Here's what I heard:
"My Mom and Dad and My Grand Mom and Grand Dad
"they are all Old-Fashion and Out dated!"

3. I don't know if your teenagers have said the same thing
in your nation?
Teenagers will come to a point where they think
they know more than their parents and grand parents,
when they come to that point where they think
they know-it-all,
that's when they close their ears to what parents and grand parents
are talking to them about.
When an argument breaks out between teenagers and parents
and grand parents,
I've noted one the first things parents and grand parents
will say to their teenagers.
"Many years ago I use to be a teenager."

4. I've heard teenagers call old people,
"old bag, old woman, old man,
bald headed pool ball,
those teenagers have a word
for every situation that happens."
In a certain place in the Middle-East
people that are almost up to
a hundred years old they're called "young people."
They don't believe in degrading people because of age.
In my book in the United States
I call youngsters!

5. On Pinterest I had seen a man at 91 years
he was exercising he was just quick as a teenager!

6. Adam brought in the gray hair and the wrinkles
took away our long life expectancy.
Just because we all different nations of men
have premature gray hair and wrinkles that
doesn't define us!
Just because you're a teenager
that doesn't automatically make you out
to 'Know-It-All!'

7. If good God had granted me a wish
here's what I would wish for.
"I wish you could give us all long life expectancy to all nations and don't permit
wrinkles and gray hair to happen to all nations."
"When we get laid into our casket that's when gray hair
and wrinkles are permitted to join with us."

Just because a man or a woman walks slow
that doesn't Define them!
They're not old!
They're Youngsters!

8. What's wrong here especially in the United States
you teenagers need to know,
your mom and dad and grand dad and grand mother
had raised you.
Why would you have the gall to call them
"Old Fashion and Out Dated?"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 31
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Floating Awareness

Drifting in thought an element of rot
the stench was in the air
Whod it be, the next one caught
whilst villagers danced with flair

Round and round the dancers danced
whilst about the fire they went
We all looked on as if entranced
upon their movements we just starred

The occasional cry out a singers yell
marking the change of the rhythms drum
One by one like a story the dancers would tell
as the nearby witches in all their glory would hum
they began to make the spell

Seducing and Sultry the movements grew stronger
the Spell was spoken into the air
Each of us transfixed whilst blinking no longer
Upon the flames and movement we starred

Hickery stickery Oh Golems Tomb
Awake dear one we summons thee
We give you strength to appear
Awake now you sleeping sprite
Bring upon us no reigning doom
We give you life to set you free
Come now dear one Drink of our Light

From over yonder came a witch walking
and into the culdron casting the herb
Careful not to interrupt our attention as if to not disturb
More herbs now to herself she kept talking
In some other language she spoke the word

Transfixed even more, onto the fire, we all heard Liar!
a man yelled to another near a tent
a fight broke out and the men settled soon
As if nothing had happened their energy spent

Meanwhile the dancers whirling and twirling
As we kept our transfixed gaze
One of the villagers felt sick, began hurling
All our heads felt weird in a maze
The Witches continued their spell

With a thunderous Snap, Pop, and Crackle
the embers in the fire grew ablaze
The Smoke grew higher, higher and higher
Whilst we felt drunk in a daze

Dillard: "Mom!! Amber wont leave me alone! I'm trying to write a poem here."
Amber: "Dillard come on! get out of the bathroom I need to brush my hair!
Why do you always write poems in the bathroom, anyway? you freak!"
Mom: Dillard, give your sister the bathroom. I've talked to you about this before."
Dillard with his notebook and pen stampered out of the bathroom and went off to his room.
Amber: Finally, you dork!
Dillard yelling: Yeah, well one day I might write about you! What will you say then?!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 6
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To Those That Love Him! Part Two

1. Psalm 138:8

New King James Version

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;
Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever;
Do not forsake the works of Your hands."

2. To teenage-girls and grown-up single and married women
there is a way out for you.
The American Men that have traded you having sex with them
in order to have a place a home to stay:

They have men's and women' Recovery Homes
if Portland is full they have Victory Outreach Recovery Homes
in all 50-United States.

3. Victory Outreach Recovery Women's Recovery Homes
are for women that are serious about a real change of life,
and if your significant other shows-up and U want to be done with him
never to see him again.
Then they will call the police on him removing him from seeing you!
If you're serious about your real turn around in your personal life
about how to get a new you in Christ.
Those people in that Women's Recovery Homes they to believe-in
the American Dream.
A huge number of American Men that you women, teenage girls date,
most of them go out of their way putting their foolishness to work for them,
and since you've been in the middle of his hot-mess,[Psalms 38:5]
this Victory Outreach Women's Recovery Home will teach you
when the time comes for you:
They Will Teach You How To Put Your Already Learned Education To
Work For You.

4. To those Ku-Klux-Klan Police in all 50-United States
this is God's Earth I walk on You Fools!

Psalms 14:1 "The fool has said in his heart,
“There is no God.”
They are corrupt,
They have done abominable works,
There is none who does good."

New King James Version

The Curse of the Lord is upon You!
When God gets tired you, you to will be gone.
Your same spirit had slaughtered the Jews in the time of Ruling Hitler,
and it is your soul desire to kill, steal and destroy every nation
of color including the black Americans and Muslims!
Your same spirit had slaughtered all the Native Indians
they had owned the entire United States until you had forcibly
shot all the Native Indian people to steal this land called the United States!
Through past accounts in history you had killed Japanese and Chinese people
because your ruling mob had the name on it -- "Ku-Klux-Klan Mob!"
There were some Italian People you hung-up on those trees in past history,
and you all have the gall to want to take over the world!

5. I'm going to warn you gaming Ku-Klux-Klansmen!
Most of the world outside of the United States Hates Racism!
If foreign missiles hit the United States it will be your fault for keeping
racism going strong.
Foreigners will not tolerate racism of any kind that ranges from A to Z they will tell their different governments
what you had said and had done to them!
Everyone is born with MEMORY!

6. China will never forgive and forget that bomb
you had dropped on Japan!
You United States should be careful how you tread with China.
When they get Racism knocking on their house door
in the United States, the Chinese and the Japanese
will tell their governments what you had said and done to them!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 6
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Summer Fairies

With horse chestnut leaf wings,
and the softest light steps;
by old willows still pond,
came the granting of dreams.

To a secret walled garden,
they danced with raised knees;
fair sylvan fairies,
following soft summer seeds.

Around old verdant paths,
to the bearded moss bench;
skipped the winged dyad daughters,
under a sky without tears.

'To Pooh-stick Bridge',
one young daughter then cried;
with a twirl of her hem
and wave of her wand.

Down the woods sun dappled path,
alongside the chuckling stream;
guided by the small hand,
of the fairest fairy queen,

Journeyed three searching
for the pixie-up-sticks,
A small one; and a short one;
and a knobbly one still on the tree.

With horse chestnut leaves still,
and the softest lights stepped;
from their own Pooh-stick bridge,
came the descending until,

To the other side all excited,
they whirled round to see;
All shinny faced fairies,
until winners counted three.

Around pine cones and acorns,
over blades of lighted grass;
flew the leafing winged sisters,
under a sky without loss.

But someone old and summer passing
broke the enchantment that day;
and their wands went in the rubbish;
and cried for wings dried away.

Keith Chapman 2011
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2023
About this poem:
A poem written after a day out with two of my daughters aged five and seven one summer in 2008. ©
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