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My hope

Be ready to face the harshness of life. If you succeed, you will be happy, and I will always have hope that you did not give up, so you won
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2023
About this poem:
no giving up
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You stand empty.
You stand silent.
Your windows broken.
Your machines scrapped.
Your workers gone.
The rails rusty,
The lots empty.
The lights off.
The smokestacks cold.
The gates locked.
The end reached.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2022
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Bu-bu-bu Burnout!
Burnin out, burn out, burnin out, burnout
Wa wa wa
Burnin out, burnout, burnin out, burnout
Wa wa wa
It's not just here, it all over the nation
Covid, Ukraine, and run away inflation
We wanted to party and get a little rest
But the workers had already headed out west
So the boss says yes
As for the rest of you
Let's all get to work and do the burnout!
Now I can't even think
And I can't even sleep
All of these hours got me feelin like a creep
But the homeless remind me it could be a lot worse
Even though, I still want to f@#$in curse
It just ain't fair
Well, look over there
Lots of other people doin the burnout!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2022
About this poem:
A parody of Wipeout by the Fat Boys who did a parody of Wipeout by the Beach Boys.
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The solace of a broken watermain

The day before yesterday the plumber came
to examine my drain
with the water running into it
day and night
he looked at me
I looked at him
its not coming from the pipes he said
it could be from under your concrete slab
or a broken pipe in your walls
either option sounded dreadful to me
I pictured mining under my house
or removing half my bathroom
I rang the insurance
$1,500 maximum cover
but he said dig down
beside the drain
and we will get a closer look
at that flow
call me back
Yesterday I dug
and there it was
the entry point for water
to my house
finding its way through the drain housing
and into the drain
plumber returned
easy fix
best Xmas present
a man could have
Merry Xmas all :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2021
About this poem:
adventures in plumbing
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Stress out at work

I try my best to be happy
Around me they are unhappy
Don't believe I'm clumsy
Making me feel guilty

Doubts my sincerity
Play acting my self pity
"Don't think!" they say to me
You always mess up things

I know at times i miss
Things like updating some lists
Or sometimes its incomplete
At least my mistakes i admit

why do you always get angry
For every single thing i say
You should take things easy
Not make a scene every day

I'm not your god damn enemy
Making a fool to you is not my wish
I really dont have a good memory
you dont believe me when i said this
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2015
About this poem:
since January till now...having bad vibes and being stressed out coz the
some of my working guys think I'm trying to show them I'm better than them???
That's why i rarely come here coz I'm sad..upset
..and feeling so damn bad ... everyday something to make them upset
something i did or say.....
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I used to work a 40 hour week for a livin
But now it's 54 hours this week
66 hours next week
Lots of extra money
I don't care about all of that
All I really want is my forty hours a week back
The money does add up
For those who enjoy being there then good for them
I don't like that place at all
It really is painful for me to be there any hours above the 40
Pain from the mean people, my hurt knees, feet, back, and head
Lack of sleep
Just being tired of being around all these fellas I'd wish I had never known
With the dollar losing it's value daily
It's no wonder many feel that working 40 hours a week for a livin
Just ain't a livin
It's just scraping by
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2021
About this poem:
There has a been a crunch at work lately, for the most part it has been pretty low on overtime in the last three years.
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A Field Worker's Soil

Come kiss heaven's hand and give a warm embrace;
Soil the roots of wisdom unto this desolate earth.
A barren land you blisfully sow high hopes,
plant with joy a prosperous toil reaped with dirty bones.

Sacred be your pastures green labored hard and long;
Blessed are the grounds in which you now step upon.
For valued is the meadow that your hard-work built,
nothing is ignored now for decent work dispels all guilt.

The spirit does appreciate burning blood and tears;
and blistered hands of effort-fetched by arduous years.
Rewarded be the sweat of a field worker,
for bountfiful is the fruit of his labor.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2009
About this poem:
Most people (ignorant, so to speak) immediately assume that all hispanic immigrants are good for nothings, that they belong in the rice fields. Little do they know, hispanics in general are labor ready workers, hard-workers, willing to sacrifice whatever it is necessary to provide their families with daily food. They're underpaid and disrespected, this poem was written in honor of those great men whose fruit is the product of their labor.
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Quick Ways to Make Money

1. Picking up aluminum cans. I made 400 dollars in 7th grade doing this when the price of aluminum per pound was 28 cents.

2. Mowing grass. I did this for 25 years and made some good extra money doing it.

3. Robbing a bank. Stealing is probably one of the fastest ways to make some extra cash. It does carry some moral baggage for some, so this one hasn't been one of mine, plus if you get caught it's some guaranteed jail time.

4. Prostitution. This is another one that I haven't tried, and I haven't paid for either. There are many who make some extra cash tax free this way, but the dangers of picking up a disease plus possibly being hurt or killed make this one a risky way to score some extra loot.

5. Murder for hire. This one is a problem for me as I worry about that whole burning in hell for eternity consequence, but those who don't mind the bad afterlife results can really make some extra cash really quick, or about as long as it take for the bullet to come out of the gun and hit your target.

6. Begging. This one can be done with some old clothes and a cardboard sign with some catchy phrase on it. There are some who pretend to be homeless and do pretty well with this one, but here again I have to pass as I feel the really needy need the handouts more than I do.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2018
About this poem:
Just bumming once again about work and the possible jobs out there, if I got really desperate, so far I'm just gonna suck it up!
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The Irrelevance of War

War would End if the Dead could Return...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2021
About this poem:
This is a line I came across by an unknown source. The writer did not give his name. Anonymous.
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Candy Cruiser

'69 Camaro
I'm working the block
candy cruiser
Glock under lock
these streets is hard
oil and cement
you gonna cross me
dog you better repent
red-haired and heels
she doing my deals
one tight b*tch
loyalty appeals
gonna branch out
get another city down
plan to franchise
I ain't no local clown
still I'm tiring of the game
tiring of the hate
500 G in the bank
to that I can relate
need a penthouse in the country
need some mountain air
the champagne sipping redhead
won't wait another year
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2021
About this poem:
having fun writing some rap lyrics
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